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Had my BBL fat transfer with full abs, love...

Had my BBL fat transfer with full abs, love handles waist and hips body sculpting and laser assisted done three days ago!! I wanted to get it done because I wasn't getting the results through squats and exercise alone. I wanted a smaller waist and bigger butt so why not transfer my own fat to my ass! Lol..

I was nervous days before the surgery but the nite of was excited! I touch my fat on my tummy and say to day is the last day I'm seeing you....smile. I've had my 4 babies and never had my flat abs back...till now!

After my surgery I was happy that you could see results even with the compression garment on. Right now while in writing this my skin is getting ichy.....omg I had my daughter check to see if I had a hair in my garment ....I didn't she put some coconut oil on for me..it's a little better. I went back to the doc for follow up he did a quick check and said not to wear the gauze wrap under my garment it left my skin bumpy. Today I wore the tummy snicher to the store and had some sore spots under my boobs wear it was pressing. Pain wise...was sore and kind of funny getting out of bed. Guess we use those core muscles more than we know. I did have luck going number two yesterday but not today...I had some coffee and oatmeal guess that helped. My butt could be bigger the Doc freezes my left over fat for more injections if needed 3 months from now. He told me they only put 300 cc in each cheek.. I want more done. He said it would be like putting more water in only a half gallon container.

My waist looks good..I have a sexier shape now. I still need a little more on my hips too for the rounder ass look. I'm leaking from my lower incisions where they placed the cannula. While at the store I went to the restroom and my pad was drenched...guess that's good to get all the fluid out. But so far it's really cool to see the progression of my new body shape. I'm happy that I did it! Will post pics soon I did get a bigger bruise on my lower butt today I noticed guess that goes with the whole process. Im sleeping on my back and sitting at a angle on bed so far. Had daugher help with taping on clean kotex pads for incision draining the first day home. Really didn't need it on my top incisions today my two lower ones drained really well today.

So far so good!

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