33 Years Old My Explant 350cc Cohesive Gel Argentina, AR

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Hi girls! My name is Any and'm 33 years old. I am...

Hi girls! My name is Any and'm 33 years old. I am from Argentina. I apologize first because it is likely that some things are poorly understood because they do not speak English and I was using google translator.
Read their stories did encourage me to tell mine. I appreciate if any shared.
I tell my story takes 350cc textured silicone prostheses for three years and eight months. I decided to place them because my work is very demanding on the figure and all my classmates were operated. I always seemed crazy placed two bags of silicone in the body, just for something aesthetic, but I started thinking that if many were operated and happy, was I wrong. Because I could not have a nice cleavage? For that I thought outdated? Then I decided to have surgery.
Never accept and while I remained pretty (although asymmetry defects had mistakenly surgeon) in the bottom of my heart I knew it was not right for me. A year after my symptoms began. Chest pain .... was urgent, it bothered me to breathe. I did all kinds of studies and was perfect. The pain was worse when I went to bed. Step another year and there I started my nightmare .... the pain spread to my knees, it was hard to walk, I thought I had had a problem in the meniscus by spinning do, but no, the resonance given good. The pain also went to my buttocks, legs, arms, hands, neck. Extreme tiredness. I could not get out of bed, crying. He is listening to the loud sounds and sensitivity to light. There were days I had to stay locked up because they do not tolerate light. Weakness in my muscles and shortening. Tendon pain. In short: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Better with a nutritionist who helped me to eliminate toxins, but the symptoms are always less, but there appear.
research discovered that many women with implants had my symptoms and also did not want every ten years to undergo surgery. I wanted to feel my chest as before (to put me the prosthesis always had tenderness, pain) I wanted to feel. Almost five months ago I explant. I was hard and painful process, but also with fibromyalgia, but I wanted to tell you that I am very happy and free.
The prostheses were in good states and the capsules were removed, they were stuck in the muscle. The had placed with the subfascial technique.
I do not regret if any of you placed or removed. I learned a lot from this. Especially to assess the health and to love my body as it is. We are all unique, perfect creations of God. I finally realized I was not wrong, neither I nor the people who operate simply silicones were not for me (to my mind, for my body).
Here in Argentina practically no explants or prostheses and related diseases. So this space in my post was helpful.
In anything I can help here I am.
Kisses to all and thanks.


Hi girls! Today I am 5 months and 4 days explantation. I wanted to show my pictures and tell you how are my symptoms.
I had five days very tired and have passed. Right now I'm with my legs loose socks, but I can do gymnastics. It's like the feeling you're left leg after a big scare: Finally another symptom of fibromyalgia. Like I have faith that I can improve. I wanted to ask you a question: Have you know I can take to help detoxify my body?
Any questions you have about explantation I'm here.
Ahhh and I wanted you to know that every day I am more happy to have explanted. It is inexplicable joy that I have every night when I lie down and I feel that there are more out there these time bombs.
Hugs to all.

7 meses post explante

Hello brave women !!! They wanted to stop updating my photos. It's been seven months !!! Unfortunately there still fibromyalgia. My explant not performed in block therefore to take the capsules and separate prothesis have been loose in my body chemicals and toxins that were among them. Next week I'll go to a doctor who works with quantum medicine. God wants to help detoxify my body. I am going to keep on top of it. My breasts are getting better. The grooves of the scars are losing their depth every month. The only weird, the surgeon and genecologa told me that they was not a problem, it is a white circle that I stay in a nipple. It is a depigmentation (It can be seen in the photo)
 I send a big hug to all and a lot of strength to those who are in the process of explantation. It is the best decision. I am very happy that these bags of chemicals no longer are inside my body, attacking him every day. I love how God made me, this was a process of learning to accept. There is nothing more beautiful than being yourself.
Hola mujeres valientes!!! Les quería dejar la actualización de mis fotos. Ya pasaron 7 meses!!! La fibromialgia allí sigue lamentablemente. Mi explante no se realizo en bloque por lo tanto al sacar las capsulas y las prótesis por separados han quedado sueltos en mi cuerpo químicos y toxinas que estaban entre las mismas. La próxima semana ire a una medica que trabaja con medicina cuántica. Dios quiera pueda ayudarme a desintoxicar mi cuerpo. Las voy a mantener al tanto de ello. Mis pechos están cada vez mejor. Los surcos de las cicatrices van perdiendo su profundidad mes a mes. Lo único raro, que el cirujano y la genecóloga me dijieron que no era un problema, es un circulo blanco que me quedo en un pezón. Es una depigmentación (Se puede observar en la foto)
Les mando un gran abrazo a todas y mucha fuerza a las que estén en proceso de explantación. Es la mejor desición. Estoy muy feliz que esas bolsas de químicos ya no estén dentro de mi cuerpo, atacándolo día a día. Amo como Dios me hizo, este fue un proceso para aprender a aceptarme. No hay nada mas bello que ser uno mismo.

Un año cumplido de la extracción A compliment year of removal

Quiero cerrar esta etapa de mi vida compartiendo con ustedes las fotos del año cumplido de mi extracción. Deseo de todo corazón que les sirva de aporte para tomar esta importante decisión.
No me he curado de fibromialgia, pero me siento libre. Mi mente esta tranquila sabiendo que no esta mas en mi cuerpo ese objeto que no pertenece a él, que no voy a padecer ninguna otra consecuencia, falla o caducidad por las prótesis, ni la incertidumbre de pensar en mi estado financiero en época de recambio o problema repentino, tampoco en los innecesarios quirófanos exponiendo a mi cuerpo por un capricho de vanidad....de ser aceptada, bella....
Entonces me pregunto: Que es la belleza? Acaso amo a mi familia porque es bella? Acaso ser bella es parecerse a todas? Es una moda? Valgo por lo considerado "Ser Bella"? Prestarse a lo catalogado "Belleza" es poner mi cuerpo a dormir para que le coloquen dos bolsas de silicona y así verse voluptuosa? Que digan: Que linda estas!!!??? Belleza es tener un lugar importante por la apariencia? Es lo que elijo para mi esta llamada "Belleza"?
Si cada uno de nosotros es único, diferente a todos. Será que cada uno es especial? A los ojos de Dios, de la naturaleza, de los que nos aman. Que es la belleza? Encontré la belleza en los seres mas espontáneos y simples. Acaso lo que mas amo no esta en mi corazón? ¨Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos". Aprendo a escuchar mi corazón, ese que hice callar cuando me dirigía a todo esto, le dije: Shhhh quiero escuchar a los demás, ellos saben, ellos van a guiarme a sentirme mejor. Con los años me di cuenta que escuche personas mas vacías que yo y que todo lo que necesitaba estaba dentro de mi. Puedo mirar los árboles, el cielo, los pájaros y oír su canto, puedo respirar..."ESTABA TODO DENTRO MIO". Hoy se que es belleza, la belleza esta en el alma, en la naturaleza, en el espíritu, en el amor, en encontrar lo que te hace útil a la humanidad.
Hoy me veo al espejo y me siento bella, agradecida y con las cicatrices en mi piel que me llevan a ser lo que hoy soy.
Les dejo un abrazo a todas y si tienen alguna duda que yo pueda resolver, estaré muy feliz de colaborar.

I want to close this stage of my life sharing with you the pictures of my extraction compliment year. I sincerely hope they serve as input for making this important decision.
I have not cure fibromyalgia, but I feel free. My mind is at ease knowing that there is more in my body that object that does not belong to him, I will not suffer any further consequences, failure or revocation for prostheses, or the uncertainty of thinking about my financial status at time of replacement or sudden, either in unnecessary operating theaters problem exposing my body on a whim of vanity .... if accepted, beautiful ....
Then I wonder: What is beauty? I love my family perhaps because it is beautiful? Perhaps being beautiful is all resemble? It's a fashion? I'm worth so considered "Be Beautiful"? Cataloged given to "Beauty" is to put my body to sleep so that you placed two bags of silicone and so be voluptuous? Who say that these cute !!! ??? Beauty is having an important place for appearance? This is what I choose to call me this "Beauty"?
If each of us is unique, different from all. It is that everyone is special? In the eyes of God, of nature, of those who love us. What is beauty? I found beauty in the most spontaneous and simple beings. Perhaps what I love is not in my heart? What is essential is invisible to the eye "learn to listen to my heart, that I did shut up when I went to all this, I said.. Shhhh want to listen to others, they know, they will guide me to feel better with the years I realized that I listen more empty and that all I needed was within my people. I look at the trees, the sky, birds and hear their song, I can not breathe ... "I was all inside me." Today I know it's beauty, beauty is in the soul, in nature, in spirit, in love, in finding what makes you useful to humanity.
Today I look in the mirror and feel beautiful, grateful and with scars on my skin that lead me to be what I am today.
I leave a hug to all and if you have any questions that I can solve, I'll be very happy to collaborate.
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