54 and Tired of Love Handles! Appleton, WI

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I kind of got talked into this by a friend who...

I kind of got talked into this by a friend who wanted CoolSculpting. My daughter is getting married in early June and diet and exercise alone were not getting me where I wanted to be!

We went in for a consultation, and at first I was leaning towards Laser Liposuction. (I am 5'4" and 148 lb., so 15 or so lb. overweight. I exercise but menopause has also thickened the waist.) But after reading more about that procedure on this site (thanks!), I decided that while lipo might have gotten me more dramatic results, I was really uncomfortable with the recovery time and potential for edema, etc.

I went in on Friday, March 18 and had 4 areas treated: low flanks and love handles. I have to say, 4 hours is a long time to be hooked up to this machine, even with quick potty breaks at the end of each treatment. The procedure itself was not as painful as some people described, but it also wasn't easy-peasy after the first 7 minutes as other say. I felt intense tugging the entire time. The massages afterwards were not pleasant, but weren't dreadful. Each area started to swell up as soon as the treatment ended.

I had difficulty sleeping through the night because I am a side sleeper and my muffin top was pretty swollen and tender. The following day, my skin was numb but the tissue underneath was very tender. There was definite bruising. I upped my water intake and needed to urinate frequently - hoped that was a sign of flushing fat cells out!

Day 2: Slept better because I took 1/2 a hydrocodone tablet left over from a toothache. Anything around my waist was painful. Used a compression tank top to control jiggling, which was painful.

Day 3: Swelling at this point has added 1.5" to the circumference around my hips.

Day 5: Woke up in the night due to side-sleeping on my tender love handles. Took ibuprofin, which I had been avoiding because somewhere I read that using anti-inflammatories interferes with this process. In the morning, I felt like I had turned a corner: swelling was down, didn't feel that super-tender jiggling. Skin is still numb. My hips/low tummy circumference is back to where I started.

I will feel like this is working when that circumference starts to get smaller. They advised me to come back at 8 weeks for a second treatment on the same area but they said you don't see the full results until 3-4 months down the road. So if I feel like this is working, I think will go back at the 4-week mark and have my lower abdoment treated.

Day 10 since procedure

Not much to update but Day 10 is here. Swelling and bruising are gone now. My lovehandles are still a bit tender - I have an appointment for a massage in 2 days but I don't know if I'll be able to keep it. Last night I thought I was developing the itchy feeling that some people report, but I think that was just because I spent 3 hours in the car on Easter Day with the waistband of my pants rubbing the treated area. I still don't have much sensation in the skin that was Cool Sculpted, which is an odd feeling. Other than that, I am just waiting for the 3 weeks to go by to hopefully start seeing some results!

starting to see some results after 3 weeks

I think I'm starting to see some results - compare this photo with the one I took the day before Cool sculpting. The lower flanks and love handles are not quite so awful as before. The measuring tape is telling me that I've lost nearly an inch off my waist and about the same off the hips. If they are serious when they say that you continue to see improvement 2 to 3 months out, that will make me happy. Oh - my skin in the areas that were treated is still pretty numb.

I am going to keep my appointment in one week to have my lower abdomen done. Not looking forward to the swelling and discomfort afterwards, but will be worth it if I can take another inch or more off!

Second round of Coolsculpting

On Friday, April 15th, I went back and had my abdomen treated. They started with applying one large paddle to me lower abdoment. Yikes! That was intense and I don't think an hour of my life ever dragged on longer, unless it was the next 2 hours when they did first one side up my upper abdomen, then the other. Just like when my back was treated, swelling occured immediately. My measurements around my waist and hips on Sunday had increased by 1-1.5 inches due to the swelling.

In terms of pain afterwards, I would say that my abdomen is not as tender as my flanks were, but that may be because there were some areas of overlap on the flanks. It's feeling a bit sorer today than yesterday, especially right under my bra line in front.

Oh, they charged me double for the large paddle to the lower abdomen, saying it was like getting 2 treatments simultaneously.


Today I feel like I got beat up in a dark alley, and every punch landed on my stomach. I guess there was a lot of fat that got sucked into those devices : (
I'm being a big baby....

Not sure how to update the price. $1800 was for the first 4 sessions, the abdomen was an additional $2000.

Day 5 after treatment to abs

Seems like a lot of people say that Coolsculpting the abdomen is more painful than other areas, and I would have to agree! I feel like I am having a lot more swelling. I had to put on a compression tank top yesterday to see if that would help - the swelling has added 2 full inches around my waist and my hips! When I had the love handles done, the swelling started to subside on day 5. I woke up at 2:30 am last night and could not get back to sleep due to the discomfort, even after taking Advil.

Two weeks post ab treatment, back to where I started.

Just a quick update: I judge my progress by my tape measure, and two weeks post ab treatment, my measurements around my waist, low abs & hips were back to where they were the day before the treatment. The worst of the swelling lasted nearly 10 days, and at the worst it added 2 full inches to my waist & hips. It was very uncomfortable to sit in the car for a long (4-hour) trip the weekend (7-9 days) after the treatment - any clothing or seatbelt that went across the treated area set the nerves on fire. I wished I was wearing a muu-muu with no undergarments!

However, now that I am heading into week 3 territory, I am hoping to see some reduction in fat soon.
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