Hate my Outer Thights Since I Was an Adolescent. Argentina, AR

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As all woman i have always hate a part of my body....

As all woman i have always hate a part of my body... for me was the outer thights ... even when i was very skinni they still there. I excercise my body taking classes of spinnig... walking 40 min a day and other things.... and discover what! The fat in the outer thights still there... that is why i decide to do the coolsculpting. Tomorrow will be a week since i have it done and the truth is that the procedure it's a piece of cake .. i didn't feel any pain just the same feeling if you try to hold an ice in your hands...at first you feel like little needles and then you feel numb. This is the same... but the worst part begins at the 3rd day after the procedure... it hurt like hell!! For everything i red the doctors says it is normal ... we will see.... i am taking ibuprofene every 6 hours and it is like nothing... the pain is still there.... like a million needless crossing by your skin again and again.

I can see the light at the end of the road

In my day n° 8 since the procedure the pain begin to disapear... i have take the last ibuprofen yesterday at night and today the pain is almost gone!! :)

3rd week

Well... i think we can see some changes in my thigts. I also started to feel the area and the pain it's almost gone ... just feel itchy ...more in my left leg than the right one.

The last photos

Hi! Well.. those are the last pics of me!
Daniela bocazi

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