32A Pre Op. Going with 300cc Silicone Under the Muscle, High Profile. Arizona, AZ

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Hi ladies, I can't believe I am sharing this with...

Hi ladies,

I can't believe I am sharing this with the world. But you have all been so helpful and have given me the courage that I needed. Hopefully this can help someone else out! So today was the day. Surgery was at 8am. My PS ordered 275, 300 and 325cc's which he tried in surgery to see what would fit. I started with a 32A and hardly any breast tissue at all. He ended up going with 300cc Mentor, under the muscle, high profile. I haven't been able to take a peek yet, as I was sent home in an Ace bandage. But I will take it off in a couple of days and wear the surgical bra. Here is my before photo. I have been nauseated after anesthesia (even after taking zofran), and have been throwing up and in a lot of pain. BUT very happy that I went through with it! Will update again soon. Happy healing to those who had their BA today!

Post op day 1


Nausea has finally subsided. I decided to take the surgical bra off because it is way too tight and causing marks all over my skin. Praying that's what all these marks are at least.... don't mind all the marker I wasn't able to scrub off yet. Left is still bigger, much more painful and more swollen than the right. I hope they even out. Anyone have experience with this?

Connie Bra

Here is the one size fits all coobie bra. (Amazon 2-pack for $36). SO much more comfortable..... PS stomach bloat is no joke!


Feeling so much better today. I will be going back to work tomorrow so I'm sure that will be completely exhausting. But I did drive back home today (was staying at my parents house the last few days). Driving was uncomfortable but totally doable. Taking Motrin and Tylenol around the clock. LOTS of bruising on my right and my left is still bigger and much more painful. Really hoping they even out, but I know it's early still.


As requested, I have included a side view :).


1 week vs. 3 weeks

First real bra!

32A ---->32C
Just over 6 weeks
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