3 years post explant update! Feels great to be me.. now implant free! Living life natural and happy! :)

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I had my implants placed in 2006 when I was young...

I had my implants placed in 2006 when I was young and was only really concerned with the present, I didn't think about the future and made a decision I now regret! I was a 34A prior to augmentation and like most of us who have implants, I had them placed for a confidence boost and to better fill out my clothes and bathing suits. I liked my augmented breasts at first when I was in my 20's, but now into my 30's not so much. Also to mention I am a mom now and have had a successful 19 months of breast feeding! Yay! But my breasts have definitely payed the price and are now saggy and the bottom of the implant has fallen, what my PS refers to as "bottoming out". They feel so unnatural now and I wish I had never made the decision to have them done in the first place. I miss being able to run comfortably and sleep on my stomach. More than anything I just want to be ME again and be able to be active with my son without dragging around these plastic bags! Very excited for explantation, but also very nervous/scared about the results! My husband has been very supportive with my decision and says he will love me no matter what my breasts look like, but I cant help to still be terrified! I have a feeling it will be worth it in the end. Positive thoughts! Surgery scheduled for May 31st!!!! :D

Awe thank you gliese163c! I wish the Dr's did warn...

Awe thank you gliese163c! I wish the Dr's did warn on what time will do to your boobs!! Time, gravity, pregnancy and breast feeding have not been very kind to mine! Ha! Thanks for the luck with the surgery :)

Starting to wonder my PS said she wanted me to...

Starting to wonder my PS said she wanted me to wait 2 months after complete cessation of breast feeding before explanting. Does this seem too soon? I trust her but I've seen other doctors on this site recommending to wait 3-6 months. Hope I'm not doing this too soon. :/

Going shopping today for new sports bras (the...

Going shopping today for new sports bras (the tighter the better). I have completely weaned my son but still can tell that I am producing some milk. I don't think i am producing much but I know something is still there. Hoping the sports bras will help make my milk dry up faster and figured it will give my skin a little benefit if I wear them for a few months before surgery. Wondering if anyone has any other skin tightening tips, I think I am going to need all the help I can get in that area unfortunately. :/

Made my preop appointment for 2 weeks prior to...

Made my preop appointment for 2 weeks prior to surgery. I had my implants placed thru the nipples, but have decided I am not going to have them taken out this way. Would rather have the incision under the breast so there is less risk of damaging my real breast tissue for future breast feeding success. Even though I will now have incisions both places I just feel is is right for me and my body. I have a lot of questions for my PS such as whether or not I will have drains or if the capsules will be removed. I am so thankful for this site! I no longer feel alone in this and want to thank everyone for their advise and tips! :) I am continuing to wear sports bras in hopes will help tighten skin a little. Might also look into some skin tightening creams to start using preop. A little over 2 months and counting!!! :D

Ok so I did some more research today and feel like...

Ok so I did some more research today and feel like getting my explant in may is too soon seeing that I still dealing with engorgement issues from weaning my son. I do not want to postpone any longer, but do not think it is safe to have this done so soon. Plus I found another PS in my area who is supposed to be great and is known as one of the best 'explant' surgeons. I called to see when I could get in for a consult and the earliest they could get me in was may 29th!!! I got on the cancelation list so maybe slim chance of getting in sooner. Such a long time to wait but something is telling me not to rush this. What is meant to be will be :) I really also feel I need to give my breasts some more time to heal from the weaning process. We will see what happens...I'm just going with the flow at this point and am going to trust my gut. After all we know our bodies better than anyone else right? :)

Got a call from the PS's office who originally I...

Got a call from the PS's office who originally I couldn't even get in for a consult until may 29th. They happened to have a cancellation and can now get me in this Wednesday!! So excited because the end of may is not coming quick enough. I just have so many questions I need answered, have been hearing so many mixed comments on explant from other women (mainly nurses). I guess it doesn't help the fact that I am a nurse also and already know to much. I think sometimes the saying "ignorance is bliss"can be true. That way you don't torture yourself with all the little small details :/ My main concern is I don't want my implants popped during explant. I'm hearing this can lead to infection and other illness because the saline after some time (years) can grow bacteria/yeast/ even mold?? Not sure about this being true, just some things I've been hearing. Also hearing that the 'en bloc' technique is the safest way to remove implants. Anyone else know anything about this type of removal. So looking forward to my consultation so I can clear some of these things up....looking forward to getting some facts that will settle my thoughts :)

My consultation yesterday was great! I have...

My consultation yesterday was great! I have officially found my PS to preform my explant!! :D She is double the cost of the first PS I was going to go with, (1,800 1st PS and 3,500 now) but she is going to make some small little adjustments for me that I feel will be well worth the extra $. Since my implants have 'bottomed out' she said I have the risk of having some skin loose at the bottom of my breast. She is going to correct my natural breast crease and while she is in there removing my implants she will take a few internal dissolvable stitches and place my muscles and natural breast tissue where they used to be per implant so I will have a better outcome!! (kind of like a mini breast reconstruction..without all the heavy reconstruction). I feel she is more than qualified at what she does, I was amazed. And just the fact that she is a woman and has implants herself I felt she really understood me and my desire to loose these things. Asked her about the en bloc, she stated not everyone is a candidate (and I don't seem to have much to remove) but she will also remove as much scar tissue as possible. She stated she will decide whats necessary when she gets in there. No drains needed @ this point unless I have excessive bleeding during surgery. She spent a good 30 minutes with me explaining everything she would do in detail. I left her office feeling confident that 'everything will be ok'. It's amazing how different doctors are. I am so glad I waited and got a second opinion.. Please anyone considering an explant who may read this always see a few doctors before choosing because some are far BETTER than others!!!
She said I would be safe to explant end of May. :) Something else that impressed me is she will place special shields on my nipple during surgery so if there is any possible discharge from the nipple (ie: breast milk) it will not contaminate the surgical site. I guess women can still have a small bit of lactation even years after cessation of breastfeeding when the breasts are manipulated.. lol don't know if thats the right word to use :) Fears and wonders are put to rest and now am looking forward to end of May :)

I realized I never posted my implant size or...

I realized I never posted my implant size or details in my review...oops/sorry. For those who have been asking I was a 34 a prior, had 320 cc high profile smooth saline implants filled to 350 cc placed under the muscle taking me to a 34 c.

A little over a week to go!!

So excited for the big day! Hoping my results are as great as all of you lovely ladies! Ready to shake this plastic off my chest once and for all!

Looking for advice..

I was wondering how some of you post explant who are mothers with small children/toddlers managed as we are not able to lift etc. My son is approx. 25 lbs. I will have help the first 3 or 4 days, but after that I am alone with him during the day. Yikes!! That will be interesting! :/

Only a few more days!!! :)

Just picked up my prescriptions..got my special pillow to sleep upright..bras are on the way (having them shipped)..got some pj's and shirts that button from the front and have reviewed my preop instructions. Now it is becoming REAL!! I feel ready :)

They are finally out!!

Surgery went well..still a little drowsy. Going home to rest. I am glad it's over and now just have to recover. Thank you ladies for all your support today!! You all mase me feel so much better. Tape has to stay on until Monday, but I will post new pics when Dr removes it at my post op appt.

Feeling pretty good.

Thank you everyone for all your kind words! Was able to take a long nap and feel much better. Sore but have not had to take any pain medication yet. I did take some Tylenol though. Happy to not have drains. Looking forward to getting all this tape off..but Dr was strict not to take off until Monday. Feel so much lighter and free. I'm a little worried because my left breast looked pretty dented before they badged me up, but Dr says not to worry. Was able to take my implants home..I don't know how I was able to walk around with those things as long as I did.

Survived first night :)

Slept pretty well. Pain is definitely there but I have a pretty high pain tolerance and got by with some ES Tylenol. Today took some ibuprofen. Hard to take a deep breath, feels very tight. My doctor secured my intramammary folds and that's where most of my pain is. Had a little bleeding yesterday (right breast) but nothing excessive. Hoping denting will work itself out and things will fluff out.

Feeling so good!

Had my post op visit with one of the nurses today to have my tape and dressings removed. Feels great. Skin tight where doctor secured my folds but besides that doing well. Incision to right breast has small open area I have to keep an eye on but everything else is going ok so far. Taking antibiotics to prevent any infection. Feeling so relieved and happy implants are no longer a part of me. Will continue to wear my sports bras, skin looks a little more saggy in real life vs pictures. Thank you ladies for all your l

Sorry last post got cut off :

Thank you ladies for all your love and support!! Without you I don't know if I would have went through with this.. But definitely glad I did! :) I will continue to post pics of healing process as time passes.

Postoperative day 4 pic

Postoperative day 5

Feeling great.. Pain is mainly gone, just now feeling the incisions. I wanted to post a picture a day just for the first week because there has been so many changes. Than will try to update weekly. Hoping my breasts will fluff out a little. Right now my breasts feel so loose and saggy. And I kind of got a little sad last night when I put on a tank top and felt like a boy. Very flat. But I guess I have to adjust. Noticed I also need to get new clothes since all my tops were for my big chest. I just need to accept this is the new me and roll with it. Still happy with my decision just wish I never put my body thru this in the first place. Lesson learned! I am loving the feeling of being able to breath freely and the touch of warm soft skin vs cold bags of saline!

Comfy Bra I found to wear post explant.

Hi ladies I forgot to mention I had gotten so many bras to wear post explant, varieties of different sports bras an surgical bras. The bras actually that close from the front I felt we're very uncomfortable for some reason. I found a BarelyThere brand wire free bra at Kohls,( have also seen at Target ) but it is hands down the most comfortable!! Gives you a little shape instead of the squished flat look of a sports bra. And cute too!! :)

Postoperative day 6

Posted some pics today of my incisions, right breast had a small area that was not approximated post surgery but now looking better. Feeling great!! Wishing I would have done this sooner! :)

1 week mark!

Today has been 1 week since surgery, back to work today for me. Feeling great! Will continue to update pics weekly.

2 week post-op update and new pics!

Saw my doctor yesterday because my right breast fold is very tight, but she says when the dissolvable stitches start going away sometime in the next 2 weeks that will improve a lot. Other than that I am so happy to be me with my small natural breasts! Now I look back at my pics with the implants and think OMG what was I thinking!!!! Did I really think that those huge plastic bags looked good??!!! Yikes! So fake and unnatural looking. I truly think implants are going out of style. So much happier now and glad I did this more and more each day! Looking forward to the next 2 weeks when things settle a little more :) Thank you again ladies for all your love and support thru all if this!! Will update @ 3 weeks :)

Anyone use this post explant??

Just bought this skin tightening cream off amazon. All natural, even safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding. Smells really good. Was wondering if anyone has used this cream and seen any difference in the tightening of their skin. Just want to know if its worth it or not. Thanks ladies for any input you may have :)

Nearly 3 weeks post op!!

I am updating a few days early of my 3 week post op mark because I am leaving for vacation on Friday and don't want to forget to update. I think now in the last couple of days I have noticed improvement of my stretchy skin/wrinkling. My skin is starting to get smoother and softer. I am so happy!! A little fluffing is happening too which I am over the moon about!!! Either that or the skin tightening cream I am using (previous post) is really starting to work. The other day my son laid down on my chest while we were watching tv and it was such a good feeling to know those huge bags were gone! I feel now I will get to be the active mom I've wanted to be but my implants always kinda held me back from that. Well now no more!!! I feel amazing and am starting to sleep comfortably on my side again!! Feels so good! I feel as energized as ever and look forward to working out again. So happy with my tiny breasts and love being me again! :)

Almost 4 weeks post op already!!

Hi ladies, I can't believe that tomorrow will be 1 month post op already! I am feeling great and am back to my old self. For the past couple nights I have even been able to sleep comfortably on my stomach!! What a GREAT feeling that was!! Something I haven't been able to do in almost 8 years with those implants. Am also starting to feel comfortable in bras with a little padding again. Incisions are feeling good. I have noticed that my right breast is naturally a little smaller than the left..something that wasn't very noticeable with the implants, but I don't care. I am back to just be natural and wouldn't trade it for the world!! Maybe the left one grew a little more with the pregnancy and breast feeding. Haven't noticed any more smoothing or fluffing since last post, but will continue to use cream for tightening and will massage with coconut oil. Got a few new bras and am surprised to even have a little cleavage after all. Honestly expected to be flat as a board so was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to continuing to heal and just enjoy being ME :)

5weeks post!

Happy 4th ladies!!

6 weeks!! :)

9 weeks :)

9 weeks tomorrow! Looking, feeling and healing great! Couldn't be happier with my decision! :)

9 week pic!

Almost 14 weeks post!!

Have noticed more rounding out, natural appearence lately. Things keep improving with time. Scars not looking as good as I would like them too, but I know after awhile will look better. Feeling great. Hoping everyone is doing well :)

Correction...sorry miscounted by a week.. Nearly 13 weeks post

Rest of pics did not upload so will try again..

Pic upload difficulty, sorry :(

Last pic

Progress photo :)

Very neat to see how much the breasts really do change and round out! Pic below is progress from week one until current.

18 weeks post explant!

7 months post!

Just wanted to leave a quick update as I have not been on here on a while. I am doing well. I am loving my real breasts. They get better with time. I feel that a little bit of my skin has D-fluffed but that's okay. I looked a little bit more fluffy after surgery I'm assuming because of fluid and swelling. Overall I am ecstatic about my results. I love having my real..soft..warm..breasts back again! :) hoping everyone else is doing well!!!!

Post baby pictures

Hi all! I decided to update since I have not been on here in awhile. I had a new baby in the beginning of the year, and my breasts are bigger now than they have been because of the pregnancy. I am also currently breastfeeding. My breasts feel better than ever and I cannot tell you how truly nice it is to have gone thru pregnancy and now to be breastfeeding implant free!! I have never been happier with my results. Hope all of you are as well :)

Almost 3 Years!!

Still BEST decision to have had my implants removed! Couldn't be happier! :)
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