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So not long to go till surgery. I am travelling to...

So not long to go till surgery. I am travelling to Argentina to have my breasts done... Super nervous and excited. I am having an anchor lift with HP silicone implants. I am still yet to determine the size but the doctor said around 290cc. After seeing so many photos though I might opt for 325. I am about 5"3 and very petite so I don't want huge breasts overtaking my figure, I just want lovely volumed round perky boobies for once! I am so so nervous but excited, scared that they won't turn out how I want them to but I have confidence in my surgeon. Girls, tell me about your experiences if it's similar to mine!

Counting down the days

Thinking about my surgery! Every day. I always talk to my close girlfriends about it and they're like shut up LOL! They know how much happier I'm going to be with my new boobies. A surgeon I went to previously told me to fill a bag with rice (how ever many grams) I filled it to 350 grams and put it in my top and I have a feeling I'm going to want to go along those lines.... Sizing is my biggest concern. I don't have the rice bags in these photos but I've been trying on so many tops and I cannot wait to be able to go braless for once


Hey all, I'm about 3 weeks from surgery. I am having some extreme boob nerves? Is this normal ?:( I completely trust my surgeon but I'm so nervous about the whole procedure. It is 110% what I want but I get so scared that I'll hAte them and that I'm going to be in pain for so long. I need some encouragement :(

Consult done! Surgery tomorrow!!

So today I saw my doctor, he was AMAZING. It's crazy how different surgeons' opinions are in different countries. In Australia I was told to go under the muscle, probably a high profile and round implant, but I think my doctor in buenos aires knows best. We are going anywhere up to 300cc, he will determine the size during the operation. My implant will be placed over the muscle which I was quite worried about. He explained to me that I have sufficient breast tissue so a under the muscle implant won't suit for the look I want. I'm confident that he works well and that my breasts will look great. He's an extremely classy surgeon and explained to me he refused to give me a fake look, ( he doesn't want huge balls on my chest as he explained) he likes to work with breasts to make them as natural (still notable) as possible. I'm also quite short and I don't want to look any bigger all round. So excited!!!!!! Have all my medication ready. Op is at 8am tomorrow at a private clinic in the centre of buenos aires. Will be posting many updates!!!!

I did it!

So I had my surgery this morning!!!! Arrived at the hospital at 6am, they took me in at 6.30 to grab all my details then at about 7.15 they took my blood pressure and asked some questions! My surgeon came in at 7.45 and took some more photos and drew all the lines on me. I got taken into the op room straight after that and the last thing I remember was breathing into the mask and bam asleep! I woke up feeling confused because I didn't even think they had started the surgery and I looked down and has boobies! They sat me up and put the bandages and bra on me, felt absolutely no pain but so so tired. The only pain I had was on the bottom of my feet and my arm from being in the same position for so long. They took me to my own room and I felt so sick! I threw up a little, I think from the anaesthetic plus I had been fasting since 10pm the night before. Couldn't sleep but I was so tired. Surgery was from about 9 am until 12.30-1pm. They gave me something to eat at 3pm but I felt sick until the moment I got home and slept. I think I slept about 3 hours! Felt so much better when I woke up. Feeling no pain; I didn't take pain killers until about 9pm. Tomorrow I'm anticipating it will be a lot worse but I'm simply feeling really tight and heavy
I've been able to sit up by myself and been going to the toilet alone, but I'm not able to lift my arms very high and getting changed and opening bottles hurt a little.
Tomorrow I'll see my surgeon and after 5 days my drains will be taken out! I ended up with 225, HP textured mentor implants over the muscle. I'm trying to peek but I'm all wrapped up! Will post more updates as I go.

Day 1

Day 1 wasn't AS horrible as anticipated. Definitely uncomfortable as I Only slept 4 or 5 hours. I saw my PS today and we took off the bandages and released the boobies. My right side is looking nicer than my left! But I can't wait for them to settle. My incisions look semi scary because I look like Frankenstein but I was expecting them to be so much worse. I got stronger pain killers and I've been sleeping on and off, close to no pain, let's see how I go tomorrow!

Day 2+3 post op

Yesterday was the worst day. I believe I overdid it on the pain killers and I almost fainted in the bathroom because I was so hot. Luckily the girlfriends I'm with sat me down on the cool tiles and put some water on my face!!! It took about an hour for the nausea and dizziness to go away but I slept it off. Today my doctor visited me and took out the drains, it was the worst! I think I worked up the pain in my head so much that that's why it actually hurt... It was more a tugging sensation from the inside and it made me so nervous. Got to shower and wash my hair which felt amazing!! Got some boobie shots, they're a bit weird lol but I'm already so so happy with them

Day 4!

Day 4 feeling a little nauseas but great. I find being in the shower too long overwhelms me a LOT. Have a long way before they heal but I'm so so happy

Almost a week post op.

6 days post op today! Still feels like I have two basketballs stuck to my body. I sometimes get isolated soreness in either breast but it's never painful. My incisions are heeling nicely (which I was most scared about)
Honestly the hardest thing all week for me hasn't been the breasts but it's been feeling sick, nauseous, day in day out. It's only last night that I was able to eat a decent dinner without feeling a little sick afterwards. I am still here for another week before I travel because I can imagine after another week I'll be feeling a lot better than I already do!
Also last night was the first night that I've been able to go to sleep at a decent time and actually sleep through most of the night (only waking up once)
I'm not sleeping as elevated as I was days 1-4 because it is extremely uncomfortable for me, I'm sleeping flat on my back but I haven't even tried on my side.
So so happy with my boobies, I can't wait till they gain more shape but I love this perkiness and I hope they don't drop much more!!!!
What do you girls think?

10 days post op

10 days post op today! I had a follow up with my surgeon yesterday. I was so excited to get my stitches out but unfortunately I understood wrong about my stitches! He removed a few small ones but my SUTURES have to be left in until 4 weeks after surgery. This is because I have a suture that is connected internally that is holding a few things together inside! I don't really mind anyway, they're so itchy but my incisions are healing so quickly and my breasts are dropping into a more natural position. My ps told me to stop taping my bandages on my breasts because it was causing too much irritation (he was right because I've been itching so much and my breasts were getting so red)
Posting some update photos!


2.5 weeks post op! I traveled back from Argentina a few days ago. The pain wasn't unbearable but by the end of the long trip I was exhausted and just wanted to cry. My breasts are doing well. I got scared because I thought I had an infection but my doctor said it isn't an infection. I have a white, and clear blood type discharge from a few little areas in my incisions which is apparently just fat necrosis. My incisions under my breasts are still uncomfortable because my sutures have kind of hurried themselves under my skin, but it's all healing really well. They're still dropping into more of a natural position and I love the way they sit. Even if my stitches make them look weird i still feel so sexy!

Boobie Blues

So this morning I cried my eyes out. I really am loving my boobs but my anchor incisions hurt more now than they did a week ago! I've sent several photos to my surgeon who says that they look normal but I don't feel right!!!!!! My sutures are digging into my skin and they are causing me so much pain. I can't wait another week and a half I need to get them out right now. Under my right nipple I think I have some wound separation and that's when I started crying after seeing a photo of it. It didn't look this bad a week or two ago!! 'm scared my boobs will end up looking like shit. I'm sick of this recovery now and I just want these effing stitches out so I'm comfortable!!!!! :(((( I'm feeling so down :(


Healing taking longer than expected... But still a lot more comfortable than I was last week. I am trying to do close to nothing and spending most of my days in bed for ages and doing a bit of walking around if I go shopping etc. I have a birthday this weekend and I'm desperate for my boobs to be feeling better so I'm trying to take it as easy as possible. I'm wearing two bras because I feel like the more pressure there is on them the better they feel. Yesterday morning I noticed another little wound separation which is slightly deeper than the one under my nipple. I know it will close over with proper wound care and I'm taking very good care of these boobs, it's just so annoying. My PS keeps in contact with me almost daily and keeps me at ease... Here are a few photos from a couple of days ago


Fuck my life. Seriously. Apologies for the swearing. I spoke to my PS today and I think he's just as frustrated as I am. This healing process is a bitch! I don't understand how on day 10 I was healing perfectly and now 3 weeks post op I'm having problems. This wound separation is really getting to me. And I've been crying for the past 4 days. My PS has prescribed me with anti biotics just in case (even though there's no infection) and has just said that with adequate would care and dressings this will sort itself out. I'm more upset about the wound under my nipple cause it's going to leave a disgusting scar!!!! I'm 20, I don't smoke, don't do drugs, drink alcohol hardly ever, so why is this happening to me? My skin is meant to be healthy and resilient but clearly it's not... I'm meant to be feeling happy and confident, not almost regretful about my decision to undergo this surgery. I've hardly been doing anything since the surgery!! :(

Finally a 5 week update

Hey all! Have been out of action. I had a few problems with wound sesperation that only got worse... But luckily no infection and the past week it got better. The nurse has been applying silver dressings every 3 days and she says that it is healing a lot quicker than she expected. The joy of post op complications! Been having boobie Blues again... Not sure if I love em or hate em? I want them to drop dropping! I only went 225cc but now I'm scared that they are too big :( gravity always wins. I shouldn't even be thinking about a review at this point but I guess I'm so used to society's views on 'perfect breasts' that I'm desiring the fake look. Yet again I'll never be able to achieve that fake look because of how my breasts were before. And maybe they look bigger because I look bigger seeing as I haven't been to gym in 5 weeks. What do you all think of them :( 5 weeks post today- STOP DROPPING.


So today I went to the nurse and I am NOT HAPPY. I hate lazy nurses. This nurse would not change my dressings because she said that 'it wasn't her responsibility' can you believe that? That came from her just because I went to a different clinic twice to see a plastic surgeon who dealt with my sutures and who changed my dressings so now even after taking her my silver dressings and tape she refused to change them because it wasn't her problem. Absolute bitch. She made me feel so uncomfortable and I walked out of the clinic absolutely shocked. Anyway I had to change then myself which is frustrating because I don't want to look at them because I get freaked out and anxious. Scars look a little wide I think because I constantly have tape ans bandages so my skin isn't breathing and I have tape marks everywhere. Anyway they do look a lot better.

Feeling great

It's been a long 6 weeks but finally starting to feel more myself. I highly recommend silver dressings for anyone suffering from wound separation or from any wound healing issues for that matter! My incisions are looking great. My right breast is still healing but my left is going great! Feeling wonderful and loving the boobs

Loving the boobies

Slowly but surely everything is coming together and I am healing amazingly. My body really responded to the right treatment I needed. They are still very tender and I am wearing a sports bra almost 24/7 but I'm a lot more comfortable. Also have been sleeping on my belly!! Yay!!! Theyre looking amazing. I showed all my girlfriends that I had been away from for about 6 weeks and they were so amazed and shocked at how natural but gorgeous my results were. Feeling great

Not happy

Can't say I'm 100% happy with my results... I don't know if it's because maybe I've put on some more weight,
But my boobs pretty much exactly what they used to look like except 3x bigger. I'm not liking the shape or how they sit on my chest. Some photos are ok, and in others they just look like they've already sagged, I really just wanted them to sit high on my chest and have nice round cleavage, and at 2 months post op I can already tell I'm not happy with how they've dropped. And it still takes another 6 months for a final result? I'm definitely going to be having a revision.

Been a while...

It's been a while since I last updated, I've hit my 3 month post op mark! Some days I love them other days not so much. As I previously mentioned I wish that I got the cleavage I wanted. Does anyone think this would come from the positioning of my implant being over instead of under? I just find that I love the fullness of them and from the side they look great however turned semi-side I still have that sag-type look and from the front I don't have nice round cleavage, I still have a gap between them and they look like they just kind of sag. Ohwell... Maybe it's something that's inevitable and no matter how much I spend on a surgery that's how my breasts are and maybe I can't change them... Anyway here are a few nice pics of the boobs. Scars are slowly getting better after using rose hip oil. I have actually found 2 thin stitches on both sides of my breasts. I think they never got taken out when I went to the surgeon and they're not dissolvable ???? went to a doctor who tried to pull them out but it hurts and tugs so I've left them lol... They don't hurt or are uncomfortable it's just annoying knowing they're there...

Almost 8 months post op. Depressed. Sore. Unhappy

I haven't posted in months because I have been the most depressed I ever have. These breasts were the biggest mistake I have made and now I'm stuck not only looking but feeling FUCKING DEFORMED (sorry for the language) my left implant has been hell since day 1 and it has bottomed out even further than when I first noticed. I have horrible heavy pain in my breasts and I also have sharp pains surrounding my implant. I can move my implant around my chest and they both slip to the side when I lay down. My surgeon did NOT listen to me. I never wanted them over the muscle, I never wanted tear drop. I wanted cleavage and now I am seeing a doctor this month for a revision because I am disgusted in the lack of help and support from my doctor who says there is nothing wrong with them. This isn't what I paid $10,000 for. Now I have to fork out another $10,000 for a revision. He has ruined me.

A not so happy boobiversary ... :(

I am coming up to come year post op and honestly I think about my breasts every day. Not because I love them because I regret so much spending the money and travelling the distance for a journey that has left me feeling deformed, disgusting, and even more insecure than before my surgery... My left one is a total disaster with the bottoming out. They're ugly. They're so heavy and they hurt me. I have stitches sitting in my breast that cause me pain every day. I want nothing more than to be able to afford to have them corrected or removed but I won't for at least another year :( they've ruined my body.

One year post op. Unhappy. Revision booked for next June.

so it's been obvious that from the beginning I was never one hundred percent satisfied with my result. My breasts have been nothing but a horror from the beginning. Wound separation, pain, sagging, just horrible. I cannot have a revision until next June because I had problems signing back on a health insurance and I was told I had to wait a year... So here I am. I have to live with these ugly things for a year. I guess I should blame my weight loss but that's still not a good enough reason or my 'stretchy skin' for my breasts to have sagged to the extent that they did. My surgeon has been extremely unhelpful. He is not giving me any money back or would not correct his mistakes. He has left me feeling ugly and deformed and if he was in Australia I probably would have sued him. He refuses to recognise he did anything wrong in the surgery. And blames it on my skin. My skin cannot be blamed entirely? My result is hideous. It is the most disgusting breast lift I have ever seen. And I am disgusted in him as a plastic surgeon and he should be ashamed of himself.
I have re booked with dr Kolias in Adelaide and I trust his judgement... Here are some updates
Dr Gustavo Chiglione

I will never visit this surgeon again. He was a family friend and I trusted him with my body and now I am extremely unhappy and depressed with my results as well as being in constant pain. The first two weeks of surgery were a dream however since my problems have risen my ps has refused to see anything wrong in his surgery and has not helped me.

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