Permanent brows laser off with PicoWay VANCOUVER, BC

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I've been through hell in the last year, I...

I've been through hell in the last year, I basically have lived my life day by day with no sign of life. It's a complete 360 from the person I am. After my botch job in Mar 2015 I've just made bad choices over bad choices to correct the FIRST worse choice ever that's out me into this roller coaster ride! Just a brief summary: I have never considered PMU that's why I did no research or anything; I really have no idea about all the shit that comes with. Yes call me stupid bc that's what I AM. (Note cosmetics tattoo ink is completely different from body ones) My over 12 years beautician who I completely trust bc of the years of making my skin gorj actually did this to me, that's why I didn't think about it! Again paragraph above I trust her. Anyways, I should have had my limitations and from the get go I was already kinda like umm...I dunno about this...but she made it sound so incredibly great, so I was somewhat swayed! FYI I don't really wear makeup except for mascara & gloss, so it was a shock and I was in shock! Anyways what she deems as pretty and good work is NO where close to mine. She doesn't even know or asked how I apply my makeup when days I do go out with (party only) and secondly she convince me that All would look great and very natural. She also said she changed my tails in my brows bc of future sagging and same goes for my eyeliner it's completely winged so far away from my damn eyes and so f#%@ uneven and my lower which she said was lash line enhanced looks like permanent dirty smudgy eye like I cry all the time (which I actually do now) isn't if people are to get this done isn't it supposed to be natural as possible and to enhance your features and not change it?!! Hell!!! After that devastation I was so so depressed and desparate to have it removed! And thus comes my second major mistake all stemming from the first. I went to a place that told me that they can remove my botch and honestly when your stuck in depression you really can't hear anything else. All I heard was "yes I can remove it" to me that was a delight but of course it ended up worse. The lady re-tattooed on top of my botch but she did follow my correct natural brows and hairs however I didn't ask for that nor did she tell me that she was going to do that and then I ended up with an even darker tattoo and 2 tails on my brows. Let's not add that I have horrible eyeliner as well top & bottom. So 2nd botch I ended up with damaged and permanent lost hair follicles and scarring with 2 tails now and some nerve damage issues in left brow. So after all this trauma...I have come to the point where laser removal might be my last and only option! I am very scared. Ink contain iron oxidize and titanium oxide as well and my concern of darkening, turning black, ghosting and everything else that comes with its risk is constantly going and racing thru my head. My bday is the day I'm having my first treatment and I am hoping that I am lucky enough to have the better or the pros of laser removal. This is for my sanity! 1st botch by friend graduate from BioTouch Canada used bio touch ink brunette on brows and jet black on liners 2nd botch burn off removal and added new black ink to brows. I went to see Dr. Boey Feb 1 and he did 3 test patches on my right brow. And I am having my 1st removal on Feb 15 fingers cross and be the best bday ever PLEASE.

Big disappointment

Today is my bday and I'm even more depressed then normal. Couldn't sleep for days as I was so nervous and anxious about the possible laser removal of this hideous thing that is on my face to have a huge blow to my heart.
Unfortunately I was not able to laser remove my PMU brows today as 2 weeks from the 3 test patches showed darkening. The test patch was done with the Medlight C6 laser and it didn't work! Dr. Boey said that we should not go ahead. He did mention the new Picosure ladder and asked if I would like to do 1 test patch to see if this laser would work. He didn't charge me for it. I did do the test patch and will be back Mar 7 to see if it worked. However I don't have high hopes at all! Today I only wished for it to work and it didn't.

I'm even more lost and struggling more.

Picosure 1 test spot brows

So update, my first test spot was Feb 1; 3 spots on the right brow with the Medlite C6 after weeks went back to have it checked for removal. The test spots darkened so that was a fail. Had another test spot done only 1 as the Dr was worried of leaving darken spots all over my fugly brows. He did it with the Picosure laser. Honestly I'm not sure where he did that test spot bc I didn't really feel anything bc I was highly disappointed I couldn't be treated. But he said on the outer edge. I'm hoping that I have the right outer edge that he zapped bc I can see (mind u I am not mind solid now) that there is lightening and I can sort of see it do a light splash look. Again can possibly be in my brain.
I have 2 colours on my brows original brunette 1 years old that has faded into a weird peachy flesh looking tone and black on top that is 7 months old (that black ink was not supposed to be applied) I'm hoping that the Picosure can deliver and remove this hideous stuff off!

anxious and nervous

I'm not sure what to expect and I'm anxious and nervous. I have an appointment for laser removal tomorrow and I'm up and down. I'm really hoping it would work and that no more extra damage to my skin and face is necessary. Having already a difficult time recovering from my botch job to another notch job with removal I'm SCARED.

Possibly if I had laser removal done the first get go, could I have saved myself the extra pain and scarring?!? Potentially even saved my fave from all the injury and trauma? The days of agony? Lastly the permanent eyebrow follicle damage? When I look in the mirror and see the extreme damage I have inflicted on myself I feel so much pain!

Fingers crossed that this laser will do its job and possibly reduce the scarring that I've endured already. As for the perm hair follicle I think it's time to accept that it's done.

(The burn off treatment perm damaged 2% on right brow and 8-10% on left brow)

Finally after a few test spots...

Today I finally got full permanent eyebrows lasered off with the PicoWay laser after months of test spot trials finally had some results that my dr was ok with going ahead. The wave length used was 1064mn. He went over my whole brows and even over some scarring and old tails from the double botch jobs and precious removal work. I am in a weird place right now as I am not sure what I am thinking except that for botch jobs laser is really the way to go. Not all those other ways as they are potentially more scarring and are completely more invasive. I've truly paid the price!

All I can say for now is I have to wait 8 weeks and Dr. Boey is really great.

Almost 2 months since first full laser treatment

I've meant to do an update sooner but I have been on and off emotionally it's not only bc of the botched PMU but the scars and u know....

Anyways my eyebrows on the right side is looking a lot better and more normal than the left in terms of ink; it's faded quite a lot. The hairs have grown back about 80% it's a lot more sparse and the hair itself is a lot finer than before but what counts is hairs did grow back. And yes it was white from the laser. Scars I have are still there honestly it won't go away it's extremely smooth shiny wet looking and hairless. Currently areas are hyper and hypo pigmented and this was not caused by the laser it was the previous methods of removal! My 2nd laser treatment is coming up and I will do a post.
Unfortunately I am unable to supply pics this time as my phone got wiped out. Sorry about that.

3 weeks since 2nd laser brow removal

I've been meaning to post updates and pictures but I've been having up and downs so I didn't get a chance. Pics I decided to hold off so I can do a whole series and then it's easier for people whose on the edge for progress.

I'm 3 weeks post laser from my 2nd Pico removal and on the right side it's doing pretty good, left side not as great do to heavier amounts of ink. I like to say how many more removals but I rather under calculate then over. Let's just say it's the best choice and the scars from the other removal is slightly better but it's a consistant reminder. Overall I think the worst of the removal is the waiting and watching hairs fall out in clusters as days go by. But it's the cost of a mistake.

Next up going to have 1sr session laser eyeliner removal. It's set for next week:@. I'm more scared of that then the brows.

Laser eyeliner removal

Today I did my first laser permanent eyeliner removal. The pain was more than I had imagined. But it's done now. Extremely extremely swollen! I'm hoping it's only one time needed...shitty part is one spot was missing. But not worth doing it again for a spot! As mentioned all brows and eyeliner laser pics will follow when I am fully removed so that there is a whole progression series.
Dr Gerald Boey

Dr. Boey is very kind, gentle, patient and honest. He explained to me what may happen during and after treatments. It's a process and it's long! I'm hoping for the best out come. The patient part of because I cried for a good 20 mins and he didn't rush me!

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