Insurance Claim Forms?

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So far, so good w/aligners. I must say however...

So far, so good w/aligners. I must say however that like many here have can be like pulling teeth to get anyone to actually start your treatment plans. My main issue at this point is getting someone to follow up and actually send me the information I need in order to file an insurance claim! Im on aligner set #8 now and have received nothing but lip service (or email-lip service as the case may be) about sending my the paperwork. Im afraid that soon I wont even be able to file my claim! That along with the fact that just a month after I FINALLY received my plan, Smile Care changed its name as well as the cost structure for the plan... which would have saved me $600! I will absolutely flip out if my claim isnt accepted and will have to follow up on my company FB page (22,000 flight attendants) that this means of orthodontics cant be covered because THEY NEVER SEND YOU THE INFO YOU NEED! Let's face it, none of us would be hwre at Smile Direct if we were wealthy, so getting the insurance info complete and in a timely manner (technically I should have received an invoice at the time of purchase as well but never did) is very important.
The bottom line so far, is that if you can afford the service of a traditional orthodontist, please do yourself a favor and spend the extra money... at least you'll know you're insurance will cover it. As for the rest of us.... I guess we'll have to stick with it because they seem to have us over a barrel. Hopefully the company will streamline their process to be smoother, faster and less chaotic. They truly make you work for every dollar you spend.
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