Argeny Mercedes / Mommy Makeover w upper arm lipo

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I have tried for months to find a doctor in...

I have tried for months to find a doctor in Arizona that can do the BBL procedure to my liking. I have looked at several photos and all were pretty disappointing. I really do not want to go out of state for this procedure.

Does anyone know of any good doctors in the state of Arizona? Doctors with a lot of before and after photos.

Finally found something!

The Body Sculpting Center in Scottsdale, AZ... I guess I will call and schedual a consultation.

I will post before and after pictures but I dont plan to have this done until Feb.

ARIZONA BBL ... Where are you!

I have looked at before and after photos for surgeons in Arizona and I still have found none that compare to the ones in Miami, FL.... DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD SURGEON IN ARIZONA? With before and after pics that actually look properly done?

Going out of state.

After over 2 years of searching for an instate BBL surgeon in Arizona I've came across no surgeon that I feel can do what I consider good BBL work.

So, Dr. Fisher in Miami is where I've decided to go. I will be rescheduling an appointment for the 2nd week of January.

Dr. Agustina Hilario Durán / La Esperilla Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

After researching and reading a lot of the good and bad that comes with my choice I am going with Dr. Duran and I plan to stay at Angela's Recovery House in Dominican Republic. I am ready to put down my deposits I am just waiting on a confirmation email with the finally cost.

Once everything gets rolling I will post everything as it goes...the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Why Duran doesn't answer your emails and call... LOVE THIS!

FINALLY called ....

After calling back to back I finally got someone on the phone who verified my email and pictures were received. I am now awaiting the quote. I plan to have the BBL w/ Lipo and chin fat removal. I will not be excited until my dates and deposits are in place. Oh, and my sister is coming as well and she is getting BBL done

FYI: Incorrect email provided on website!

On Duran's website under the tab CONTACT US the email provided is with is incorrect which explained why my info was not received I was told over the phone to email to

Dr. Agustina Hilario Durán / La Esperilla Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I am very honest in my post: It has been impossible to get to Duran. I have been hung up on, the communication is horrible. FYI... I am very patient. Her office is not as professional as I require. Dr. Yily´s team has emailed me back to back always on top of my questions...I have asked lots of question and I am good with my answers, which I will post. So, as much as I may have loved Duran her team is not on my level...NEXT!

For a total of $5200...

Liposuction of abdomen, back, armpits, sides, and waist.
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) across, fat grafting to the buttocks and hips (optional).
Breast Lift
10 days in a Luxury Recovery House (triple room)
For a total of $5200 USD

Leaving a deposit next week! Once I am on my way I will post pictures.


Additional Costs:

· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present itself within the first 30 days after surgery if you’re still in Santo Domingo. Cost is $150 USD. You must purchase this insurance prior to surgery. It is mandatory.

· Blood Transfusion: A deposit of $250 USD must be paid prior to surgery. If you do not need a blood transfusion after surgery, this deposit will be refunded to you. Kindly note this deposit is mandatory.

EWWWW.....I look a mess!

I just want to keep it ALL the way real. This is me! I am so self conscious and I hate these damn pictures! However, I want to show you from beginning to end.



My biggest and scariest concern is waking up during surgery. I have heard several women say this is something they have experienced. It would devastate me if it happened. Can you tell me what is used or how this is done. Generally, how many surgeries does Yily perform a day?

Secondly, I was also told that women have awaken and seen someone other than Yily working on them. If I get this done will anyone other that Yily be working on me?


The anesthesiologist usually uses an epidural block along with a pill to sedate the patient.

Dr. Yily has assistants during surgery, this information is given to every patient to sign before surgery, we´ve also made that clear on social media (you can see the videos of Dr. Yily with her assistants). There are things that Dr. Yily doesn´t do at all, like the cleaning before and after and administrating the anesthesia. But I understand that maybe a sedated patient could be a little confused about what she/he experienced and saw. The face of the patients are covered, the only person they would be able to see if awake is the anesthesiologist.

(people can say anything, what I love about email is...if I have to sue PAPER TRAIL! So far I feel good about this one.)

Making my FIRST deposit next week.


This is how to make the deposit:
1. Go to the bank you prefer
2. Give the cashier this information
· · DEPOSIT INFORMATION: Banco de Reservas de la República Dominicana
· · Recipient: (first name) Yily (last name) De los Santos
· · IBAN/Account Number: 200-02-165-000493-2
· · Swift Code: BRRDDOSD
· · Office: San Soucí
· · Address: Naval 27 de Febrero
· · City: Santo Domingo
· · Zip Code: 11603
· · Phone 809-788-9696
· Dr. Yily’s address: Av. Pedro Henríquez Ureña #137, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

3. The cashier will give you a receipt. Write your name and surgery date on it.
4. Take a picture and send it to me. Your date will be secured.

Payment Form
The balance of your surgery must be paid prior to your surgery. You can pay the morning of your surgery at the clinic. We only accept cash. You may pay in US dollars. We don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, money orders, bank check or personal checks.

Super Booty Buddy

This is so dope! I am buying it!

Because I'm moving.....

So my wife (yes I have a wife) reminded me we are moving June 1st and if I have my surgery in May it will be an issue because I'm bossy and need my house in order. Okay, so I guess I will need to try for 2nd week in June. Sheesh!


I have a confession.... I did not leave a deposit yet. Why? I want to first have my passport in hand first. I was told during my 1000 questions that if I change my date there is a cost. I'm very on point when it comes to my money and I want no issues. Fyi: every question a person can ask I've asked and will post soon.

Can someone accompany me at the Recovery House?????

My question: I would like to bring a female family member are they allowed to also stay in the recovery house with me? If so how much would it be per day and would meals be included? If not what are other options are there?

The answer: Your relative can stay with you, these are the prices...Recovery House rates (in case you want an upgrade or you want to bring an additional guest):
Triple Room $75 per night, Double Room $85 per night, Single Room $100 per night, Guest rate $65 per night. All prices quoted are per person. Guest must also pay $100 for transportation. .

Recovery House

My question: Do I need to call the recovery house to book my stay?

Response: You don´t have to call the Recovery House because I´ll do the booking for you. If you want to do the booking yourself, I can take out the USD$700 asigned to the RH so you can do it.

Who I have been communicating with....

Vicky, part of Dr. Yily´s team. She is always very prompt in answering my emails. I usually get my emails in the evening. I have never gone a full 24 hours without a response. I am satisfied with our communication which makes me feel comfortable enough to send money. BUT! waiting on the passport!


I am planning to go in June! Leaving Arizona to the DR. My sister can't go anymore :-(

BBL/ Yily De Los Santos

USD$4500 is the procedures alone, USD$700 is for the Recovery House

Liposuction of abdomen, back, armpits, sides, and waist.
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) across, fat grafting to the buttocks and hips (optional).
Breast Lift
10 days in a Luxury Recovery House (triple room)
For a total of $5200 USD

Remove chin fat additional $200
Medical Insurance $150 (will NOT be refunded)
Blood Transfusion: A deposit of $250 (will be refunded if not needed)
Post op Medicine $250 (you can buy it in your country)


Waiting to receive my passport.... Im very inpatient!

How do you pick a Faja?

I have never purchased a Faja and I have no idea which one to purchase or what company has the best one. Can anyone out there offer some help?

Waking up during surgery...

I have spent the majority of this evening reading reviews by women who are Yily Dolls. I am EXTREMELY afraid to wake up during surgery. About a month ago I had emailed her about this and was told that would not happen however I have read many post that say different. I am feeling worried, scared, fearful.


So far so good.... I have my sister who is also getting surgery, my cousin which is coming because I kinda begged her, and my home girl whose a nurse in the US and plans to go next year. I finally have the full payment plus plane ticket. I plan to make a partial deposit Monday just to ensure it reaches them and once confirmed the rest.

This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much stuff.....

Recovery House 10 days
Guest / Transportation
Guest / Recovery House
Blood Transfusion
Medical Insurance
Lymphatic massages
Schedule Labs

Arnica Tablets
Vitamin C 500mg
Water Pills
Tylenol PM
Stool Softner
Folic Acid 10mg
Nexium 40mg
Klossara 40mg
Augmentin 1gram
Ciprofloxacin 1gram
Heparin 40mg

Compression Socks
Compression Sleeves
Lipo Foam
Neck Roll Pillow
Bobby Pillow
Scar Sheets
Female Urinal
Back Scratcher
Bottles of Gatoraid
Bleach Spray
Pill Organizer
Shaker cup
Protein powder

6 Maxi Dresses
6 Pair Socks
3 Pair Pajamas
10 Pair Mesh Underwear
3 Bra's
Flip Flops
Soap / Bodywash
Hair Products
Sleeping Head Scarf

Deposit Paid!

I sent out my $300 deposit today. Once it is confirmed it has been received I will just pay the entire balance.

Guess who isn't going alone???? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

My little sister Charliemilf (Realself name) will be going with me and she will be getting the bbl. We plan to meet at FFL Hollywood Intl Airport, our second flight will be the connecting flight. I also have my friend; a nurse accompanying us and our cousin.

I will be taking lots of pictures, video, and documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly. Can't wait until June 25th!

Airline Ticket Purchased

Leaving Phoenix (PHX) June 25th went with Spirit Airline for $775.74 I booked directly on their site. I became a member for free. I paid extra for baggage and travel insurance my Travel Insurance coverage is attached. I find this to be important to have... I mean just in case. I picked this airline so I can meet my lil sister on the connecting flight.

Next step

We have been instructed to purchase a tourist visa before going thru immigration. It costs $10. Be sure to have your passport in hand and make sure you get a receipt. Jose is our driver and will be at the airport with a sign with our names on it. We have confirmed our space at the Luxury House LUXURY for ten days. Just want to get there and get this over with.

Dr. Miami Booty Buddy

Awaiting the arrival of my booty buddy! I ordered it off of Dr. Miami's website. A bit costly however I sit all day at work. If I am going to pay for a bbl you best believe I'm going to treat every part of my ass and new body with tlc to ensure it heals properly.

English to Spanish Translator

I downloaded an amazing app. I just type in what I want to say and it speaks in spanish for me. I don't have to struggle trying to pronounce anything. To ensure what it was translating I tried it out on my perfectly!


I am ready to go. I just want to go and get this over with. I guess I am impatient!

The body I am hoping for....

Lira galore... I tried for years to find her surgeon but was unsuccessful. I absolutely love her body.

Passport has finally arrived!

I am ready to go!

Next month is the month

June is right around the corner.... can't wait.


I have been reading these post before becoming a member which should conclude I have been stalking RealSelf for many years. I cannot understand why someone women do not research their doctor, leave recovery earlier than suggested, do not take medication properly, removing garments early, and much more, then complain about the results and their doctor, some women have even lost their lives. If you are informed that your doctor is not licenced why on earth would you go? I understand we all want to look amazing and sometimes that low cost may make you anxious BUT please take your LIFE into consideration.

There is nothing wrong with physical improvements, but there is something wrong if you go into this unprepared. Do your research, cross reference, make sure your surgeon is actually licensed for your procedure. Sorry, but after some of the post I read I had to vent. Be safe ladies.


During surgery where is our money and identification stored? I have been hearing about some ladies purchasing portable lockers. However, if I have a portable locker where will it be stored? I have emailed Yily's office asking this as well and I am awaiting a response.

TRAVEL BUDDIES.... anyone in Phoenix going?

Dr. Yily De los Santos in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leaving Phoenix, AZ Sunday June - Leaving DR July 5th
SX Monday June 26th
Staying at Luxury Recovery House

Waking up during surgery....

I have read hundreds of post over many years and I continue to see this noted. Please do your homework and understand exactly what is going on before you go crazy and make yourself scared!

If you wake up you should not feel any pain ,however there is always that possibility. You may feel sensations like pulling and pressure if you wake up. An anesthesiologist simply numbs you using regional anesthesia an epidural and/or a spinal block during surgery which is EXACTLY the same thing done in the US when a C-section is performed. During a C-section the person is awake unless severe complication occur. (For those that did wake and felt pain, sorry for the experience the same thing can happen in the US). Am I a doctor or a nurse NOPE! How do I know all this.... I went to my family doctor and asked.

WHERE IS MY STUFF? During surgery

I emailed Yily's office and asked:

ME: "On the day of surgery do we have lockers for our money or wallet during our surgery and overnight stay after surgery if not where will out belonging be?"

RESPONSE: "You should come with only the necessary for your overnight stay. You can leave your belongings at the office."

You can get a travel safe on Amazon for $18.65 it's called Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Portable Safe

Private nurse in dominican republic

Can anyone recommend an english speaking private nurse for the overnight hospital stay?

Private Overnight Nurse

Private nurses for the night of your surgery. Or your post-surgical care .... more info whatsapp 8298595323 and 8498622324.... Quoted $50

INSTAGRAM : yilydoll_6_26_17

Hello All...

Would love to follow your stories on instagram, find me and I will follow back!

Hips vs Laterals

Know what your asking for.

Just a little reminder...

Instagram Page

Alot of ladies have made sx pages with lots of helpful information.

Honesty is the key!

I told my pcp I was leaving to the DR and she has taken the proper steps to ensure I am cleared for surgery.

Changing RH

After researching my ass off I have decided to switch where I was going to go and I've decided to stay at De la Paz Recovery House. Not only have the reviews been positive, more is included and it's more personal. I need all the TLC I can get.


What exactly is this blue pill we keep hearing so much about......

Blood Clots

Some helpful info.


Had to switch doctors at the last minute. I am now going with my 2nd choice Dr. Argeny Mercedes.

Dra Yily is on bedrest

I was informed I can pick up my deposit from Cipla on Monday at 7am.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Info

I purchased my bags during buying my tickets.

My new doctor!

This was my 2nd choice just in case anything happened. They already had .y pictures and info and were able to book on the same day.

The coordinator

This young lady has been such a big help to me. She has answered all my questions with no hesitation. I would definitely recommend calling her if you need to book an appointment.

My hemo

Yes! Everything is on point.

Medication List

FYI: About my total cost

I am getting a mommy makeove which includes: Breastlift, tummy tuck, bbl with fat transfer, and liposuction. I am adding: Upper arm lip for $400

The cost also includes $150 for medical.


My Instagram name has been changed and updated! I am with a different doctor at a different facility.

Me on the table

Dr. Mercedes

Dr. Mercedes Assistant

Meshia has been so helpful. She answers all my questions shes so great to work with.

Dr. Mercedes med list


More info

More info....

More info

Make sure you ke a heparin shot b4 getting on plane

Safety First

Argeny Mercedes Guzman, MD

Surgery date 6/26/17 Not only is he absolutely handsome he took my health into consideration by letting me know due to my hemo I couldn't get a breast lift. He greeted me while sitting in the lobby. On my Instagram I have videos as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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