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I have been on this website for about 6mths...

I have been on this website for about 6mths looking at the reviews and pictures. I have been unhappy with my shape for a very long time! I have 3 children and I alway doing everything for everyone else I decided it was time to do something for myself we only get to live one life! I'm very nervous and praying that everything go smooth and that I will be happy with my result!! This will be a life change for me and myself confidence. I will post couple pictures of what I'm looking for. I went to see multiples doctors and decide to go with Dr. kathy rumer in ardmore pa, she so comforting, very nice, assure me that everything will be alright and that I will be very happy with my result. Dr. kathy rumer said she can give about between 500cc to 800cc in each cheek, I have asked her can I get the 800cc and she told to gain couples pounds more and she be able to add more fat in my butt. I have my post-op visit on January 27,2014. I will kept you guys updated with my surgery.

Pre Opt Appt Coming up Soon on January 27

My pre- opt Appt coming up soon on January 27 and I will be asking the same questions I have ask the first time and some new one I have wrote down to ask. I'm trying to gain at least 5lbs before the surgery it just hard for me to gain weight, easy to lose weight. Anybody has any advice what I can take to gain weight? Thanks

High blood pressure

Hi everyone
Today I was supposed to get my BBL but my blood pressure would not go down it was 110 over 180. I was surgicenter for couple hours and they waiting to see if my blood pressure would go down and of course it didn't . The people at Delaware Spine Ctr were super helpful and Nice they had call my primary doctor and made sure I was seen today! My doctor Kathy Rumer was super nice and concern about my health and told me every will be alright and to reschedule, she wanting me to be health and able to enjoy my result! So now I have to take medince and go to my primary doctor on March 21 to see if my blood pressure went back to normal and if it do go back to normal then they will clear me if it do and I will be able to dr. kathy rumer office and reschedule . I'm keeping POSTIVE and hoping that it goes back to normal by Friday so can reschedule my BBL. Everyone please said a pray for me that everything goes well the blood pressure!


I'm so happy I was able to reschedule!!! Due to my high blood pressure acting up on the surgery date on March 12. I have been on med seen March 12 when I went back to see my doctor on March 18 and was able to get a medical clear from my doctor due to my blood pressure level going back to normal yeah....!!!!! I really thought I had to wait longer, like summer to get a reschedule date but I didn't, thank you Dr. Rumer. I'm so ready to get my new shape before the summer!!! My new date is April 4!!!! Thank you lord!!!

2 days update of surgery

Im feeling a little better now, moving a little better and eating a little better. The last 2 days I have been very very sore, stiff but no pain because I have been taking my medicine clock work.

Try on a dress

Hi I had try on a dress today feeling a little better and wanting to post it. I really never brought a dress because I didn't have the body shape for it.

5 days after the surgery

Hi everyone here goes some pictures on my 5 day for recovery. I feeling a little better as days goes by I get more energy to do things around the house. The only problem I have right now is doing number 2 in the bathroom......

picture with out the faja 7 daysl

Here pictures without the faja and I finally was able to take a shower thank you Jesus!!!

Beautiful Spring Day

Beautiful Spring Day, decide to try another

Without the faja

Without the faja

Without fans

I forgot to mention 12 days after surgery.

I sorry keep miss spelling without faja not fans lol


Sorry everyone been busy,

Return back to work after 2 weeks and half goes some pictures

No faja just panty on


My swelling has went...

Down and starting to soften....

Almost 6 weeks on May 16

Here are two pictures I took today

Another picture

I wanting to upload

It been while... It

3 months seen my surfer and goes some pictures I took today

New picture

With jeans with out faja!

It going to be 5 months

Seen the surgery in couples days, I have uploaded pictures for my 5 months.
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

She was very nice, comforting and knowledge. Her staff is very nice too.

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