Calf and Ankle Liposuction - Very Very Frustrating - Perth, AU

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I am now just over 12 weeks post cankle...

I am now just over 12 weeks post cankle liposuction under local anaesthetic.
The surgery itself was very easy , didnt feel a thing and no pain afterwards, just muscle soreness I was back at work the 4th day post op.
4 weeks post op , my legs looked fantastic! I can definitely tell the difference, but now at 12 weeks post op and still weraing the compression garment religiously, my results seem to have disappeared, I am so not sure if this is swelling or they are my final results..
I did read soem reviews on here and saw some before and after photos but unfortunately there arent too many reviews on cankle lipo so thought I would start my own and I really appreciate comemments from those who have had it or from those who want to have this opertaion and have any questions about it.. I know it is not a very common procedure and not a common area to suction.. But I am Happy to share my experience, although at this point I am still very unsure whetehr it is worth it or not..??

hanging in there.. :-(
love to hear from you.. xx


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