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Like a lot of women, it took a lot for me to...

Like a lot of women, it took a lot for me to decide that I wanted a BA. 5 yrs ago I never would have thought I would be considering it. But now after 2 babies and recently losing 30 pounds, here I am. I'm 5 ft. 4in and 133 lbs and currently wearing a 34B padded push up bra every day. To sum it up, my girls used to be AMAZING and now they are just sad. :(

I love this site and spend way to much time looking at pics of boobs and reading reviews. I'm scheduled for a consultation on Sept. 17th and I'm excited to get a lot of my questions answered. The PS I'm meeting with for my first consult was recommended by a friend of mine and gets very good ratings on other sites. Can't wait to talk to him.

I have a lot of fears but the main on is CC. I don't want revision in the first 5 yrs.

The burning question I have for the Dr is if I will need a lift to get to my goals.

More to come....

Hoping for a winter BA so my new Boobs will be ready for Summer

I forgot to mention that I'm hoping to have my BA done in late Jan. I think that will give me enough time to be used to them and have them drop and fluff in time for Summer. It will be hard to wait that long but I just have SO much going on between now and Jan that I think trying to recover from surgery will really be to much for me.

I have a 9 month old and I'm a stay at home Mom. Any thoughts on how soon I'll be able to hold him and pick him up? He currently weighs 16 lbs but who knows what he'll be by then. I worry about that too. I would probably put him with a babysitter for at least a week so my Husband does not have to take off work. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

What size should I get??

So I've picked my Dr.!! I had my consultation on Tuesday and I love Dr. Kay! I know this is my only consultation but I really feel like he is my Dr. so I'm just going to go with it. He spent at least an hour and a half with me and answered every one of my questions. I feel 100% confident with him.

Now on to the next hard part. As I suspected I am on the fence of needing a mini lift. The Dr. said depending on what size implant I pick will determine what he recommends as far as a lift goes. If I select a larger implant it may be enough to get me the lift I need and fill the saggy skin. Or I could get implants now and then do a lift later. Or I could do both at once if I decide to go with a smaller implant.

I def. rushed the trying on different size implants because I was so hungry and I tend to only focus on food when I get like this... So I only tried on two different size implants and ended up selecting the smaller size because I was ready to be done with it. Now I'm worried that I selected to small but I'm not to worried about it because I have time to decide. I haven't even scheduled my surgery date. But I selected the 265 cc silicone mod profile implants and plan on going under the muscle. Now I really want to be a full C cup so I think I need to go bigger. At least a 300 cc! I'm currently a 34B and I fear going to big more then I fear going to small. Hmmmm... it's still early in my decision making process. I need to make some rice sizers or go back in and try on the sizers and again when I'm not feeling rushed and try on some of my clothes.

Basically I know there will be times when I will wish I went bigger but overall I will be happier with medium sized breasts that have a better shape and are fuller then they are now. Plus I can always "dress the girls up" when I need to by wearing a push up bra and a low cut shirt. More to come as I try to decide on my size.

BA scheduled for Sept. 16th!!!

Well I've scheduled my surgery for Sept. 16th. with the one and only Dr. I had a consultation with. It's funny because when I first started seriously looking into this I had in mind that I would see at least 2, maybe 3, Dr.'s before making my decision and I would have my BA in late Jan. after the holidays and my son's birthdays. But my consultation went so well and I felt so comfortable with the Dr. that I really didn't see a reason to go see the other Dr. I had set up a consultation with. I wasn't to impressed with him to begin with anyway so I don't feel like I'm losing out. His pictures on his website weren't that impressive and the girl who recommended him didn't really even know much about the procedure she had done. After my consultation went so well with the Dr. I selected I started to get more excited AND I started to think why wait? If I wait longer then my 9 month old son will just be bigger and weigh more, making recover even more difficult. I checked our schedule and saw that the week of Sept. 23rd would be best so I crossed my fingers and called the scheduling lady at the office. Turned out my options for September were the 5th or 16th. So the 16th it is! Seems crazy fast BUT at the same time I'm ready so why wait? If anything it will make it easier on me because I don't have to wait and all my free time won't be spent on Realself and research. LOL. This week I plan on taking more before pictures and on Wednesday I will have my Pre Op and make my final decision on what size implant I want. Which is the most difficult part of this whole experience.

Pre Op tomorrow.

Tomorrow's my pre op and I get to try on some sizers again. I'm really struggling on what size implant to pick. I really don't want to be to big but I don't want to be to small either. Over all I know I'll be happy to have better shape and volume so there's no way this can go bad... I'm hoping for some clarity tomorrow!

By this time next week I'll be on the other side!

Been busy and haven't had time to update until today. But I have been reading up on how everyone is healing.

This week is going to be very busy trying to get my final preparations done for my surgery next week on Monday. I'm scheduled for 2pm and have to be at the surgery center by 1230. It's a little later then I hoped but since I have to get my kiddos to daycare and drive 2 hrs I guess it's probably better that it's later in the day. I just know it will be hard to wait all day with my nerves and not being able to eat or drink.

I tried on more sizers at my pre-op and decided on 286 cc silicone moderate under the muscle. The first time I tried on sizers I picked 245 CC and the Dr said I should move up to at least 265 and now I'm at 286 cc. Baby steps I guess, LOL! I really don't want to be to big. I'm very active and I would HATE to feel like they get in my way. So I'm comfortable with my selection. But I will admit selecting my implant size has truly been the most difficult part of this whole adventure.

As suspected, my Dr has suggested that I get a mini lift so I will get the donut lift. I'm kinda nervous about that. It would be so much easier if I was just getting implants but if I'm going to do this, I want to go all the way and get the best look possible. I would hate to get only implants and have bigger boobs but still saggy. Or even worse the dreaded snoopy deformity. So lift it is! :0)

Later this week I plan to take a bunch more before and after pics of different bras and tops so I can have some after pics to compare.

Getting excited!

Oh I forgot to add....

I stopped looking at before and after pictures over a week ago. I think this is important because I want to set myself up to have the best results my body can give me along with the help of my PS. :) I think this will help me out and wanted to share this tip.

Mini panic attack, increase in size and I'm all set! :)

I have to say this process has been kind of an emotional roller coaster and I haven't even had my surgery yet. Yesterday I made some rice sizers for the 286 cc implants and wore them around for about 30 mins. I tried on several different shirts and decided that they were just to small. I didn't want to go thru this whole experience, pain and expense to not be happy. So I rushed to call my PS and order the next size up! I was nervous because my surgery is Monday and here I was at 3pm on Wednesday trying to change the size and I wasn't sure if they could order them in time! Turns out they could and now I'm going with 325 cc but had to change from moderate to high profile. I have to admit I'm nervous the high profile will give me the un natural look but the nurse assured me that it was still with in range of what will fit my body. She said she would speak to the Dr. before ordering too.

I picked up my meds today too and only had to pay $65 so I didn't think that was to bad. I also bought a pineapple, a new bra and a button up shirt. I'm all set!! Now to finish laundry, get my hair dyed this weekend, clean the house and grocery shop all before Monday.

Snuggling my 9 month old

One more weekend and then it's BOOBIE time! LOL. I'm going to spend as much time as I can this weekend holding and hugging my little baby. He'll be in day care for the next 2 weeks and I won't be able to pick him up. I will be able to hold him in my lap if he crawls in or if my Husband puts him in my lap. But it won't be the same and it will be hard.

Boudoir photo shoot

I just scheduled a boudoir photo shoot for October. I've always wanted to do something like that for myself and as a gift for my Husband. I'm SO excited!!

Tomorrow's my big day.

I've always liked boobs. My own and others. LOL. But right now I seem to be obsessed. The last thing I think about at night is my boobs and it's the first thing I think about. I hope after a few weeks into my recovery this changes. I'm excited about tomorrow and have to be at the surgery center at 1230. Lots of stuff to do today.

Also, I fixed the typo in my user name. LOL. It's supposed to be Mermaid Dancing. Not Mermain. It's a joke from the movie Pitch Perfect. It's funny, :)

Happy Boobie Day to Me!!

Well today was the big day and I have to admit I wasn't nervous at all. My last surgery was a c-section 9 months ago and it's totally unnerving since your awake the whole time.

My surgery was at 230 and we had a 2 hr drive to get here. I was starving by the time they took me to the operating room. Love my PS, anestesologist was great and the last thing I remember was the nurse rubbing my arm before they were waking me up. I looked down and first thought I had was "they don't look to big, thank goodness!" I haven't had a good look cuz I'm wrapped but I will get to soon enough.

We are staying the night in Tucson tonight so we don't have to drive back home and then turn right around to be at my apt at 10 am. Plus the first night will be easier with out my kiddos.

My PS just called and said every thing went beautifully and I have great shape! I can't wait to see. He asked how I was feeing and I said more pain then I expected. :( but this is because Hubby only gave me 1 of the pain pills and muscle relaxers when we got to hotel. Once I read that it said take 1 to 2, I took the second one. Dr. Said I can take 2 at the next scheduled time even though I took 1 an hr later. He also said my chest muscles were very strong. I expected that because I've been lifting weights for a few months and I carry my 10 month old around a lot.

Anyway, I fee like I'm rambling... :). To sum it up, I'm very happy and feeling the love from my Boobie friends and my real life friends. Thank you for the well wishes and positive thoughts! It means a lot to me.

Attaching a pic and more to follow tomorrow.

Pic didn't add first time

Another pic


Post Op went well

I slept ok last night. Was asleep by 11pm and slept until 2:50. Took a pain pill and muscle relaxer then was up for an hr before falling back asleep.

So far I'm very happy with results. Very little bruising and very little swelling. I think I've managed to avoid Frankenboobie too. I don't know if this is because of eating fresh pineapple, or getting a smallish implant or my Dr. Is just that awesome. I think it's a combo of all three. :) I also don't seem to have much bloat yet and I hope it stays that way. Stool softener is doing its job! Sorry, TMI.

I'm feeling really good and even kinda looking forward to tomorrow. I'll have the house all to myself. No kids, no husband and no chores! I can't tell you the last time that happened! Lol.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts and well wishes.

One more photo of bruising

Day 3 feeling good

My sleep schedule is totally off because I've been napping during the day then I end up staying up st late. I'm going to really try hard not to nap today.

I haven't taken a Percocet today just Tylenol and so far so good. I'm hoping this will help the bloating and drowsiness. I'm also drinking a ton of water. I'm feeling REALLY good. It's a good thing and bad thing cuz I have to force myself to just relax. I'm camped out on the couch now about to catch up on Breaking Bad episodes. :)

The only bad thing is I miss my kids! I get up with them in the morning and after Hubby lifts the baby out of the crib I'm able to change and dress him. Same with my 3 yr old. Then we play on the floor until they leave with their dad. The baby isn't sleeping well at daycare so he wanted to sleep by 7:15 last night after just getting home at 530. :(

I just keep telling myself its temporary and for the best because I would hold him if he were here.

Adding some new pics.

Loving my size.

So glad I went with the 325 cc instead of 285 cc. I can already tell that I can show them off or keep them under wraps if I want! :)

1 week Post Op - Got to see my incisions

The thing that always made me nervous about getting the donut lift was seeing the incisions and the puckered skin. Would my areolas be perfectly round or would they look like a circle my 3 yr old would draw?? The steri strips have been on since my surgery and yesterday at my 1 week post op visit I held my breathe as they were removed. Not because it hurt but because the big moment was about to happen.

And honestly the first 15-20 seconds of seeing them was difficult for me, I'm not going to lie. But I know deep down that it will be ok and they will heal fine and the skin will smooth out. I know this because some amazingly awesome women on this site have shared their pictures. I can not thank those women enough!!! Wish I remembered their screen names so I could give them a shout out! Through out the day yesterday I would peek at them and it's really helped me get used to it. I'm just going to envision beautiful areolas to go along with my beautiful breasts. Positive thinking!! :)

Other details about my post op visit. Dr seemed rushed but I know he's going on vacation Wednesday. He said everything is healing nice and that I should see them start to drop soon as the muscle relaxes more. The fullness should move from the upper pole and fill out the space under my nipple. I need to start taking vitamin E twice a day (not sure for how long. Forever? I'll call and ask) I can sleep how ever I'm comfortable now. Can wear whatever bra I want as long as there's no underwire. I can pick up my 20 lbs baby by the end of the week but I'm really going to try and limit that to in and out of the car seat, crib and stroller. I get my snuggle time with him on the floor. I can start low impact cardio next week, so walking or riding a stationary bike.

I was also shown how to do massages that will help the implants drop. I'm supposed to do them 2 times a day. When I started asking questions about the massages the nurse told me we adjust the massage to the look I want to achieve. I'm torn by this.... I do want them to drop some and fill out the space under my nipple but I am honestly liking the upper pole fullness much more then I thought I would. I have that pushed up look with out the push up bra! So I'll so some massaging but I don't think I'll be to aggressive.

I've been feeling good. I take a muscle relaxer or pain pill when I feel I need it or just Tylenol. Morning boob hasn't been to bad. I wake up stiff but after moving around I feel fine. They are getting softer every day and a little squishy too! I bought a 34C seamless bra today at Target but I know the 34D from Target fits too. I'm not to worried about the bra size because I'm LOVING the size of them. :)

I'm going to go ahead and post pics of my incisions even though it's hard for me. Because I know how much seeing others photos helped me. So I truly hope it helps someone else considering the donut lift. You will see some crusty/dried blood or scabs. Not sure exactly which it its. I'm not really trying to remove it because I don't want it to start bleeding or hurt.... So in the shower I just soaped up and let the water run over me. The skin puckering is not visible thru my bra.

Overall I do not think the donut lift has made my recovery any more difficult pain wise or time wise. Now, I can only compare this to what others with out a lift have said about their experience.

I don't have to see the Dr again until Oct. Yeah! Thanks Ladies, let me know if you have any questions.

Donut Lift

Sometimes adding pics is so difficult!

Another pic, less blurry hopefully

Dropping Nicely and incisions are looking better every day

Hello Ladies!!
Hard to believe that another week has gone by. Last Friday I picked up my son for the first time and it wasn't bad. I try hard to use good body mechanics and use my legs to pick him up and not my arms. This works while picking him up but not so much when putting him in the crib, car seat and high chair. I can tell by the end of the day I start to get sore and tired but overall its not bad.

The hardest part of the recovery process for me is the waiting game. I want to know what the end result and look will be of both my lift incisions and the dropped and fluffed look.

Over all the pain hasn't been bad but I use my pain pills and muscle relaxers when I feel that I need them. I'm not one that thinks I need to be off them as quick as possible because they don't affect me negatively the way they do others, so that's good. I've noticed that my pectoral muscles are starting to stretch and relax because my implants are dropping. They are not as high and I'm starting to get more fullness under my nipple. I also notice the feeling of my muscles flexing and squeezing my implant on occasion. Such an odd feeling when you're not used to it. I notice it every time it happens and hope eventually I won't notice it and it will become normal. It's not bad and doesn't hurt but it is just new and ODD!

That's all for now! I'll post pics of my incisions now and some pic of my new girls in clothes tomorrow. I LOVE that I can show them off or cover them up.

New incision pic

Developed a bleed

Pray for me. Having re surgery

Crazy day

At 1145 today I picked the baby out of the crib and put him in the car seat to go pick up my older son from school. While driving I felt a pain across my chest above the right breast. Felt like a Charlie horse and then the swelling came. It was instant. I knew right away what was happening because I read that other girls post about a bleed. :(

I turned the car around and drove home, I was 5 mins away. I was praying that I didn't pass out like she did. My whole body was sweaty and I was trying not to panic. I live an hr and a half away from my PS who I knew was on vaca out of the country. Where they going to tell me to go to the ER? Can I make the drive to Tucson? As a passenger of course. I was scared.

I called my husband when I got home and told him I was having an emergency, then I called the DR. They told me to come in and be prepared for re surgery. It was the longest drive of my life and a crazy range of emotions. I was not in pain at first, just uncomfortable from swelling. The main nurse, Regina called me several times to check on me. She truly is an amazing women and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me today.

While we were driving she was on the phone with the on call PS. At first the plan was to do IV sedation in office and I would be awake while they opened me up, stopped the bleed, cleaned everything up including implant, put it back in and then close me up.

About 20 mins out from the office I could tell it was bleeding again. It's hard to explain but it was just that same feeling as when it all started. It hurt SO bad. My pectoral muscle and skin were being stretched beyond anything you could imagine. I called Regina and told her this was escalating. I never passed out but I felt weak and could barely move my right arm. I was a little dizzy too. So much pain. I felt like my boob was going to explode. It was huge and SO swollen, I don't know how the incision didn't burst open from all the pressure.

When I got to the office Regina started an IV and gave me some meds to relax me. It helped at first. She told me the back up PS would be there until 3 hrs!!!!! I almost cried and told her there was NO way I could wait that long. With in 5 mins she knew I couldn't either. She also knew I couldn't be awake for this and started making calls to get the pain dr in and get the PS there sooner. Keep in mind there office was on skeleton crew cuz dr will be out of office for weeks. So Regina is running around everywhere getting the procedure room set up. Me, still swelling and in extreme pain this whole time. Pain dr said not to give me anything else till he got there to see what's going on. Longest 30 mins of my life.

Pain dr and PS got there at same time. I'm given sleepy meds put out and wake up later with instant relief.

They said I had a bad bleed with even some old blood. Not sure how long it was slowly bleeding before the blood vessel burst today. They said they've never seen this happen 2 weeks out from surgery. Lucky me. He said he tied off the bleed really good so there's no chance this will happen again. I'm home now and at square one with my right breast.

The range of emotions I went thru today was crazy. Panic, anger, fear, extreme pain, guilt (I chose to do this and put my loved ones thru one hell of a scare) worry it might happen again and relief that I'm alive. I know that sounds dramatic but it was scary. :(

I'm going to put all that aside and move forward and focus on recovery. I have to, I'm all in at this point. No turning back.

I go back tomorrow for a check up. No one even discussed cost today. Crossing my fingers that it won't be to bad. I have a drain too, hopefully they remove that. I'll update tomorrow. Thanks girls for your well wishes.

Username of other lady who developed a bleed?

Anyone remember her user name? I would like to read the review again and check in with her. Thanks!

Post Op Apt today

Well I got some rest last night and headed to Tucson for my post op apt around 10. It went really well. She said she was looking to see how much drainage I was having and to make sure my nipple was getting good blood flow. She left the drain in because it was still draining a lot and my risk of CC increases if we don't allow everything to drain out. But the good news is my nipple is looking great! Pink colored and that means it's getting good blood flow and not in danger of dying off. What a relief!

She also said the bleed was probably not from picking the baby up. She said sometimes during surgery the walls of blood vessels weaken and any movement can cause it to burst. Which is what happened to me. This made me feel better and is helping me work thru some of the emotions I'm dealing with.

It's amazing that my breast is back to normal size, still swollen, but it looks just like it did a few days out from the original surgery. It was SO huge yesterday that I'm still amazed that it went down so fast. I'm feeling confident that I'll still have good results after I'm fully healed.

I'm so thankful to ThatTXgirl for posting her hematoma story because it helped me to know exactly what was happening to me yesterday. It's one of the things that makes this site so wonderful.

Here's a pic after hematoma

Poor righty...

Feel Crummy Today

UGH! I woke up with the worst headache and it just won't go away. I feel crummy and the worst part about it is that I was just starting to feel normal again when this whole thing happened. I'm just feeling down today. :(

Caffeine Headache

After my last post I realized I had not had caffeine since Tuesday morning. My tummy has been a little upset so I didn't have my morning cup. I finally realized this at 4pm today and had a cup of coffee and I felt so much better!! I did not realize my body was so addicted to coffee. Oh well, at least I'm feeling better now.

Drain stays in another day

Was hoping to get my drain out today but the on call Dr says I'm still draining to much. Better safe than sorry. So Regina will come in tomorrow on her day off to remove it for me. She is awesome and has really helped me out through this whole mess. We talk twice a day to check on drainage and she really seems to care for me. I'm going to think of something special to thank her. Maybe a gift card or some chocolates. Any ideas?

Today is a good day. I feel good and am starting to feel like this is just a speed bump. I have been reading about risks of CC after a hematoma and know that the on call PS did the right treatment steps and my risks should not be that high. I can also see that I'm still going to have good results when this is all done and over with.

I'm looking forward to the weekend because my baby will be home and I can spend more time with him. Right now he leaves with my Husband at 8am and doesn't come home until 5pm then is asleep by 7:30 or 8. :( My 3 yr old is home with me today so at least we can get some quality time in. Snuggles and some playing. I think I might also go get my hair washed and styled. I haven't showered since Tuesday, just sponge bathing and I will feel so much better if my hair is clean. :)

Drain is out and I'm back on track!

Hello Ladies! My drain is out and there was no pain. I was able to shower and I feel so much better. I'm in almost no pain but I do feel the nerve pains here and there in the right breast (hematoma breast) as the nerves are reconnecting. The left breast is going on week 4 of healing while right breast is kind of at week 2. LOL. The good news is that the swelling is very little and the implant is still dropping at the same rate as the lefty.

The down side is I'm not able to go to the gym for four weeks and I'm starting to feel stir crazy and "fluffy" LOL. I also can't hold the baby or pick him up for another week and even then I can only do it with the left arm. The plan is to put the baby in day care again next week and then the following week my in laws were already planning to come visit for 10 days so it will work out perfect.

Thanks for all the well wishes ladies.

Back on Track

Hello Ladies!
Tomorrow will be one week since my Hematoma. Crazy. I'm feeling really good and happy with my results again. My only real complaint is that I still have to sleep on my back propped up and I'm getting tired of that. I am a side sleeper and I miss it!

My nurse said I can't go back to the gym or even raise my heart rate for a full 4 weeks. That stinks but I'm following the rules! Hope everyone is doing well.

Back on track

Righty is still a little swollen and pulled to the side but I'm confident that it will go back to normal. Very little swelling.
The steri strips can come of on Thursday.

The Big Reveal

So my Husband is very squeamish. He never wanted to hear the details of the surgery and that made it very hard on me because I really couldn't talk to him about it. I also knew it would be hard for him to see my incisions early on. Heck, it was hard for me and I was prepared. So I waited until my incisions and areolas were looking more normal and not as puckered until showing him everything. Up until last night he had only felt them and seen them in my bra. I'll leave out the details but the short version is that he loves them! LOL!

I love them! I am SO happy with the size! I can totally show them off or keep them under wraps, which is great. I still get some pain and sensitivity in the right breast but this is to be expected because it is behind in the healing process.

Both of the kids will be home alone with me tomorrow and we are going to stay home all day. I will have to lift the baby for the first time in almost 2 weeks but only in and out of the crib so it should be fine.

I'm loving my new boobs and over all so happy I did this. I wish my healing/recovery was easier but it could always be worse. Happy healing ladies. I'll post a pic that my Husband took soon. Another benefit of letting him see them. No more selfie's! LOL.

New pic

Here they are. I think they look better in person. But I still love them. :)

Hello Ladies!

Hi Everyone! Next week will be 2 months from my original surgery and I wanted to jump on here and give a quick update. Overall I LOVE my new breasts. They feel like they are apart of me most of the time. The only time I notice them is when I bend over and feel them move inside me. It's a strange feeling but one that I know I'll get used to and won't even notice anymore.

I'm loving the shape and the size. My incisions are looking good too. I don't have any puckering or anything like that around my areolas anymore but the incision is not really quite smooth yet on one of by breasts. It's not noticeable in my bra or clothes, just when I'm naked. I'm sure as more time goes by it will smooth out and if it doesn't I won't worry about it.

Here's a few things I wanted to mention.
1) I no longer do daily massage to push the implant down because it's dropped enough but I do a different massage to keep the pocket soft. I basically push the implant up towards my collar bone and back towards my chest wall and hold for 30 seconds.
2) My PS told me to take vitamin E pill twice a day. I've done some research and can't really find where this practice has been proven to be successful. At the same time I've come across some info. that suggests that taking vitamin E pills can actually be harmful if taken in large doses. I don't know what really falls under large doses but I've just decided to stop taking it or I take it once a day 3 or 4 times a week. I've never been good at remembering to take meds everyday.
3) I have full nipple sensation back in the left breast but not in the right (hematoma) breast. This sucks because I actually had the feeling back in the right nipple before the hematoma. Hoping it comes back eventually. No real big deal if it doesn't but it's an odd feeling when I touch it and can't feel it.
4) All the swelling has gone down and is gone. I decided to see if I could feel/see any rippling. When laying on my back I can feel a slight ripple at the base of the breast on the underside of the breast at the fold. When I'm standing I don't feel it. My Husband didn't notice it when I had him feel it before or after I told him what he was feeling for. When standing if I bend over or forward I can see/feel slight rippling in the same spot. It doesn't bother me because it's not bad at all and I only notice it because I was looking for it.

Overall, I love them and I think it's time to change my "worth it" status from not sure to YES! :)

2 months

Another pic

Dr. Robert Kay

I loved Dr. Kay from the moment I met him. He spent a lot of time meeting with me during the consultation and he answered all of my questions in great detail. His staff was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Kay is very knowledgeable and I felt safe and I trust his advice. I would go back to him in a heart beat if I ever wanted another procedure and I would recommend all my friends and family.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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