Getting Started~My Invisalign Experience - Arkansas, AR

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Well, I have had my Invisalign aligners for two...

Well, I have had my Invisalign aligners for two weeks... and today, I got the buttons. 14 of them, I think! I had spoken to my hygienist about wanting a better smile....and they recommended my Orthodontist. My hygienist actually had Invisalign and had used him, too. So, off I went for a consult. I was pretty much convinced after the consultation that this was the treatment for me. I had already had a lifetime of hiding my smile, very self consience of my teeth... to the point of always grinning, with my mouth closed, at all times, if possible. I am 55 yrs old and didn't love the idea of traditional braces and felt like it was my thought is that aging is inevitable...and we can do it gracefully, but having a pleasant smile makes it so much better. I have seen "elderly" people with a radiant smile and it's a beautiful thing. I want to be able to smile with abandon. My teeth are crowded, and not so white, my canines are prominant, which I do not like so much. I have an overbite. But, my orthodontist assured me I was a candidate for Invisalign. So, I am beginning my journey.

I am wearing the aligners a minimum of 22 hrs. a day. I only take them out at meal time, three times a day. I brush my teeth after each meal and am flossing once a day. I have had minimal soreness, just the first two days after starting the aligners. And I am assuming this will be the pattern. I took Advil, more out of fear of the soreness and possible pain, rather than actual pain. Now in two days I will start my new aligners (with the buttons on), so I will let you know about any ACTUAL PAIN I may have. So far, it's minimal, very mild. The buttons are not really that noticeable. Even with the aligners off. I do not have them on my front teeth and that helps. I do notice that I have trouble with a lisp. I will be honest and tell you that I had some trouble even before Invisalign, and it is more pronounced. But, nothing I can't live with.

I do not expect a perfect smile. I do expect a MUCH BETTER smile. I plan to have bleaching done after the treatment. I will update and add pictures , as needed.

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He was recommended by my dentist and hygienist. She had used him for her Invisalign treatment.

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