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Hey Everyone! I have been stalking the site for...

Hey Everyone! I have been stalking the site for about two months now! You girls rock!! your testimonies have been awesome and it has really helped me in my decision making process. I have wanted this procedure for at least 12 years and I believe that now is my time. I won't' pretend like I am not nervous, but I am still excited.

Here is a little about me! I am 34 years old,...

Here is a little about me!

I am 34 years old, 5'4 and 175 lbs. My highest weight was 270 and it has taken me a long time to finally be at a stable weight. I have gained and loss so many times and with exercise and hard work, I am now stable at 175. I have been overweight my entire life...well, since I was 10 I've been extremely heavy. So, this is not my goal weight. I would love to be 150 lbs. but that just hasn't happened so I decided to go ahead to get the surgery.

I see how awesome everyone elses pics look and my biggest fear is that I will go through all of this and the results not be what I want. I am afraid to have super high expectations because I don't want to be disappointed, but I don't want to think negatively either. I haven't really gotten excited and my surgery is 4 days away. My friends are all happy for me and I look forward to getting to that level of excitement. I just want everything to be ok. Did anyone else feel this way?

By the way, I don't have any before pictures just yet. I took some with my phone but I was afraid my boys would look in my phone and be branded for life! LOL!

WELL, TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm not freaking out yet....

WELL, TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm not freaking out yet. I am more anxious than excited. I've been heavy for so long. I'm trying to imagine being on the flatside and it is hard to do. I've never seen myself there before bc I was over 200 lbs by my first year in Jr high. It just seems surreal. I pray all goes well today.

Heyv all: Irs done! I came believe I did this....

Heyv all: Irs done! I came believe I did this. It doent seem real. I have not seem the results. I've been on a lot o pain AND I am resting

Well, what can I say? It's done....finally! ...

Well, what can I say? It's done....finally! This is PO day 5. The morning I went in, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. There was a mixture of excitement and anxiety going on, but I felt ok.

My mom and my sister went with to the hospital that morning. They were more anxious than me. They are such awesome people to have in my life. They have been with me every step of the way. Once they put my IV in and my DR came in, marked me up and answered the rest of my questions, it was go time. They gave me something to "relax" me and I laughed all the way down to surgery. I remember laughing, but from what I heard, I was laughing pretty hard and loud. LOL The only thing I remember after that is waking up.

My Dr. says that everything went well. Right now, at PO day 5, my breast are still swollen and a stiff. Is that normal? And then those horrible drains!!!!....I sitll have them in and won't get them out until Wednesday. Both of them are now leaking from around the actual tube so I have to wear protection so it won't run the liquid won't run down my legs. UGH!! The first few days were fine, but yesterday is the day the drains decided to call it quits.

My tummy is really numb? Is that normal too?

I have lots of questions and I am glad I have people I can talk to.

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