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I eat because I'm happy, because I'm sad, because...

I eat because I'm happy, because I'm sad, because I'm bored, lonely, frustrated, anxious,nervous, and sometimes on rare occasions I eat because I am hungry. : )In 2012 I lost 110 pound going from 243 to 133 I fluctuate between 133-140 depending on my cycle and my anxiety level. God has allowed me to overcome this addiction to food and learn to depend on him to make me whole. I still struggle but I seek progress not perfection these days and I speak kindly to myself and take time to invest in myself spiritually, physically and emotionally. in 2013 I had a breast reduction, so very needed as I had huge 36g boobs prior to weight loss, now I have this adorable 32 c cup AND no pain in my back!! I have been debating since 2013 to get a tummy tuck and today I scheduled for 2-5-16, so close. I am still kinda whirlwinded by this choice and feel slightly overwhelmed. I Just wanted to start a forum to let you all know how much your feedback and forum reviews help and inspire me. On days when nobody else besides God can understand me I find comfort in front of this screen. Keep me in your prayer and I will update this as time permits.

New surgeon

I had originally planned to use the surgeon who did my breast reduction, however when I went for consultation I just did not feel good about the tummy using him. I am wise enough now to listen to God when he speaks to me. Anyways I got a consultation with dr Devlin, I feel good about using him, very much at peace. The price was 3500 different but one cannot consider money when it comes to peace of mind. I go in Monday the 8th( tomorrow) I will keep you ladies posted. So I did not use moffett and used Devlin instead.

3 days post op

Today was my 3 day post op. Dr said he removed 2 lbs of skin and no lipo was needed but major muscle repairs. Had the pain pump removed, belly cleaned and he propped me up straight. I am pleased with the results. I did tear my side stitches free a bit from thr violent vomit the night of surgery. I've not been doing much, teenage kids and mom do all our chores and I feel truly blessed. Was told I could go back to my bed to sleep on my side by I am loving this recliner.

6 days post op

Woke up pain free! I half expected to roll over ( Dr D has allowed me to sleep in my side) and grab for my Tylenol but to my surprise I did not need it! Praise God!!! The kids brought me breakfast oatmeal and vanilla milk I could not eat it all as it seems to be easier on my spasms if I eat small portions.So thankful my kids( 19 and 15) have huge caring hearts the are true gifts from God to me!! We watched church online ( missing my church family) I used my stroller built with a seat to walk from room to room resting, and delegating chores... I did what I could this is very limited but still felt good to be up helping and interacting. It's 230 now and although not tired my body is saying " that's enough" it's a good body the one God gave me so I listen to it. Tomorrow I have my one week post op and I feel confident my drains will come out. Yay!! hair washing!!! We took the binder off last night to look at the incision it looks great, super low and great symmetrical very clean also. Only real complain are these drains! I have been speaking healing scriptures over my body, taking a lot to God and know that He is healing me.

One week post op

One week behind me and it was not so bad..ok ok the first two night were miserable I was sick and felt light headed. I don't do pain meds real well. The rest was documentaries and hours of praise and worship music. My family is incredible my teen kids stayed by my side at all hours flipping me and feeding me... I think of this as a blessing knowing that when I can not care for myself that they will. My mom.. What would I do without her?!? She drives me everywhere and deals with my sometimes cranky attitude. Few things that have made my recovery worse and those I could not live without! Demerol what a nightmare, I took this on the ride home and felt fantastic... High as a kite just staring and smiling. Felt so good I took it again 4 hours later.. Then this swimming in my head feeling like my blood pressure is dropping I'm throwing up repeatedly for about 3 hours, zofran was more like nofran. It did nothing, mom found me some phenegran it slowly over the night settled things and helped me find sleep. What a life saver it was. Day 2-3 I just lay in my recliner only leaving to use the restroom. Day 4 I wake up feeling better than the day before I've only had to be helped to the bathroom in the middle of the night twice ( down from 4 times) and only take med twice at night. I have this walker with a seat and it is a must have, I push into whatever room I want and then I sit.. Perfect for sponge baths and getting items back to my recliner also makes a great table for meals. I drink more water than usual which is a lot. 60-120 easily. I'm able to eat which I overdo and leads to all afternoon spasms boy oh boy these are uncomfortable!!! Day 5 we go to the dr and out to eat at chilli's I'm not hungry but I enjoy my moms company, my stomach is burning on each side and I'm tired this day. Day 6 I'm left alone for the first time and my neck pillow is my best friend, I'm able to read and cook meals for myself... Eggs but it's a start. I just push my walker to the stove, counter, sink and sit down. Day 7 I nap and watch jeopardy waiting for my afternoon apt I take my first solo sponge bath and me and my daughter examine my new flat tummy.. She goes on about how great it looks so I am well pleased but kinda afraid to look at it, we agree on a picture and off we go to the dr. I am so afraid that he is going to touch my belly which is now starting to regain feelings that I take a Xanax. This was an enjoyable time my nerves at ease, nurse removes a drain, I am told once again how great my belly looks, belly and bb cleaned. I will not have to have stitches removed as they dissolve!!! Praise God!!!!Day 8 today I am up working from home, algebra, and my mom came and washed my hair this was the highlight of my week!!!My sweet fiancé planned a November cruise for us, he is the man God chose for me and I am grateful! I have been so thankful over this week, God provided me with by far the best surgeon to perform this surgery, my family I often overlook how awesome they are, and myself I spent a full 2 years learning yoga just to have these skills for after surgery and boy have they paid off, not only that but through the power of Christ that lives in me I overcame my own flesh and live today a woman once in a held in bondage to a woman who is totally free! Oh and I look fantastic!!!

Drain splint

So my dr did this for the other day at the office and it has been a lifesaver. He took a a thick gauze cut it in half and then made a two two inch slit down the center. I place the tubing in there and then I tuck the left over under my CG. It removes all pain and keeps the area clean.

2.5 weeks

2.5 weeks after surgery, been making my nutrition count and healing so great! I could not be any more pleased with Dr Devlin! I look fantastic! My fiancé is out of state working and has not seen me I told him to be parked when he saw this pucture.

Sheet rope for sleeping in bed.

My daughter made me this sheet rope last night, she took a queen sized sheet folded in a triangle then just kept folding it in this same direction, she then tucked a about 1/3 under my mattress and I was able to use it to lower and raise myself from bed. Made getting in and out very easy.

4 weeks post op pictures

5 weeks post op

5 weeks post op

Pudgy sides

Morning pictures

So a large majority is swelling, I still cannot believe this is my belly, I keep feeling like I borrowed someone's beautiful tummy and will have to return it soon. Praise God it is here to stay. Thanks for listening yesterday.
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I did not use dr moffett I ended up using dr Devlin and he is amazing

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