Tummy Tuck and a Breast Augmentation -Arkansas, AR

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I can recall weighing in at 120 when I was in...

I can recall weighing in at 120 when I was in fourth grade, and it seemed to get worse from there. When I was a sophomore in high school at 5' 5", I hit my maximum weight of 240. I was diagnosed with PCOS and as being prediabetic, so I went on the South Beach Diet and lost 65 pounds over the next few years. Since then I've felt like I never got to enjoy having a youthful body. One of my favorite things to wear is vintage clothing, but outfits rarely fit due to my stomach skin.

I am 25 now, and I've managed to keep the weight off (+/- a few pounds here and there) for the last eight years. I have not had kids yet and most likely will not be having them for a while as I am entering into medical school soon.

My pre-op appointment is scheduled for March 20, surgery on March 26. As for the abdominoplasty, the doctor explained to me that I will not have drains, nor will I have my stomach muscles sewn back together since I have not had kids. I forget at the moment what size my implants will be. I know they are silicone will take me from a small B cup to a D cup.

It's about three weeks before my surgery. I was a lot more confident going into the consultation back in January! Anxiety about complications during the operation have crept up on me, and I'm nervous I won't be able to perform well at work as quickly as I would like. Regardless, I'm still going to have it done.

Two days until surgery! I started the supplements...

Two days until surgery! I started the supplements today and stockpiled some post-surgery food and beverages so I wouldn't have to go shopping next week :P

I will have a binder on after surgery, but I am not sure what to wear after that. Will spanx be enough, or do I need to get something specific?

It's been about a day and a half since the...

It's been about a day and a half since the surgery, and things are going well. The night after the surgery was great--my mom was here helping me out and the pain meds were still going strong. At some point during the night, I forgot to take the oxycodone prescribed to me and I couldn't move at all in the morning. Getting up to go to the bathroom was difficult.

I think the biggest issue has been that I had the breast augmentation done at the the time as the tummy tuck. My pectoral muscles are incredibly sore from the implants, so I can only really use my hands, not my full range of motion with my arms. I basically have to sit at the edge of the bed near my pillows, lay back, and have someone help me throw the blankets back on.

My dad brought over some ice cream and Jell-O cups to supplement my diet of chicken broth and protein shakes. The ice cream really made the difference today when I was bummed for a few hours this afternoon.

Tomorrow is shower day. I'll try to take some pictures if I can.

Nausea has been hitting me really bad every time I...

Nausea has been hitting me really bad every time I try to take a picture, so I was only able to get one. I'm really happy about not having to use drains. I went ahead and put on a size L Spanx shaper for my stomach, which has helped.

Still haven't had a BM yet. Called the nurse about it and she said just to keep taking laxatives and call on Monday if it still hasn't happened yet.

I'll be honest, the belly button scared me half to death the first time I peeked into my bandages and saw it. It seemed really out of place and inflamed whereas the long incision looked just fine. My mom reassured me that it wasn't placed poorly, and I got over it.
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