Beware of dentists giving out of this world prices if it to good be true? - Arizona, AZ

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I recentlet did a investagation to explore mt...

I recentlet did a investagation to explore mt dental implant options and prices aroungd the world!! I did extensive ouestion and answer consults in Csta Rica known for having great imlant doctors bangkok at the BDIC or BIDC there web site is incredible and thereresponses to my how does a clock work questions came back percise and extremly professional Unfortunatley there priced were the same as the three different consultations i received in the US!!! Costa Rica was a different story !! on a referal of a frioend i contacted
a firm in San Jose they were cariong great and the female doctor called me three tiomes i wore her out with questions and options i had gathered She cane in about 6000 dollars less Factor in planes hotels food travel time aggravation and emergencies of any type or the chance of legal recourse in a foriegn Id go to her and trust her and she was dead on in her conclutions then came the quoteon third the price of every other of the five doctors i talked to ??? i asked how can he do that i do so many i get a discount on materials and have my own lab etc etc He is highly up front and in the costa rica sites show up often111
Beware if its too good to be true then it might not be true Get a panoranic xray a ct scan of jaw and bine condition is a must My leading implamt surgeon changed his comlete stratgy
after seeing my cat scan it was worse then antisipated Do your home work and be your own best advocate i sudied compared and questioned them until io was satisfied Get A CT scan pus panoramic

The price of my implants quoted by BDIC in bangkok...

The price of my implants quoted by BDIC in bangkok was in the end the same price I was quoted by 2 implant specialists in usa Factor in plane rides
hotels food aggrevation and ultimatley what happens in case of emergency complications and ultimatley legal recourse!!in case of faluire!!Costa Ricas
lleading hyped and number on or two internet site ouoted my 7800 dollars
period complete out the door when i asked how can he do it for 10000 dllars less then quoted by a refered costa Rican DR he said because he does so many of them has his own lab is a distributor of the items used a lie 25000 inus 18000 approx in the same Costa Rican Town even at 18000 2 to 3 trips hotels food no emergency service no real legal recourse to save 4000 maybe and i say maybe probably 2500 at best Buyer Beware Oh one more
trick i caught a dentist at your bill will be 13100 dollars wow 12000 less then us now where getting some where When i asked if that included the final porcelin bridge the final teeth no those are 6500 more WTF oh so the real price is 18750 plus plus plus ythere are prpobley deals out there beware ive worn \these denyiosts out cross referenced prices answers questions diagnosis last but not least a full view of what needs to be done needs a cat scan not just a panoramic xray Good Luck
dr boyce


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