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Got it done 1 week ago. Still has lot of post...

Got it done 1 week ago. Still has lot of post procedure inflammation in treated area. I got neck and lower half of face done . I had sculptra in upper cheek 2years ago with good results so did not want upper half of cheek to be touched. Doctor gave me nerve block. Technician did procedure. Very painful despite nerve block. Hoping and praying for best. I m 44. I will update in few months.

It has been 16 days now since ultherapy. I still...

It has been 16 days now since ultherapy. I still has lot of tenderness in under chin area. Swelling has gone down but since I have tenderness in under chin and jaw I assume inflammation is still there. The biggest problem I am facing since this treatment is pain in jaw with inability to completely open my mouth. Eating food is hard due to above problem. I searched whole web and have not noticed any one else having similar issue after ultherapy. It feels like as if my mandibular joint and floor or mouth is inflammed and not letting me open my mouth adequately or my muscles are scarred. I am afraid of this side effect. I am daily doing mandibular exercises and it is improving a bit. Have not eaten any thing properly in past 2 weeks. I think as my treatment is over muscle of mastication that is why I have this issue???
Regarding improvement in loose skin under chin and improvement in angle of jaw---- it does appear more tonned but I am pretty sure I have ongoing residual edema. I feel so happy that I only got lower half of face done and did not get any cheek treatment as it might have dissolved my sculptra that was done 2 years ago with good results. At this time I am sure I will never get it done again due to this ongoing pain and tenderness in treated area with inability to eat properly. God knows may be it lead to muscle fibrosis or scarring underneath skin with permanent damage.

It is 5 months since I had the treatment. My skin...

It is 5 months since I had the treatment. My skin did look tight and improved first month after treatment but I had pain in my jaw too specially during chewing. Once pain was gone all improvement was gone too. I guess improvement was just due to edema. No improvement at all. All that money went to waste. I m noticing some worsening of jowl area probably due to volume loss. Now I'm getting sculptra in Jowl area. People respond differently but I will never get it done again.
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