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I went to my first consultation with my soon to be...

I went to my first consultation with my soon to be surgeon.....well he said that he has no doubt that the insurance will cover my surgery being that I am a 44 HH.....He told me the worse news ever...that Ill have to have a free nipple graft, and that I will loose all of my sensation in my nipples....this makes me so sad : ( I feel like ill be like a dog getting neutered. What will sex be like with no nipple sensation??? Will this effect my marriage (on my part)???Will I become a stone cold mean grouch??? I'm so lost, do I choose the surgery or sexual pleasure : / This has me really torn, can anyone relate to my pain?

I'm appoved

Medi-call finally approved my breast reduction surgery, I'm so very excited, yet scared of the anestesia. So at this point I am waiting for the surgeon to receive the Approval letter from the insurance so that they can move forward with the process. Can anyone give me any tips of what will happen next, I'm so anxious lol. .....Goodbye 48H, hello anything smaller.

26 Days left till my Breast Reduction W/FNG : /

Time is quickly approaching, and I cannot wait to get this over with. I want some of this back pain to ease, and wear a just 1 bra. I am a 50 HH and I hate for my boobs to look saggy, so I wear a bra, sports bra, another stretch bra over that, and a tank top over that.....and My husband hates it lol. So you see, I am pretty stoked about the whole ordeal. Keep me in your prayers as I go through this journey.

OMG im so I had my pre-op

Wow, what a day. I went to my pre-op appointment, and I guess it went pretty well. I have all my prescriptions and a list of Do Not Do's. Since my breasts are so large my surgeon told me to make sure I am extremely careful after surgery, so that I do not rupture any incisions. Since I will be having a FNG I plan to be extra careful, because I would hate to have my nipple falling off in my lap. Excuse my humor, there's a reason to my madness...Id rather laugh that cry about my loss of nipple sensation. All and All, I am excited and a tiny bit nervous. I just want to get it all over with so I can heal, and finish these online classes I am taking. I will make it through this...In Jesus name. Amen

Worst Day Ever

Well today was supposed to be my big day, I got checked in the hospital, I was prepped for surgery and had my iv in and everything......At about 6:30am the surgeon calls the hospital and tells them he cannot do the surgery today because he has a knee injury, and cannot stand long enough to complete the work, so he will reschedule for another time.....I understand his position and I would rather have him in the best of health to do the work on me....But i am so bummed, and sad. Once I got home I just slept all day, now I have to face work again on Monday....I was looking forward to having some time off. : ( Everything happens for a reason, and I know GOD makes no mistakes. Hopefully the next time I do and update, I will be letting you all know my next surgery date. : ( Friday the 13th : (

The time is near

Ok so my surgery is June 12th, I'm nervous, yet excited. Since I might have to get a fng, I'm curious to know if the pigmentation of my nipple will return??? Hummm....ladies if you have any feedback for me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you, God Bless

11 more days do go

June 12th is just around the corner. So many emotions I don't know what I really last surgery date was cancelled after I got hooked up to the iv and all that good stuff ,the surgeon called off (leg injury of some sort) three months later here I am, getting ready to start this nervous process all over again. Another issue is...How do I prepare my husband, to know that my boobs won't be easy on the eyes for a few months....I told him, but I guess he not a pessimist like me...I guess it is a good thing that, I married a man of faith....well ladies keep me in your prayers. God bless

My cup doesn't runneth over

So no fng after all......I first day post op...went from hh to small D.....I'm so sore is crazy, and and I'm having issues standing up straight. Ahh what a journey. ..I'm so glad it's all it's time b to heal

Sensitive Nipples please go away

So I did not have to get a FNG after all, but nipples are so sensitive that if i brush against anything i cringe. Does this feeling ever go away. Another thing, I am so sick of these steri strips....i wish they would all just fall off. I would take them off, but my surgeon said not to remove them, let them fall off on their own. I cannot wait to get back to my normal activities, I feel if i bend or reach too high my breast will rip open. Lord knows i don't need that. By the way...I forgot to mention, my surgeon is super awesome.

2 months post op from a hh to dd

I'm doing and feeling well these days.....still have a few annoying pickly stitches in my nipples but other than that....I'm so happy I had the surgery went from a hh to a dd and loving more lap warmers. To tell you the truth dd may sound big but they don't sag or jiggle, so it's fine with me. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me......I'm a open book willing to share any advice.

2 months post op

Excuse the shiny breast lol I just oiled them with Shea butter lol. I have to keep the girls moisturized.
Dr. Ali Tehrani

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