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I had been intrested in this procedure for some...

I had been intrested in this procedure for some time and ran into a lady tht had had her lips done. when i saw her it was early morning and she had no other makeup, so it was very evident that her lips had been done.it was done very well. i asked her about it and she told me taht it was being done in a home by a professional that came in once a month from another country. i got the number where to call for an appointment and comfirmed the price.

on the day of my procedure i arrived at the address and found it to be in a nicer part of town. i was her second client. i watched as she finished the first person and was impressed with her work, so i went on with the procedure. every thing was clean and she showed me that she was using a unused needle and showed me tht everything ws steril. it was my intention to just have my lips done but as we went along she started to tell me how she could lso do my eye brows as well for a discount. shefinished my lips, the procedure was a bit uncomfortable but not too bad. she tehn colored in my already perfect eybrows and showed me what i thought would be an improvment...not!

The lips were swollen but fine, but when she finished my eyebrows they were very dark and very defined. they were thicker than what i expected and extreamly dark. they were like two black lines. i had asked for a light brown.she assured me that they would lighten,and tht they would be very swollen, they were. i have been blessed with perfetly shaped lips and brows so where the lips looked very red and swollen the brows made me look like Groucho Marx!! i had thsi done on a sunday and had to go to wrk the following days, it was a terrible day. i made it thru the day and went home in tears i wasw sure that this was permanet.and it was , but the swellling eventually went down.

i started to put extreamly heavey makeup on my brows to make them look lighter,they looked awful and made me look like i had a mad scowl. the lips were fine but still very red in color, i had wanteda a define look not a red color , that was my only complaint. in the mean time i had the support of the lady i had met and had told me about her procedure. i went back a month later and told the artist that i was very dissatisfied with my brows, she kept telling me that they were fine but i stuck to my guns and she worked for two hours correcting the procedure, it ws very painful and left me some scarring, a light line which has started to fade.

The bad thing about it was taht after this was done ,i am not sure if she hita nerve, but i started tohafe involuntary twitching on my left brow. it has since stopped but inotice tht she left one brow lower that the other. now would i do it agin ...never! my lips look great but they were great to begin with. was it worthit , no , this was my vanity taking over and my curiosity getting the best of me.

my sdvice to you ladies live it alone! unless you are certain that you are ready for a surprising change.i think i woudl suggest that before you do it get someone to paint your are that you are intrested in having with a eybrow pencil or lip pencil and keep doing this for a week and keep looking in the mirror and tell yourself that this is what you will look like when it is done. you ! that is unless you have the money to pay for a laser tretment, or wht ever treatment it requires to take it off. at least if you do it withthe temporary pencils you can take it off at night.

The good thing about it is that evryone one i talk to and tell them i had this done tells me that my brows look great and cant even tell that m y lips have had the procedure. it does lighten but OMG!! it takes a while. and in the mean tiem you best be ready for a change tht you mightnot like.now on the other side my daughter who is very light complected, incidently i am hispanic and have olive color skin, had her top eye lids done and her lips. Hers have been a success. my only advice is ...dont do it . it is surprising how much you have to lose, and really how beautiful you really are to begin with. count your blessing girls, you will be surprised how blessed you are. do the pencil trick before you do it...please! Rose

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The person that did this went to school to learn to do this . she is a license beauticain. she answered my questions to her benfit. and her follow up was not possible due to the fact taht she lived in another country. wheni went back to haveher make the corrections she tehn charged me to correct thsi, this wasnto part of the deal., she told me that she would correct any mistakes. no phone available. charge was good, considering wht other are charging. no i wouldnt do it again.

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