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So I've had big breast ever since I can remember....

So I've had big breast ever since I can remember. I literally can't even remember them ever being small. It feels like I just woke up to them being huge. They have caused me so much back pain over the years. I can never feel comfortable buying clothes. The tricks I have to perform just to look decent in clothes is crazy . I hate they big boobs jokes. I'm just so ready for a reduction. I've been thinking about this for years now! It's bout time!!

4 more days left!

Idk about you guys but I was getting a little obsessed with everyone's results! People on here have such great results! I'm praying I do too otherwise I'm going on Botched lol. I had to force myself to not really think about it too much so I don't drive myself crazy. I'm the type of person that is so inpatient!!! Not thinking about it was the only way lol. I went to Walmart and found some cute supportive bras. I bought 2 Large's, hopefully they fit. I left the tags and the receipt in the bag because I'm still in disbelief that I could fit a sports bra like that. I'm so used to wearing a bra with the most coverage I can get, then having to swear a sports bra on top of that and would still have to deal with them spilling over! I've been hitting the gym lately to loose the extra weight I put on this year and the boobies are a pain in my you know what

The sports bra

Hey guys not sure why these pictures never posted with the previous post but here are the bras

Tomorrow is the day!!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day!! I can't believe I won't have to deal with all of my breast issues again! Everytime I would get frustrated or insecure with them this last week, I would just say f**k it its my last week dealing with this lol When I first REALLY started looking into BR I was nervous about scaring for like a second now I'm just so excited for the over all outcome that scaring isn't really a problem for me. I definitely want to avoid them but if I get any I'll learn to love them....people keep asking if I'm nervous to have the surgery, I think I'm giving off a vibe that's it's no big deal. I'm definitely nervous because every surgery can be risky but I have wanted this so bad for years that it's worth it. My biggest problem with it would have to be accepting that I won't have control over myself. It freaks me out to not have full control of myself. This why I'll drink but never get too drunk or black out, I'll never do drugs etc... I have a high pain tolerance and based on everyone else reviews I think I'll be able to handle the pain just fine. I'm also excited to be off work for a week and still get paid lol... Well that's it for today guys. I'll give you guys an update about tomorrow's surgery as soon as I can with pictures

I did it!!

I had the surgery yesterday! I showed up at 6am. I was originally told that my surgery was scheduled for 10 but when I got there they said I'm actually scheduled for 7:30. Which made me happy because that means I have less time to freak out. The nurses were great! They gave silicon to hydrate then anesthesia came in and talked to me about what will happen next. Then Dr. Hess came in and marked me up. He made me and my friend laugh and tried to make us comfortable. He reassured me that everything will come out good. I told him I'm hoping for a small or medium C. He said he will try but he doesn't think that will look good with my body type. I told him I'll trust him on the size so I think he probably made me a C or small D. Then anesthesia came back in and gave me some meds. I was wheeled into the OR. She gave me my mask and the next thing I remembered was waking up. I couldn't believe it! It felt like time went so fast. Something I've been dreaming about doing for years is now my reality!.... The pain isn't unbearable. My biggest struggle is getting up with out using my arms. The pain is a little worse today than yesterday but I expected that. I've been icing and massaging my chest a little. I've been falling in and out of sleep since I got home. No constipation yet. I'm getting hot and cold flashes...

Day 3 sucked

Sorry guys but day3 sucked! I've had a fever the last couple of days and today kicked my ass. And my incisions hurt like hell! I called my doc who said I need to loosen the wrapping and the fever is normal. I was getting concerned but I honestly do feel a lot better. I wish I could change my dressings. They have harden and I feel like they are aggravating my incisions but doctor said to keep them on so I guess I will keep them on

Office problems

I love my doctor but I can't stand his staff. I feel like no one knows what there doing. I just spent about 15 minutes explaining to the medical assistant what a dressing was and helping HER understand the difference between a dressing and a ace wrap! Are you kidding?! She tells me yes go ahead and change it, then I guess she got confused between the difference again and said she has to ask the doctor. I almost just want to ask for his personal phone number instead so I don't have to deal with them


So I can finally go back to work!! Thank god! As much as I hate working, it really sucked staying at home all the time. I took my first shower since my doc finally took off my dressings! I was so scared that my tapes will fall off and I will mess up the healing process. I'm glad I did it though because it felt GREAT to take a shower! I can move around pretty good now! Hopefully next week the doc will take the tape off too


So today was the first time I started feeling those little sharp pains everyone has been talking about. They hurt but at least I have feeling still lol I'm so glad I found this website! I looked up so many different reviews that I knew what to expect. My doc and his staff get a little carried away sometimes and forget to walk me through certain things and when they did I already knew what to expect. I fully understood every step and what was going to happen to my body before the surgery was scheduled!

No bra!!

Doc told me I can't wear bras for now. So I've been going bra less. I wear light tank tops and lose shirts. It's tripping me out that I can even do that!!! I'm pretty sure the last time I walked the house with no bra was when I was 12! I noticed my Ariola is a little small, my breast are not PERFECTLy shaped but I don't care!! This surgery has already changed my life!!! Thank god it's a option for women! I wish I had done it sooner!!.......side note, I'll post pictures tomorrow. They don't look too different today. Tape is starting to fall off a little. And the swelling has gone down a lot but you can only notice by staring at them all day lol

Scaring creams

Sorry guys it's been awhile since my last update. I had my surgical tape removed on Wednesday. I don't know why or how but I forgot to ask what size I am again like a idiot. I'm ganna try measuring myself to see what size I am. I tried my roommates bra, she's a b and I'm definitely bigger than that but too small for my old d bras. So safe to say I'm a C... Idk if this is happening to anyone else but my skin is peeling like crazy on my breast. Idk if it's because I stopped using my loofah for my breast or what? I tried using aloe leaves to help with scaring but my incisions got really irritated by it. So I'm going to leave it alone for a week then try a Mexican scaring cream. And I feel FAT haha I haven't been working out in awhile and it's killing me. On top of not working out, the last couple days I've been eating really bad so I'm hoping i can work out soon!! ....... I have lots of photos so you guys can see my progress

Picture from today

You see there a little red as I mentioned in the last post. I feel like I gained weight and they are starting to look like there sagging a little to me but my roommate told me I'm crazy so we'll see lol
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