22 Yo, First Time Ortho treatment, 33 trays - Arcadia, CA

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1st time having any ortho treatment. My ortho...

1st time having any ortho treatment. My ortho really urged me to wear it as much as I can because I have a lot of movement. Main concern was that I have 7 crowns across the top and we need to close about 3mm on each side. All the attachments on my crowns fell off within the hour. i also have 2 pontics.

Tray 2 and so far so good

Im going into the second week of tray 2 and so far so good. I had soreness the first 3-4 days of the new trays (tray 1 & 2), but nothing unbearable. It has definitely been an adjustment with my whole eating schedule. As a full time college student, Im at school all day and eating all day. it was slightly weird brushing my teeth at school. But one time, another girl started brushing her teeth right next to me, as I was finishing up! Not as awkward as I had anticipated. Im pretty self conscious without my trays because I have two fake teeth in my upper tray. Without my trays I'm missing my two upper right bicuspids and it shows a pretty big gap.
I havent noticed much change yet.
I do notice that the trays start to get a slight yellow tint by day 8. I never drink anything but water and never eat with my trays in. Not sure if this is happening to other people too?

Tray 6 starting to see some really some changes

So far so good, haven't had any complications with my invisalign, i never had to file any edges down or had to do any extra maintenance. My pontic stays in just fine and id say I'm a 7/10 pleased with the color. Its not a perfect match but most of the time i forget that its not so whatever! 99% of the people forget I have them or don't even know I have them, which is pretty cool i guess. I'm always surprised a little when people ask me like wait, what you have invisalign? I don't have any recent pictures, but heres a pic of my starting/ before invisalign. As you can see my smile is pretty narrow and that I'm missing my two biscupids on the top right. Ill try to get a present pic uploaded soon.

Bite turbos, power ridges, pontics!

Finally got some pictures to post! I feel like I have all the features that Invisalign offers lol
So on tray 6 I have a power ridge on my front top tooth. You really can't tell its there. It's pretty much an indent at the top of the tray, close to my gum line. It doesn't cause any pressure or pain, my doctor said it helps with the overbite.
Bite turbos- I've had them since tray 1. I have 3 on top teeth: left anterior, right anterior and lateral incisor. They should also help with the overbite. I find them comfortable to bite down all the way with them, as pre Invisalign me would always have my teeth sorta hovering above each other since I was always aware of my overbite and didn't want my teeth to completely clench down i.e.: when I smile.
Pontics: I was super nervous about this, but my doctor put acrylic in it and i am totally satisfied. I am missing my two righ bicuspids, so it's a pretty big gap. My dentist puts in the acrylic each time I go in to pick up my new trays, the color is A2. It looks pretty natural to me.
Overall, so far so good. I'm currently on tray 8/ 30 top and tray 8/33 bottom.

More pictures!

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