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I had injected aquamid in my cheeks 3 years ago...

I had injected aquamid in my cheeks 3 years ago and on january 08/2009 i had to run to the ER because my right side face was extremelly swelled ,as soon as got in the hospital i did a catscan that show an huge abscess after couple hours i see myself in the surgery room to have the abscess opened(i had general anesthesia).

I stayed 4 days in the hospital taking very strong antibiotics,after that i went home with a drain in my face that i had to change the packing every single day(it is very painful).After 4 weeks my right face swelled again and i had to go to the ER for the second time and they had to reopen the abscess.The pus never stop,it is almost 7 weeks and the pus still coming out.My doctor told me the only option i have is trying to remove the aquamid but in order to do so he has to perform a surgery and take off,soft tissues,muscle and aquamid resulting in a very bad scar right on my right cheek and a deformed face(dent).Now im taking clarithromycin 500mg 2x day and avelox 400mg.Im really scared to have my face deformed its not gonna be easy but im constantly pain.

I hope FDA never ever aprove the aquamid in the US.Never trust a doctor that use aquamid or any permanent filler, just google and you will se several cases like mine.

I live in New York and i was treated in the Mount...

I live in New York and i was treated in the Mount Sinai Hospital here in NY.

Stem Cell Facelift

I'm doing Stem Cell Facelift with Dr: Vincent Giampapa in New Jersey to fix the damaged Aquamid left in my face, I'm very scared but it's the only way to try to fix it as it is my own fat and he says stem cells help to heal as well. I'm extremely nervous but I'm praying to have my face as it use to be!!! I don't want to photoshop my pictures no more, I'm tired to cover with makeup or have to answer people what happened to my face! I just want to forget it all !!! My surgery will be next week on May 07 , he will perform also a chemical peel TCA. I will let everyone knows about the results. God be with us!!!

Stem cell Facelift

Today is day 5 after stem cell surgery to fix my cheeks, I can already see the difference but it's to soon too clap yet!!! I have to go back to the doctors office on May 15... By the way he also removed the permanent filler I had in my lips so I will probably see an improvement ... I'm very anxious, I can't post pictures yet because I look like an alien ...

Stem Cell fat Grafting

This picture is from the third week after my Stem Cell fat grafting with Dr: Vincent Giampapa .
I did my cheeks , my jaw line , temples and I got silicone removed from my lips as he did some fat grafting on my lips after removing the silicone & TCA chemical Peeling at the end...Until now I'm very happy with the results but too soon yet to celebrate after all the misery I had with the Aquamid!!!
He told me to wait at least 3 months to see the final results!!! I really trust him and I love this heart shape of my lips now, it's much better as I had a kind of clown big lips... All my friends said I look much younger and much better. I did my surgery on May 07 so tomorrow is gonna be a month but I will let the updates up

Laser to remove filler...

Eufoton Laser removes filler

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I heard about this doctor in Rome(Italy), he can remove any kind of fillers without cutting your face, here it is a video...

Eufoton laser to remove filler

Eufoton Laser to remove filler

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dont trust any doctor that use aquamid or permanent fillers.

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