5th day Post Op for Mommy Make-Over - Arkansas

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I am a young mother of two beautiful babies. I am...

I am a young mother of two beautiful babies. I am proud of the marks they left on my breasts and tummy but I have always been an extremely self conscious person. My self image affects that and I look down on myself a lot. I would never take it to extremes like starving or vomiting or even extreme exercising, but it does nag at me.

I originally started out at 160 in high school. I am 5'10 and did play sports and had a lot of muscle, but my stomach and hips always had a lil over my jeans...not much, but a little. I go extremely insecure about it in high school and decided to start smoking because I knew a girl who smoked and it curbed her appetite and lost some weight. I would of resulted initially to a Dr. etc but my mom isn't the one to ever make anyone admit or let them feel like something is wrong with them. So I started smoking and hid it from my parents and siblings.

I did lose a lot of weight and got done to 135 and that was very skinny for me since I am tall and not very lanky, but muscular. After getting married, my husband didn't like it but wouldn't bother me about it but he did put down the law that he would never try to get pregnant as long as I smoked so that was that and I got pregnant the next month :). After my first child, I had reached 195 the first day of post partum, and didn't lose much after. I lost some but when I got pregnant 6 months later, I still was losing weight and continued to through the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy. After my 2nd baby, I was at 185 and was able to breastfeed much much longer than the first. I started B12 shots and started exercising and when he was 6 months, his pediatrician let me start calorie counting since he was receiving nutrition from a 2nd source as well and was on poly vi sol.

So ta-da I am now 140 and at a complete stand still. The deal was to lose 50lbs and we would look into plastic surgery and so here we are. I would of started this blog sooner if I had thought my husband would of been so easy to convince, but I guess it's now or never. I am scheduled to have my surgery at 9 am Friday. I am happy with the surgeon I chose and happy about it. My children are still very young and Im scared about post op but am excited to look GOOD again. Hes doing lipo on my hips, a full tummy tuck, and a 350-375 cc silcone on my saggy, saggy breasts that use to once be a full C. I am so excited and will keep adding to my blog as much as possible. I am also looking for some pro's that know what sort of grocery list I need to put together ASAP. I havent found too much on google. Keep ya updated, & Wish me luck!

Getting Nervous~I am extremely anxious!! My...

Getting Nervous~I am extremely anxious!! My stomach has been in knots all day. I am very excited, but I wish the recovery isn't too long. My babies are toddlers and 2 weeks of complete down time is a lot for a Mama who is use to doing everything. I looked at a lot of posts and saw a lot of people go overboard on their shopping lists and regretting so. So I would like to share the few things I got and what my last appt was like. I went to make my last payment (yay) and asked the nurse some questions about my silicone size, Rx, etc etc etc. One cool thing I learned that I didn't know before is my surgeon is going to suture my stomach incision by layers (about 4) then put the steri strip down then GLUE it. He said the glue wont come off til he takes it off so when I get my drains out and shower, it will still be there. I just imagined having to replace it but this sounds much much better! He said the only thing I need anti-bacterial gel for is my belly button. He also mentioned not to buy mederma etc scar treatments saying that Neosporin is as good as it gets and to use it after he removes my strips off my belly and breasts. Shopping was quite easy. I bought Dial antibacterial wash in the shower gel form, Neosporin, stool softener, a couple new "moo-moo's", some simple $8 bras that are no pad, think rib and should straps and clip in front, lots of different flavor wheat thins, new books, face pads (since I probably wont want to bend and wash), and that's all I can think of.... It doesn't seem like much but I am thinking that with all the meds hes putting me on (pain, muscle relaxer, anti anxiety, and nausea) Im not sure Ill be awake much to need much :)
Going to bed early tonight!!! Everyone have a blessed Friday and I'll update as soon as possible! Look for pics!

Oh man, I am in pain! It's not painful sitting on...

Oh man, I am in pain! It's not painful sitting on the recliner, but getting up is real hard. He told me though the more I walk the better & faster ill heal. I'm real tired from all the medicine, so sorry for the short post... But I had a great surgery experience!!! I'm going to wait a couple days before posting post op pics bc he said the longer I keep it on the initial time, the better! But I did glance down my bra and they look awesome from the cleavage view!! Lol

Today is Tuesday, 4 days after surgery and I am...

Today is Tuesday, 4 days after surgery and I am feeling much better! I can't keep up with my children's needs and have to let my sister or their daddy, but I am able to clean at my own slow pace. My pose is more erect especially when sitting and I just feel better all together. The Downfalls Are: NO END RESULT YET (I hope at at least). M breasts right now are "Dollys" and my stomach looks the same but pull a lil tighter. He promised me and promised me again that my breast will drop and find their home in a few weeks. He also showed me where they were swollen and how hard they were compared to soft, healed ones (my nurse's lol) So I feel better hoping my breasts are giant in the next two weeks. As for the tummy, I've pumped blood good and he said he feels confident that Thursday I'll have them taken out. He lipo'd my hips (which you will see in the pics) but said there wasn't a whole lot there to take...but in my opinion that was one of my biggest problem area's so we will have to wait and see because right now, but stomach is very swelled and bruise and there's no telling what it might look like next week or the next. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Hello All! I am doing AWESOME! Im only taking...

Hello All! I am doing AWESOME! Im only taking ibuprofen during the day and adding 1 oxycodone to it at night. I slept last night in the recliner and I am hoping to move to the couch tonight since my posture is more straight. Some tips on the first 5 days:
if you have a foam mattress for your bed (4in or so) take it off and lay it on your recliner. I in no way could get up by myself but I don't think I could any ways. That extra padding was so nice at night.
Have a heating pad. I dont know what I would of done without my heating pad. I dont know if it's my back in general from sitting so much that hurts or if its the lipo locations but either way it was handy.
In addition to that, get a fan! Not a box one, but a medium one bc that heating pad gets you hot plus all the support binders you have on.
For cleansing, buy extra small gauze boxes and ask for an extra roll of steri tape at the hopsital. They safety pin the pump on your stomach binder but it still slips and the tape holds it. Also, you have to clean your cord entries and one of mine kept bleeding so I had to pack it with gauze and tape it down.
I also recommend buying high rise undies to hold all your gauze in place. I luckily already had some from my last pregnancy I didn't use.
I think FInally, (For Extra) If you buy a Moo Moo to wear, 1 make it silky and 2 see if there is any with pockets. My mom bought me one that is cheetah print with flowers and it has two pockets! So I stopped taping and pinning my cords on my tummy through out the day and just stuck them in the pocket lol
Also--WALK WALK WALK. my dr said it'd help and I dont know why and what else it may do but it made me put out a lot more blood and Im gettting mine out tomorrow!!! Yay, Everytime I walked, I saw blood flowing so woot woot! I hope you guys enjoy seeing my day 5 pics!

WOW! 2 Years Post OP

Last year, I worked my booty off on making the best of my $11 G's! So I hit the gym hard and now I am a proud mama of a rocking body! I get so many compliments that I hate admitting I had surgery because I feel like it takes away from how much hard work was put into my journey. I had to lose 50+ pounds first and then I had to tone what the Doc gave me. Here is a picture of me now!
I am sorry I never re-updated my status. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE SURGERY!
Be Blessed!

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