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I'm nervous but committed... I've always been...

I'm nervous but committed... I've always been large breasted with no booty .... I want to turn my apple to an hour glass... My procedure is paid...my labs r in... I'm waiting for clearance from my cardiologist...my EKG is always a lil weird but I've seen the cardiologist before and have a clean bill of health...

Pre-op pics

Smh my booty is so sad... It's square n flat

Less than 3 weeks

Less than 3 weeks before my surgery... I've been having insomnia... Nerves n excited.. Plus I' tend to become obsessed over something I want..so I'm on this site 24/7.. Stalking pics n reviews... I can't wait...

2 weeks n 1 day

The countdown has begin approx 2 weeks til my surgery... Cardiologist clearance received... Now everything's a go...I'm excited n nervous...


Since I'm large breasted like this woman ..I'm hoping for an butt to balance it out...hoping my proportions r similar to hers...

Wish pic

1 week to go

I am looking forward to surgery next Friday n recovery...I'm also job hunting ... Hoping to start working 2 weeks after surgery... Sucks that they stopped extended unemployment...I could use another month to recover n job hunt...

Soooooo anxious

I'm not really nervous however I'm ready for this to be done....I stopped working out and I hate it...I have gained an inch and a half in my waist...I was 35 in March and now I'm 36 1\2...I refuse to step on the scale...I know I have gained weight...everyone says I haven't but I feel it..I'm not skinny..but I'm mostly boobs..my tummy has a large pouch at the bottom...I can fit a 7/8 stretchy or 9/10 regular...that was before my weightgain...I've been waist training for a few months and still continue but my waist vest has been too big for a while...I'm just ready to get back in the gym and improve my new body.... I already had plenty of fat now I'm just worried I have too much goin on... I know I will need a tummy tuck thanks to 3 csections and a twin pregnancy....I just wanna be as sexy as possible at least in clothes...my flat square butt is killing me softly...


Can't wait to see what's to come...
Measurements 40 DDD
Waist at belly button 36.5
Hips 39 no ass at ALL!!!

Low Potassium

PS office just called and said the surgical center called them regarding my Potassium is low.. The normal range starts at 3.5 and mine is 3.2...ugggggghhhhh I wish I would have known this a week or two ago..but I ran out n got potassium supplement bananas and orange juice..I'm hoping my surgery doesn't get cancelled.. My primary is now requesting labs from the PS.. :-/

Getting my potassium levels up

Spoke to Laurie Ann @ Dr Rumers office...she said everything should b ok to proceed with surgery on Friday...I'm still eating bananas n taking a potassium supplement to make sure...2 days n counting.... I'm sooooooo looking forward to this..

Well tomorrow is the day

Nerves excitement and anticipation ...can't wait..

Surgery time

I'm scheduled for surgery at 7:30am ..I have to be there by 6:45.. I'm glad it's first thing in the morning...I can get it over with and get home to start healing early.. Nerves setting in now... I doubt if I will b sleeping tonight..

Sore sore sore

I will give a full review later.. Let me say Dr Rumer n the surgical staff were great

My left cheek hurts

I don't know why but my left cheek hurts all the way down to my calf.. My other side doesn't hurt..everything is sore.. I'm moving around more than yesterday... Trying to not to take as many percs.. 5L was taken out .. 1000 CCs in each cheek..I was hoping for more but they may be all that my butt could take..



Recovery is noooo joke

If I don't stay on top of my meds..I'm miserable...but the meds got me drugged n out of it... I had a melt down today... This shit is no joke... I'm tired of laying down already...I guess it's normal to question why would I do this to myself....I want to feel normal.... In n out of sleep all day... Oh well...beauty is pain RIGHT?!?

It does get better

Moving around... Gettin off the couch (where I slept)....walking well waddling is more like it lol


I can't take my garment off for a week n I can't get this stupid funnel to work....I keep getting pee on the garment ...I wash myself n the garment With soap..but I feel sooooooooooooooo nasty...

I truly hate this garment

I can't take it off until my post op appt on Friday..I feel disgusting and it's cutting into my ass which is causing pain the in leg.. On a more positive note..I'm walking better and moving around... I decided to stop taking the percs..so I'm on 600ml Motrin (that I had when I had a bladder infection)..... Trying to get my strength back..I feel like an old lady nodding off in the middle of the day... I will post pics once I can take this thing off....

Up every few hours..it's 2 am EST

The pain from my hand losing circulation..the stiffness I feel in my back and legs..oh n the tightness in my butt..lastly the sensitive skin on my belly..all wakes me after a few hours.. I'm not a Debbie Downer just wanna share my experience and the first week is Hell..in a lot of ways it's easier I don't feel that much actual pain ..just tightness, tender skin and sensitivity..I'm walking slowly but almost normal...I no longer climb up the stairs like a toddler.. I cooked a big breakfast for my "friend" yesterday..shrimp grits And cheese eggs..he was shocked I was moving around so well..I paid for it for the rest of the day...it completely wiped me out...I was shaking making plates.. I need to learn to take it easy...that doesn't come natural..I'm a doer and I'd rather do it myself than ask anyone..he fussed at me and told me to relax and let him know what I need done... That's easier said than done

Mirror check

Ok so I walked last my full length mirror and now that some of my swelling has gone down I can actually see my shape...n I'm liking what I see..small waist n nice round ass..the garment is killing me softly..but it's all worth it...I looked in the mirror ..poked my butt out and smiled.. :))))))))..


Typos ..


I took a couple of pics laying down ...they are selfies so not the best angle..

Not sitting for 2 weeks

When I thought about it pre-op I was like I can do that..it's not gonna b that bad...I'm shooting for not sitting for 1 month...well it's been less than a week n I'm over it... My pain has subsided mostly.. My cheeks r like hard rock .. Really uncomfortable but not painful... Belly is tender but it's gotten a lot better.. I'm sick n tired of laying... My neck hurts.. My knees hurts ..hell my toes even hurt.. Every position is uncomfortable... And I really want to get out the house.. I really hope my end results r worth it... I don't think I could do this again...


I read a lot of reviews where woman had horrific constipation due to a combination of surgery and pain pills..well I started combating that 1 week pre-op.. I started drinking Miralax (well the generic version) 1 scoop in juice once a day..I continued post op with fresh fruits and veggies and I did suffer from constipation..it took me a couple days to go but it was very soft n easy...just an FYI

Didnt* suffer


Morning pics

I'm feeling much better... Everyday it does easier...

It does get easier


1 week post op

Today was my post op appt ..the dr said I was healing nicely..still swollen but coming along..It felt so good to be out the house..I even went to the supermarket....now I'm laying on the couch..my CG in the washer and me fresh out the shower..yaaaaaaaay...now the pics..

More pics

No garment ..

Not feeling well

My head has been hurting for a couple days.. I brushed it off as allergies..,. I was chilly yesterday n the house when everyone else was hot... I took my temp 100.4.... Not major but I called my surgeon just in case... I could have caught a bug or my period may b coming on.., or both... My head hurts for days before my period... I often think it's either allergies or my BP is too high... I just can't wait to feel 100 % better

1st week is hell

Going into the 2nd week laying down is a pain...butt and back aches...but I'm loving my butt..it's 45inches right now...I'm hoping it doesn't get much smaller...would I do it again...yup....I won't b showing my stomach cause I have a lot of hanging skin...tummy tuck will def b next...hopefully I can squeeze sum more fat for my butt...THE BOOTY GREED IS REAL LOL

Bored ..so why not a pic

Luving my body

And since I'm still swollen it will only get better...

Another one with vest

Can't wait til no swelling in my belly

Next surgery

So I discussed my plans for my tummy tuck and breast reduction next with my family..my mom is like ur not gonna need it after u start working out again cause ur already so small now..my daughter (who is 14) said nooooooo u were literally crying last week.. My "friend" was like I'm not gonna deal with that..I think he caught the brunt of my bipolarness... N to top off the fact that I was recovering... I was also PMSing.. I was a whole nut job.. Crying every other day.. Telling everyone that they don't aren't there 4 me... Telling my "friend" after he stayed with me the whole surgery n all night taking me of me..he left in the morning for a couple hours..I called him crying saying he doesn't give a f about me..smh..I'm so embarrassed cause I was really loony.. Between PMSing n the affects of the narcotic pain pills... I'm surprised they r still speaking to me.. I feel so normal now... No more pain pills..n I'm not PMSing anymore..smh



Typo* lol

I had typing from my phone


I read most of ur supply lists n my pockets start hurting for u.. My supply list was short n sweet.. Pee ez funnel, lipo foam (which I haven't used n still don't know what it's for), vitamin E oil, arnica cream, adult diaper pads for drainage (which was a waste of money) cause I didnt drain on them and dial antibacterial soap..that's it.. I didn't need a lot of stuff..I still don't..oh n baby wipes (best investment so far).. Ur lists are like 50 items deep.. Mayb I'm cheap n frugal.. But I am a minimalist by nature..

Evil time of the month

As if my swelling wasn't enough.. My period is on n it's bloat city... Other than that.. Not feeling too bad.. Tried on my fav pair if jeans (size 7 stretchy) couldn't get them past my ass .. What a nice problem to have :-)...guess I will b wardrobe shopping soon..

Before pics taken day of surgery..after are 1 week post

Before and after pics...as u see I was not a skinny chic so my results didn't include a flat stomach...thankfully I went in knowing that..however even with the swelling I can see the improvements in my waist and it will continue to shrink as the swelling goes down.. I look forward to the end result..I wish it didn't include my lost of volume in my butt as well..but it's all part of the process

Trying on clothes

The jeans are the same ones in the first 2 pictures of my review..WOW..what a diff..btw they r a size 13.. So r my work pants.

Actually I looked again n they r diff



I ran sum errands yesterday.. Sat on my boppy in the car.. Was in a lot of pain by the end of the day.. Butt n back hurting.. But I guess that's all part of the process.. Still minimizing sitting .. Laying on my belly.. I guess I didn't do that bad.. Swelling still going down on my left cheek.. I'm walking almost normal.. Can't wait until I'm back 100%..

Why do I still have fevers

It seems like every other day.. I start feeling cold inside ... Like down to my bones cold.. So I take my temp.. N lo bad behold I have a fever... Not really high mayb a few degrees over 101.. However I don't know why.. I have no other symptoms ... No abnormal pain or discomfort ... Appetite is fine.. Moving around normally.. I spoke to the Dr over the weekend and she said I was past the danger zone n I can stop taking my temp... But I know my body n when I have a fever so I still take it when I feel unusually cold.. Esp when everyone else is complaining of it being hot... I know my body is healing between that n my period maybe it's working over time which may b the cause.. IDK.. It's frustrating to feel OK.. Otherwise then all of a sudden...BAM A FEVER..


Low and behold+

This looks like an infection

I've been experiencing pain when standing and walking for a few days..today a "white head" appeared..but to me this looks like an infection.. I called the doctor in Friday and she said to massage the lump and call her early Monday ..if it doesn't get better she will see me...well this isn't getting better..I took all my antibiotics..and still use dial antibacterial soap.. Yet it seems I still have an infections ..:-((((

1 day shy of 3 weeks

Well I have fat necrosis n on another round if antibiotics.. Mine is a hard spot at the bottom of my left cheek n drainage of the liquified dead fat..which is a nuisance but the pain isn't that major..the doctor prescribed me pain pills but they made me itch and nauseous..so I'm take a couple Motrin like 3 xs a day... This cheek was always the bigger one and tighter than the other..I just think it was overfilled..I know we want as many CCs as possible and to be honest I was a little bummed when I heard I only got 1000...but for my left cheek 1000 may have been too much...idk... Now that it's draining the cheek is softening up quickly...with the exception of the one spot on the bottom... Overall I still like my results and the level of care I received has been excellent..Dr Rumers and her assistant has been attentive and caring and I would def go back to her if/when I get my tummy tuck.. I may post pics tomorrow... My butt measured between 42-43 inches ...as long as it stays in the 40s I'm happy..

Still leaking fat

The upside is I'm no longer in pain...the hole where the fat is leaking from stings a little like an open wound (which it is) but nothing that requires pain meds..the downside is it's so freaking annoying to be leaking from the bottom of my butt.. Can't be sexy when ur wearing an adult diaper ..lol .. Tomorrow will be a week that I've been leakin f..I'm hoping it slows and stopped soon..my 1 month post op appt is Thursday..

No pics until I stop leaking

Oh n I hate typos but I'm too lazy to fix them... I promise y'all I'm. Or illiterate..

Smdh I'm not illiterate



I'm measuring at a little under 42"..

The booty greed is real

I can't wait til it starts to fluff..that's all Imma say

4 weeks post op

I have my 1 month post appt today...this dress is size M .. Before surgery I was a L..although all my dresses are a XL because they were purchased before I lost 35lbs..either way I'm loving this medium... I can't wait to get back into the gym..

New pics

Just had my 6 week follow up appt yesterday... Everything is healing nicely..

New updates pics

I haven't lost any volume in the last few weeks..I'm holding at under 42"... I look the way my butt looks in jeans and tights..

Luv not look..hate typos


I haven't been on here since forever

No real updates ..maybe a couple of pics.. I still luv my bootay but the butt greed is real..I'm back working out however not as consistently as I should ..n I'm doing lots of squats lunges and walking.. Still working on flattening my stomach..but I'm a size 6 jeans..with room in the waist n I have the gap in the back of my jeans above my ass.. My stomach is almost flat just not quite there..all in all I luv the transformation

Oh and I'm waist training

As u can see in the pics...before the surgery I was in a 40 XL now I'm about to by a 36M...

Almost a year layer

I retained mostly all my fat... I'm still happy about the surgery..
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I'm glad I choose this surgeon...she is professional pleasant and made me feel confident in her hands..

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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