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A doctor that I went to -- Dr. Bernstein of...

A doctor that I went to -- Dr. Bernstein of Mainline Laser Center in Ardmore PA -- recommended that I do Fraxel Dual twice (within 4 weeks) on my skin for my moderate acne scarring. My skin was damaged by acne scars during my child-bearing and breastfeeding years (28-32) when I refused to treat the acne because I was afraid of hurting the baby with medicine. Six years later, my skin is in terrible condition, and I NEED to make these scars look better. I was exited at first for the consult, seeing this as my best hope for having skin that might be close to normal again. Dr. Bernstein said it would not make everything go away, but that it would look a lot better.

Now, I am very dismayed and frustrated reading all of these horrible, negative reviews. The reviews, however, are not specific. Most do not say what kind of laser was used, what year, what setting, who the doctor was, what your skin type is, what after-care procedures you followed, what you were trying to treat, your expectations, the cost, etc. Without these variables, it is hard to tell what reviews to take into account.

Does Fraxel Dual REALLY severely damage your skin texture and pores, years after the procedure? Could the fine lines and wrinkles in the years past the Fraxel be purely from aging? Could the additional scarring be from new acne? Could some of the damage be from too high of a setting, improper after care, an inexperienced physician, etc.?

Please be more specific in your reviews. When I Googled Fraxel Dual reviews, it sent me to this page.

Has anyone gone to Dr. Bernstein in PA?

Acne scars right cheek

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