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Im a 26yr. old mother of 4, ages 8,7,6,& 7months....

Im a 26yr. old mother of 4, ages 8,7,6,& 7months. Im 4'10 135lbs. My tummy has been stretched beyond its limits my biggest child was 8lbs.13oz. I havent seen my tummy normal since I was 16 and Im more than ready to feel my age. I am happy with my weight, but my tummy depresses me.Covered in stretch marks,wrinkly,saggy. I cant wait to feel my age!! Ive been to 2 consults, Dr.Soto in Dr.phillips made me feel comfortable,seemed nice, really brief but I left with a quote of approx. $8700. Dr.Fiala in Altamonte springs was very detailed and hands on and answered all my questions and his quote was approx. $11000. I wonder if this huge jump in quotes should concern me going by "you get what you pay for?" Both dr.s have decent before and after photos. Im thinking of having more consults.I plan to have my surgery scheduled March2014 once my baby is 1yr old so I have time to lose a little more weight. Any advice would be helpful on my quest for picking the right Dr.!!!


So after reading lots of reviews, Im considering traveling to DR to have my procedures done..my main concern would be leaving my children for i dont know how long but i do have the support of my husband and family. Im sure i could work it out..i hope i can find someone to tag along also im not so sure being in a whole new world alone lol. I think it would be a lot lighter on hubbys wallet too. Im uploading my before pics..my kids tell me my belly looks "old":( Again, im 26yo short 4'10" and since having my 4th child 7mo. Ago and losing 25 lbs. I now weigh 135. Sooo much loose skin and so hard to hide..im pretty much happy with my weight but all my belly fat is not proportionate to my body..looks as though im still prego :( i just want to be confident and wear a gotdamn crop top!! Lol suggestions, advice on DR doctors?

waiting impatiently..

So Ive recently made contact with dr.duran,dr, im waiting impatiently for a response so it can feel more real..like it hasnt hit me that this tt will happen still feels like a dream since ive wanted this for soooo long..hopefully she replies to my email soon..

new plans!!

so i have changed my date, im no longer shooting for march 2014, i moving it up to january!! i recieved a quote from dr.robles really quickly actually, i even recieved a text same day..they seem really easy to communicate with..i have yet to hear back from my #1 choice, dra.duran..i am renewing my passport monday and hopefully i hear back from her in the meantime..2 months seems so short after waiting so long..still feels like a distant dream..i cant wait to have a new body!!

i also need to start getting supplies in order..
bad news..my mom will no longer be able to go with me :( i will be going alone that will be so scary!! anyone else planning to go mid-january??

i think ive made a decision..

i have made my decision to go with dr.robles..i like her work and even though dra,duran was my number one option i feel more comfortable that im able to communicate with dr,robles office so easily thats important to me..my sister has expressed interest in going with me..im not sure, so for now i am planning on going alone..not too thrilled about that..i really wanted my mommy lol..i will send my deposit monday and if its available i want to scedule jan.20th.. i will be ordering my faja online today also..


After sending the deposit through western union, i recieved an email confirmation from Laura confirming the date jan.20th!! Only 2 months away!!! finallyyyyyyy!!!!!


So im getting fustrated, i have called lots of drs in the area to inquire about follow up care once i return home from surgery and so far everywhere is a no!! if anyone has any recommendations, im in the orlando area, it would really be helpful!!


Some more sad preop pics..def not going to miss those handles nothin to love about them.ive put on about 15lbs omg so im on a strict diet since i have less than 2mo. Left...lost 2lbs in 3days so far..guess i got too comfortable that since im havin this surgery it will take care of that..so not the case since i will have to make a habit of eating healthy to maintain my postop bod..anyways i started taking iron..have an apt with a primary dr next tues to maybe have some labs done and check my iron level..still waiting for passport to arrive in mail to book my flight..guess things will fall into place slowly but surely :)



I think im obsessed with this whole thing..day and night its all i think about..i get excited and think of how sexy i will feel once i lose this pouch, then i get worried i wont get the results im looking for and i just dont know what to expect or how to stop thinking about this so much.my husband tells me im beautiful the way i am but he has to say that lol. Btw he doesnt know im having a bbl done lol im sure hell like it but i want to surprise him with that part lol..last night i showed him the tour of the hosp and rh that laura posted on youtube and it seems nice and neat and clean.then we watched an actual tt being performed and it looks really gross and dangerous..kind of worried him mostly because hes not able to go with me..i hope my sister doesnt change her mind and goes with me..anyways i started taking all vitamins laura suggested,iron, vitamin c,b complex,and folic acid. And ive started getting some supplies. Ive gotten wipes,sanitizer,qtips,toiletries,gauze,tape,arnica(i got the cream wasnt sure if pills or cream was best?),bio oil,depends(idk if ill need these?),white tees,neosporin,and ordered rose mosqueta oil from amazon. One thing im not sure about is a faja..im not sure if im supposed to buy the size i am now,preop, or like a size smaller?? Im thinking i can use the one dr.robles provides and wait til after to decide? Im not sure what else ill need..and suggestions?


I went to my primary dr yesterday, like an annual physical and had an ekg and pft and im healthy as usual..but i weighed in at 150 ???? i had him refill my adipex that i use occassionally for weight loss so i have to get serious about dropping some lbs before the big day only about 40 days away!! Btw it was my first time at this drs office n noone could believe i have 4 kids and i dont look old enough lol and i let him know what i want these tests done for and he says i should save my money and do sit ups lol silly man i wish that were true, in my opinion i hide my pouches well,layers n layers,cant wait until the day i will wear ONE top and feel freeeeee!!!! Lol anyways i have a lab order i will do sometime next wk since they dont do it in office..and my follow up jan.9 for results.. im sure itll be ok since ive always had good results,never been diagnosed with anything other than pregnancies,also never any surgeries this will be my first so its a big deal for me.. as scared as i get sometimes im doing this!! Yay yaaa!!!

time is going soooo slowwww...

Im trying to be patient but it feels like time is in slow motion and i just want to get this over with!!! I recieved the rose mosqueta oil i ordered from amazon and im booking my flight for myself and my sister tonight shes going with me!! Yay!! Maybe tomorrow ill have the labs done im curious to see where my hgb level is..just a waiting game until then :)

30 days til the flat side!!!

i cant wait to cross over!! only 30 days until my body will change my life will change..2014 is going to be a great yr ;)


So ive was taking the vitamins and i started breaking out on my face really bad..so i discontinued for a few days except the iron and my face is clearing up..im not used to taking anything not even multivitamins so maybe i dont need it? Or Is that normal and should i continue taking them? Im thinking i should do the labs to see if i need them since i havent done it yet..idk has this side effect happened to anyone from vitamins?

the "butt of my dreams"?! X)

i had my labs done today, cant wait for results, just want to b sure my iron is looking good..i forgot to mention my passport arrived weeks ago, and my sister received hers like last week, flight is not booked yet, ive been trying to eat better but adipex decreases appetite so i weighed myself at 141.6 this morning..my main concern lately is figuring out how my children will be taken care of.. i have my mom,my cousin, my aunt,uncle,dad and of course hubby all willing to help and hubby has assured me everything will be fine but i feel a little guilty because he leaves for work so early in the morning and is usually really tired and i know it will be a lot for him to handle..especially since my baby is only 9months and my 3 older ones are in elementary and have homework and whatnot that needs to get done, trying to leave him with plans a,b,and c just in case something comes up,gotta have backup plans.. anyways all that's on my mind is this upcoming tummy tuck and i haven't put much thought into the bbl also until it was recently brought to my attention..i'm not really sure of what i want or expect..since we were little i had the boobs and no bottom and my lil sister always had the big butt and no boobs lol..i just cant picture myself with a big ass!!! i guess i will start looking for my wish pic though!! :)

wish booty pics..

I am trying to be realistic..I dont know if i could ever achieve these bodies or shapes but I love their curves and bottoms..

merry christmas!!!

I told my hubby dont worry about getting me a gift this ur when he asks what I want for christmas..januarys gift is enough for a lifetime of christmases..this morning I open 2 prs of converse, juicy couture perfume, n $5100 for the surgery.. ;"))) hes the best hubby in the world :D jan.20 just can't come fast enough!! Merry christmas ladies!!


Still feels like a distant dream..i dont think it will hit me until im on the plane or on that operating table..but my flight is booked!! i leave from orlando 9am sunday the 19th with one stop but its only like a 5hr flight and nonstop return only 3hr flight..for myself and my sister it was $753..omfg!!!!!! still have some supplies to get together but nothin major that i can think of...i need like the compression socks,i wonder if camis can be used for same purpose of wife beaters?,i need pads,a laxative,benadryl,some type of rash cream,a female urinal,hmm..guess i should make a list........anyways, i received an email from robles office that says "This Christmas season, Team Robles is offering this US $300 OFF if you reserve with US $1000.00"...i think maybe i could send the 900 since ive already made my 100 deposit..idk about sending that amount of money though, but then it would be less cash i would have to carry with me..seems like a good idea.. less than one month countdown!!!

cooome onnnn 2014!!!!

every day i imagine what i will look like post op....its like im so close, yet so far...my family is getting concerned about our safety...i know everything will be fine...ive made this decision and theres no way ill change my mind, ive wanted this wayyy too long!! more than ready to get this over with!!


today i received my hgb levels..11.7..uhohh...guess i need to tighten up..start taking all vitamins and start eatng better!! f/u apt with primary jan.9 so lets see how good i can do before then...20 DAYS!!!!!!!! :)

hello january:)

Hello january, ive been waiting for you.. :D happy new years to all!!

wheres laura?!?!

Seems shes been mia..maybe due to the holidays, I was starting to worry but finally recieved a txt from her today though she didn't say much..just goodmorning..and I asked if she had recieved my prev msgs and she says yes but she's not in the office yet..I guess ill give her a few days? Anyways.. mission at the moment is to raise my hmgb...or all my dreams will be crushed lol :)


Nothin to update..i just like to see that number up there that says "? days pre" go down lol!!!


im more excited than scared now!!! but maybe the next 30 minutes it flips!!! lol!! i have a few supplies to pick up this weekend and get my suitcase packed n then just relax and wait 2 more weeks!! i am happy and thankful that my sister is coming with me and will help me through this but a part of me is sad and i wish it could be my hubby there with me..he always takes the best care of me and makes me feel better...i will miss him soooo much!!!! and my babies too!!!

preop pics down..

will post back up after sx!!

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!

This month will be very very busy...what with my 2 girls in cheerleading and my boy in basketball, practices,games,appointments,baby putting anything she gets her little hands on in her mouth,trying to get supplies together,AND TRYING TO CONTACT LAURA!! Ughhhh =/ idk...maybe i need a plan b?


Spoke to Laura!! She texted and called, missed her call so called back n it was the first time I speak to her, we usually communicate through email/text. Everything good, scheduled,no worries!! She didn't tell me which rh house we will be at but she "put in my preference"for virginias..but im sure either will be fine..got a few more supplies..im having trouble finding maxi/summer dresses this time of year :/ ive never worn one im wayyy to short for them I did find 2 but ill have to shorten them biggg timeee lol besides that im pretty much ready :D


each morning i send my sissy a text counting down the days :) she made a comment that last night her and my brother were making fun of me because of the surgery...it just makes me want it more... and she seemed to think it was really funny when i tell her i will wear a crop top and bikini all the things i could never wear...i told her thats okay because i know ill have the last laugh muaaahahahahaaaa lol.... ive seen some amazingggggg transformations on here and if i can get just a little close to those results i will be happy as a hippo! :) think positive,be positive, i trust dr,robles can shape me the way ive always dreamed to be...i just cant wait!!!



doc apt today..

so i f/u with my primary today and he went over my lab tests today, he says my thyroid is off and gave me a med to take..i think hes loco..the t4 was 1.9 the reference range is 0.8-1.8..i dont think thats anything to be concerned about??? and my t3 was 2.9 ref range is 0.40-4.59...ummmmm...ive never had this prob before...anywaysss...other than that he confirmed my hgb was 11.7 and i told him i desperately need that to be increased he gave me a new supplement he says is better..ferronyl, take 2/day...i contacted laura too ask her opinion and she contacted me right away..i guess she must be caught up because the other day she emailed me and says she just received my emails it was in her spam box and to send my flight info and i did..anyways shes going to ask dr,robles about ferronyl and should get back to me soon...primary dr also gave me new order to redo cbc in 1wk..i leave in 10days so i hope its good news!! oh, and he didnt want to give me any rxs for pain or muscle relaxers..damnnnn :/

also i have allllllll my supplies i wanted to get in order i will make a list of what i have tomorrow..today i got 2 summer dresses, 2 night gowns,a robe, boppy, female urinal,and compression socks. the other day i got from walmart a laxative,tylenol,mens tanktops, cotton unders, sports bras to be comfy, and socks... i think im all set!!


WE ARE NOW ON A SINGLE DIGIT COUNTDOWN!!!! Fam keeps asking if i starting to get nervous but im actually more excited!! i sit and look down at the rolls on my lap and i cant wait for the day thats gone!! im 26 and i wanna see my vaj when i look down damn it i know its down there somewhere lol..my only concern is my hgb but i guess only time will tell... heres a list of the supplies i have:
boppy pillow
memory foam neck pillow
4 maxi dresses
2 night shirts
1 package of 6 cotton granny panties
3 sports bras
1 package of 3 tanks

oops hit submit too soon..

1 package of 6 white tees
1 package of 6 cushion ankle socks
1 plush throw
2 2oz. arnica cream (for muscle aches bruising pain stiffness)
3 bars dial soap
hand sanitizer
antibacterial hand wipes
wet cleansing towelettes
cortizone for skin irritation/rash/itching
6 2.5 oz rose mosqueta oil
scar zone .34 oz
bio oil 2 oz.
curad adhesive tape
gauze pads
latex gloves
travel size toiletries at walmart comes with toothbrush/paste,shampoo,cond.,mini comb,deodorant,lotion..will also take makeup and hair bands, makeup remover u know girly things..
depends adult diapers
feminine pads
compression socks
female urinal

i think thats it..im not taking allll of this stuff with me to d.r. but its what i have..better to be safe than sorry!!..if i forgot anything i will add or if theres anything i may need and is not on my list please remind me or let me know ladies!! :)


oh and of course my passport and $$$ lol



oh this summer ill be so ready for these FL beaches:) been a lil busy today, goin to miami with the family in the morning :))) i would like to be relaxing this last week but hey, its miami!! lol i will try to have my labs done by tues to see if my hgb has come up..please please i hope it is :)

1 week!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a great day in miami, definitely took my mind off of this for a while.. But here I go, on my way home, lost in thought, of all the things I will face in the next few weeks, all the possibilities, all of my fears, expectations, I just need to stop over thinking this.. And have faith everything will be fine!!

". "

One of the reasons i chose the 20th to have sx so my ". " would have passed and i wouldnt have to deal with it.. It usually comes the 8th-10th.. And this month it decides it wants to come late.. Ugh…maybe tmrw and it won't stay long!! N im soo worried bout iron now.. Even if I can taste it yuck lol

5!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Time is whizzin by.. I dont understand.. No ". " yet, smh!!! I have been cleaning, doing laundry, preparing to leave.. n waiting for mother nature i swear shes a b****!! Any other month she would be early, surprise me out of no where.. N when i want her shes no where to be found!! Ugh!!! Other than that, ive contacted Laura and she says my sister, myself, and travel buddy (bonitamex) will be staying at virginias rh!! Its so cool another rs girl from fl scheduled same day as me :) we both arrive the 19th and are staying til the 31st.. i think ill post my preop photos the night before sx.. I took them down because i wanted to share your stories with the fam and wasnt ready for them to see my goodies lol i have them hidden in my phone in a pic hiding app but I do have plenty and will share lots of pics before and after.. Hopefully my afters will look like a model!! Lol :))))

4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

going to give blood today for cbc...even if its kinda too late lol results wont change anything, im still leavin for DR on sunday...12/23 it was 11.7 so i hope it has gone up some..i really hate taking pills so i cant wait til i can throw them out :) ive been cleaning and cleaning like theres no tomorrow... i think fri i will pack my bags, and my hubby wants to take me on a date that night... saturday if i have time i will do a pedicure n get the brows waxed and shave all the winter fur lol... c'mon sunday!!! :)

3!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

My kids are too sweet, they ask me who's going to take care of them when I leave, and say i dont want you to go mommy, its going to hurt you.. And tell me they will cry at the airport.. Awww.. I will miss them bad.. I keep telling myself its only 2weeks, its only 2 weeks, but I have a feeling ill be home sick after a few days.. I packed my suitcase yesterday.. I ended up packing everything i had except only 8adult diapers in case and not the scar treatments.. I even printed my before pictures and kinda drew on them with a pen how i wish my results to be..And I wrote down all the numbers/addresses for cecip and virginias and dr. Robles, one to take with me and one for my hubby i put on the fridge.. I believe im all set.. Just last min things to pack like slippers, 1set of clothes, slides, chargers, and i think ill take my ipad.. Only 3 days left… wow….


I have metro piece of shit.. Does anyone kno which is best app to use for international calls? Like skype or does the hangouts with google work better or is it best to get a calling card?

we have arrived!!!!!!!!

Safe and sound every hair still on our big heads lol myself my sis and travel buddy who is so nice!! Had labs done/gave urine sample..wilson the driver was nice. .when u exchange USD for pesos they didn't take a 20$ bill from me because it had a small hole in it and didnt take a $100 from my sis cause it had tape on it. .make sure money is in mint condition. .lol. .flight was awesome first time on plane since i was 5 so it was awesome lol will eat nd shower nd wait til the big day :) btw not nervous at all yet ppl are so nice and make u feel so at home. .


pics cont.

im happy

So far from what i can se) happy, stll a lil drugged, blue pill at 430am taken to room, iv put in and thats all i remember. .wake up sore n askin if im done yet and y im so sore nurse put somethin i guess for pain. .dr had told me hgb too low 12.2 so lipo would be minimal n fat transfer too, my sis took pic I cried im so happy. .but yes tummy feels tight im still drowsy update more latrr

before pics

more pics


Today i was in much pain but not quite what i expected it to be, maybe just like labor and only in my ribcage area not by where my scar should b, im dying to see it i calld nurse she came to give me pain med in form of shot. .and i had to by 2 vitamin shot i paid 1250pesos .dr says ill be getting 2 transfusion since my hgb dropped to 7.? Thats too low..and that cost me 200usd$… .i couldng eat i. Was so nauseas 2 spoons of mashed potatoes n felt more sick bout 1hr later vomitted lots of dark brown fluid the dr says is from anesthesia and i feel so much better now that its out. .my faja is really dirty as u can see i will buy one from dr so they can wash this one. .dr says she lipoed liters nd injected to my bottom. .my sister says it looks great but i havent gotten a good look and im dying to see my tt scar. Dr says tomorrow I believe. .she's so sweet and beautiful so far im in love with her and laura has a cute accent just like on her youtube videos...both answered any ??s I had. ..i weighed in yesterday at 147,again im 5'1..I finally showed my before pics to my sis nd i dont think she could believe what i was hiding. .um other than that yest we ordered kfc for dinner. .the food here on clinic hasn't been so great but im a lucky water n usually eat out smh i know I have to eat better. .im still on my period asked nurse how can I change my tampon she says not til tmrw ugh lucky its lightened up though not heavy as it was sat… i dont feel any pain in my back but i dont think she could lipo the she mostly did my sides. n. Flans nshe says she gave me a lil more hips. .i just really wish i could see… I keep askin nurses bout travel buddy shes 2 doors down and say shes fine. .(happy to hear if u see this bonitamex!! We did it!! N hurry download skype so i can call u!!)btw i forgot to mention nurse came in at 5 to give me my blue pill n hosp dress and booties and a hair cap. .I remember clearly walkin to OR and sitting up as the placed IV and like 3 clear shots through it and thats all I remember. .sis says sx lasted 4hrs and they wheeled me back to my room where she was waiting i wa still passed out woke up kind of lost asking my sis if im done yet and to please tell my hubby im ok and i love him lol i asked nurse y I dont remember even laying back on the table she smiles and says the blue pill and anesthesia makes some ppl forgrt i could've been talkkng normal nd not remember and more ppl should be be. Like that cause some wake up with stories of voices they hear and such. .anyways im happy im alive and made it through and thank you all for the well wishes!! :)

my.b she injected 5liters to butt


and im not 5'1 im 4'11 lol


changing faja

booty shot!!

Lots of pain on and off faja size m so tight arrived at virginias hot caldo de pollo sittin on the table this rh is nice neat beautiful nurses sweet n very nice omg finally got booty shot n im in disbelief!! Sent my hubby the pic n skyped him his smile was from ear to ear LOL!!

im up early:)

Nothin else to do might as well update:) last night I missed my hubby n kids so much I was whining to my sissy n virginia came in and caught me which made me cry more lol but she soothed me and told me dont worry in 10days it will be worth it when u get home and that im lucky to have my sissy here taking good care of me and that my kids are in good hands so just relax recovery n dont cry she had nothing but the sweetest things to say she really is the best has lots of advice...I really am thankful my sister has been so helpful ive peed her hand when my urinal slipped and farted right in her hand and she's wiped my bottom when i had my first BM yesterday… its not pretty recovering but the only thing is she keeps me laughing so much it really hurts I have to stop her and beg her to stop making me laugh it hurts so bad lolol n lil punk tickled my feet lolol boy will we have some funny stories to share when we get home… my family was skyping like crazy yest my mom my dad my bro/sis in law my aunt and cousin everyone wants to see my new shape and everyone is amazed. .im the first in my family or anyone I know to have a cosmetic procedure done so I guess its big deal everyone was worried for us to come here but now they feel better knowing sx is over nd we are okay. .I hope i dont get moody again like everyone else says I used to wonder how can girls be so depressed when they are getting the body of their dreams that could never happen to me but I was wrong I did feel really down last night my body just didnt matter anymore i just wanted to be home with my family in my hubbys arms… I will try to be more positive and think od all the cute things I want to wear and crop tops, n how my new bottom will look in jeans and a BIKINI!!!! LOL that definitely lifts me up just imagining it. .ok its really early and I woke up with my right hand swollen… so far not my feet i guess ill ask virginia once she comes in. .thats all ive got to say right now. .and thanks again to all that have wished me well and good luck to those with upcoming surgerys!! :)

more pics from today

they didnt post smh





I brought 500$ to use on extras n its almost gone after the tranfusions vitamin shots lioton cream and bought some food so my hubby wired me 200$ western union n ALSO laura called to tell me they are refunding me 500$ since they weren't able to lipo my upper back. .yay thats awesome lol my waist is so small n im still very swollen… I am desperate to see final results!! :)

3days po

Today virginia sponge bathed me i feel like a new woman lol. .she keeps telling me she doesnt believe my before pics and how much bootydra. robles gave me. .ive been sitting on it this whole time they tell me its okay that its not going to ruin it and that the boppy is a waste of money but that I might useful for the flight home. .tomorrow is my first post op visit with the dr ..im excited to get out lol im not feeling any pain mostly just sore. .when they rub the lioton cream and anicare on my abdomen i hardly feel it virginia says its still sleeping from sx and it can take from 15-20 days for me to feel anything there. .it seems as though she has all the answers lol. .she takes my compression socks off at night to let my feetsies rest lol but im not swollen there still just my right hand but its come down some. .any stupid little question I have they always have the answers… idk if ive mentioned it but the food here is great i wanna take her home with me lol joanna is the cook and yelitza (idk how to spell it) is the daytime nurse and virginia is here nights and weekends. .they bring me my meds when its time. .other than that i spend my time thinking of my family and watch the clock until its time to go home… i sit on the patio or come up to my room. .its really peaceful here but im used to my 4 screaming kids at home lol… about 8 more days to go home i just hope its without these drains. .they dont bother me much but id rather not remove them myself. .

did my first before/after

1st po visit

Today was our 1st po visit, wilson picked us up around 1 back to cecip, dra. robles cleaned out the drains the back one burned a lil, she says I'm very active because I hopped up on her table started pullin off my dress n garment lol I tell her yea im doing really good thank heaven.. Since that first night I cried like a baby my mood has been WAY better… I do miss my family soooo much but I can do this damn it and thanks to everyone's kind words and well wishes have lifted my spirits yay lol anyways she cleaned my drains changed my garment and says I'm okay to start massages and by monday my back drain should come out woohoooo :) okay so dominican traffic is FRIKKIN CRAAAZYYYY!! ! I told yelitza when we got back to please change my diaper haha just when I think ive seen it all we see something crazier xD martha, the dr. Here at he RH is going to start massages today ummm other than that all the ladies here get along so well and me n my sis n bonitamex are like bffs lolol I kno we will stay in touch once we get back to fl :) im not having any issues health wise I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at po visit and I kno I will be bangin lolol oh dr says I may still need lipo on tummy that I can prob fix it with diet n exercise or come back to her in 6mo but to wait til swelling comes down.. Im sure I can manage without lipo but well see. . Scar looks so precise.. I wanted to drop to her feet hug her squeeze her and thank her a mil times for what shes done to me but once i was face to face it didnt come out lol i feel like she knows how good she it like "yep, i did that" kind of but of course she doesnt say it shes so sweet n professional she has to know already shes the shit lolol I have no complaints oh just one thing is kind of awkward usually when u have to get undressed for a dr they step out and come back once u have a paper cover or something and here they just stand there while u undress.. Awkwarrrrddd lolol im so happy I chose this dr i love my tummy I LOVE my booty I never wanted to be a skinny girl I just wanted curves and to feel beautiful and even the 1st few days po im already loving myself more than ever before!!!

doing a-ok :)

Im coming along just fine just a tiny bit of swelling in calves but no biggy I just put my compression socks back on.. Having trouble drinking all the water/fluids they recommend though.. I dont usually drink so much water… we werr bad and ordered pizza today lol I had my first massage last night and one this morning martha the dr here does it it costs 40$ a session and I enjoy them they dont hurt at all really relaxing I will try to have one a day until fri when we leave..other than that just eat sleep n sh* t lolol not much else to do but share our stories and tell jokes keep each other laughing its so funny we all hold our bellys and laugh so weird lol I sneezed today and that was hell I thought I busted something for sure..BMs are normal everything good taking vitamins sleeping good no pain just a lil soreness sometimes… still just desperate to go home..I cant wait to show my hubby what hes paid for!! :)


I love to see my transformation side by side:)


Power was out from 8am-730pm… we werr a lil hot n DYING without wifi, but we kept each other laughing and told each other our life stories and shared experiences show and tell with our tattoos its funny we all have those ones we got as teens we regret lololol anyways I really like yaritza she teaches us dominican phrases and they all think its really funny I call them my dominican sisters since I do in fact have dominican blood, u kno, because of transfusion, lololol im learning the ways of mi gente lolol anyways I had some not pain but discomfort from my drain inside by my right hip it feels like its irritating me like sucking my insides but theres nothing to suck yaritza says when theres not any fluid to drain u will feel drains more and it doesnt hurt but really bothers.. Also since I'm not able to go out yaritza offered to go to a market she says is far away and bring my souvenirs I gave her $65usd and she brought lots of nice things, shot glasses key chains a baseball for my son which is the fav sport here and purses for my girls hair bows for my bby and mama juana which is a drink mix u add some things to it and let it sit a week and take as shots.. Idk about drinking it but the bottle filled with wood chips is really cool, she brought mugs and necklace with rock from here she says its called amba, and my tee that says I love dominican republic :) shes really sweet I love her :) today I swore I would go get a many pedi but after all of yesterday's excitement im really tired and in bed resting… so list of meds that dr gave me post op is omeprazol 40 mg,levo 75mg an antibiotic, azitrom 1gm antibiotic, articon is an analgesic anti-inflammatory, iron/folic acid in one pill, b complex, vitamin c,and tryptyl to help sleep… thats all ive taken and never needed anything more for pain or anything else.. We requested arroz con leche which is a dessert yesterday which joanna made and it was awesooooome… umm I think thats all, i didnt get my message yesterday since there was too much going on but today I should get one.. Hopefully tmrw I have energy to go get my mani/pedi… other than that just 2 more days til im home to my family YAYYYY!! !


After my massage yaritza took us to like a souvenir market got lots of goodies and then to the mall and me and my sister got pedicures nd I got my hair washed nd blow dried all for 15$!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE WAISTLONG HAIR N SOOOO
THICK AT HOME IT COSTS ALMOST 50$!!!!!!! WOWWWW!! !!! anyways yaritza is too nice i cant take it I tried to pay for her nails she wouldnt do it we werr ar mall til 10:30pm I tried to pay her taxi home she wouldn't do it shes the sweetest girl to spend the day with us and ask nothing in return. .I will leave her a big big tip and I will REFUSE to let her refuse!! Shes a frikkin sweetheart. And keeps askin are u ok? Are u sure? Want to sit? Are u sure? Are u ok? Are u ok? Lolol anyways, yes im ok im healthy as a horse ready to go home
tmrw is last visit to dr robles n friday ill finally be home, as excited to get her more excited to get home to my family.. N Hopefully my back drain comes out tmrw!! :)


Ill be home with my family damn it I miss my hubby my babies so frikkin much!! ! Ill be going home with both drains unfortunately but its for the best to avoid a seroma.. N honestly I could care less!! I want to be home I want to be with my family I love DR and how kind the ppl are but its been too long I belong with my family, gave dr. robles a big hug thanked her for everything, bags packed, left lots of unused things to yelitza, and now just wait until I'm home, and also until swelling goes down and thats that :)

just happy to be home!!

No new pics yet everything looks the same, back drain like 25cc robles gave okay to pull out tmrw my sis gon do it n front drain is less than 50cc so hopefully that one comes out soon too!! I made it to my boys bball game today and see my 2 cheerleaders cheer and after went to lunch with fam.. Then home for a nap I get tired easily other than that movie n pizza kinda night :) so happy to b home no pain no issues just get urges to pull this faja off lol tmrw hubby givin me sponge bath cant wait to show him my body!! :)


Was draining less than 25ccs so my sis pulled it out for me today, it stung a little and felt so weird but I feel so much lighter with one less drain..then my hubby put my faja back on and was sweating n breathing hard and im LMAO it was sooooo funny LOL anyways everything looking good still super swollen.. Tomorrow im goin to call around and see where can I get a lymphatic massage.. :)


has a lymph mass today

It was okay but I liked martha's better.. I guess she just got on my nerves with her comments about surgery in DR.. LOL aint tryin to hear that bulllll just give me my massage smh lol I dont feel like she did much though she was gentle and I liked how martha would find the hard spots and smooth them out.. Idk if I should find some where else or give her another shot? Im not draining much.. Not even half of 25ccs ,dr robles gave okay to take front drain out today but I will give it another day or two.. Still no pain no issues.. Just waiting patiently for swelling to go away so I can try my clothes on :)

SUPPLY LIST..what i did n didnt use

I think everyone may be different and u should take what you think might be important to you but for me I feel like better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it..
Boppy n memory neck foam pillow werr waste of money lol
Maxi dresses I used to go out like dr apt or when i went to mall/mercado/to come home and night shirts I used while hangin around RH
I didnt use panties at all because faja covers that part n too much work to go pee
Tank tops didnt use even until this day as u can see in my pics im still using tees I got from dra $10/each long n soft
I didnt use white tees either
I used my socks
I used my throw but didnt need
I used the arnicare but also had to buy lioton gel the dr prefers but basically same thing
I used my dial soap to shower before sx and for my sponge baths
I didnt need neosporin rose mosqueta oil or gauze while over there n didnt take any scar treatments like bio oil or scar sheets
I did use some tape they give u a lil roll n when it runs out I think u have to buy another or I had my own
I.didnt use antibacterial wipes or towellettes they cleaned daily
I didnt use cortizone dulcolax tylenol or my own vitamins I had 1st BM 1 day po no itching n meds they gave me werr all I needed
I did use my adult diapers were more useful than pads virginia would cut in half and place over back drain site so I wouldnt leak everywhere pads weren't wide enough but when I ran out of diapers I did use the pads
I didnt use loofa or slippers I used slides the entire time
I used compression socks as I pleased I didnt swell much and robe I wore around occasionally
Female urinal was a waste I used maybe twice n was just easier to sit on toilet
I think that was my entire list any questions feel free to ask :)


I took like travel size hairsprays shampoo cond lotions creams I just left to yalitza along with white tees n tanktops n maxi dresses except for the one I wore home even the antibacterial wipes or anything I didnt use the less to carry home thebetter plus I needed space for all the souvenirs I brought for my fam n kids


It was a bihhh too!! Mostly stung but now that its out I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! I even put some tights on n im LOVING my swollen shape I know it will be much better once the swelling goes down.. Swelling is really bad on belly and across lower back and feels really hard.. it doesn't look to me like its going anywhere but hubby says it is.. Idk but I'm down 10lbs since surgery.. Other than that today I got out to get my hair washed n nails done and run some errands.. I feel better and better every day a little more stronger.. I can't wait til I can walk up straight and wear cute clothes!! :)

no drain pics

not so great pics but.. today


Everything still good.. My tummy still SUPER swollen but gets a lil better each day and I drove already and had my first alcoholic beverage too YAYY lol took all tapes and gauze off everything except the scar.. I walking like 90% upright and slept on my bed last night for first time with lots of pillows and was much more comfy than our reclining couch we've been sleeping on my hubby would sleep with me but his back was starting to hurt lol I do get itchy sometimes but not so bad yet.. Hardest thing right now is not being able to do it lolol!! !


more pics


OK so ive added a few more pics im still doing fine loving my body mayb becoming a bit conceited lol only thing is im hating my upper back that wasn't lipoed due to my hgb being too low it needs to go besides that im in swell hell nd I CANNOT take this itching that started yest n has been on n off!! I FINALLY HAD SEX A FEW DAYS AGO N OMG IT WAS HEAVEN!! lmao!! First attempt went horribly wrong when hubby was afraid to hurt me but after a few coronas that fear went out the window I swore I was a porn star smh LMAO!! Anyways I ordered fajate from ebay size S sizing said 120-140 I weigh 143 n it was a mission impossible to get it on tmrw I am gon try to exchange for M btw it cost like $55..other than that I have been doing just about all normal activities except lifting anything heavy cant carry my bby yet :( I went to mall today n wanted to shop so bad but resisted I wNt to wait til 3months po… I havent taken vitamins since I got home I hate them.. I know im a bad girl pls no one snitch on me lol ummm thats all I can think of for now..Oh!! I have come across some envy n haters post op not everyone likes to see u happy n someone is always going to have something to say but I expected it n couldn't care less I just look n the mirror n my waist never fails to put a smile on my face lolol ;)


When I sit I still get a pouch :( I still dobt see how it could all go away but I pray. Left side seems more raised than right and feels soft n right is a lil harder..I just messaged robles askin if she thinks it could b seroma. . . When I stand im in heaven I love it lol my butt is my fav part n my scar is almost nonexistent so thin n precise


Everything going good, was unable to exchange faja too small so ordered new one diff style size M n was too loose so after my massage today, which btw left my 2lbs lighter of fluid weight im now at 141,I went to faja store got new fans that I LOVE ill post pic later also got ab board n left my fajate to be taken in.. Anyways after all of today's activities my tummy looks alot flatter! Ill try to take pics tmrw.. Umm other than that tape is off scar lookin good and massages are helping ! This place I was referred to by my hair dresser is 1hr drive but so worth it they charge $55/hr ill try to detail more of massages tmrw n pics :)


Ok so my battery was dyin last night.. Anyways these massages make a BIG Difference. .the first visit he put me in like a sweat box first he rubbed a cream all over my body then wrapped me in seran wrap (idk how thats spelled) anyways the machine heats and vibrates that was 30 minutes and afte that he massages my entire body. For another 30mins n did my tummy really good by the time I left my back was wayyy softer ..the second time I went he put me back in the sweat box for 30min n after put like this huge blood pressure cuff type machine he put these big cuffs on each arm one on each leg and one around abdomen and that was 30 mins it would squeeze n release and after that I lost 2lbs (he weighed me before n after) he told me best to come at least 2- 3 times a wk I think since its so far I will do 2 a wk my next visit is tmrw.. Im lovin my new faja n I tjink the massages plus ab board n new faja have helped A LOT ..I wasn't sure to keep tape on scar or not but its no longer scabbed so I just left it off n my next step is to start scar treatment which I havent done but I'm not even sweatin it since my scar is beautiful to me just how it is lol I will use my rose oil and bio oil and strips since I have them already but im just happy with everything.. im a lil obsessed with my ass I went into forever21 n anything I try on looks GREAT on my butt its like magic lol I try to act normal but every chance I get every mirror I pass or anything I with a glare I can catch a glimpse im lookin at it lolol its still unreal I guess im just checking if its still there :) no pics yet but ill take some soon n ill b putting before n afters back up :)

before n afters back up


U can see on profile pic where ab board was it really helps. .these pics are from yest.. I still need to take pics of fajas I will try later :)

before/ after

Made a new one :)

new pics


Ok so I have to be really honest ive been eating like theres no tomorrow and drinking like a sailor lol luckily I havent gained weight but my swelling hasnt gone down I kno its my fault but im so happy my body is 75 times better than what it was I feel so much more confident I feel beautiful I wear things I never ever could before ive never worn maxi dresses my butt was too flat and my belly too big, ive even bought like ive seen them called harem pants or polazza pants smthn like that anyways the are soft pants that fit a lil loose almost like tights idk how to explain it anyways it looks FAB n I got shorts same style my booty looks awesome any pants I try on my bottom looks amazing im happy happy happy but my belly is soooo swollen but with my awesome booty it doesn't even matter lol I dont sleep with my faja but I wear it all day every day nd been gettin massages I just had my faja taken in 1.5 inches yesterday… I think that's about it I kno I have to eat better but like I said before I never wanted to be a skinny girl I love curves I just wanted to be proportionate for all my extra skin to go away n thats exactly what I got plus a nice round bottom :)

I want to go back :)

I want to go back for more lipo more booty lolol my hubby tells me no… ughhhhhh lolol :)

new before/after

I lost my damn phone n all my before pics but thnx to dropbox I found a few before pics n made a new comparison. These things make me want to cry they make me so happy I still have a few days like today I feel ugly n fat but I just remind myself what it was n look at these n then I feel like a model again lol :)

new pic

Taken yest at my daughters bday party by my friend :) im the one on left ;) super tight faja!!


New butt lifter I got so I can wear my crop tops..cost $60 at the faja store I go to. . Butt looks awesomeee in these!! No pics in it yet but ill post as soon as I do :)


Finally took some pics with butt lifter :) size M

goin to a rodeo today

Love my boots n tight jeans plus ive NEVER been able to tuck my shirt in since I would wear my pants so high to hide bulge.. #happygirl#yeehaw#yesiusedhashtagsonrealself :) ;)

more pics of my 1 night out :)

Rodeo then a afterparty :)


Nothin much new, gained 5lbs, lost 5lbs, still swollen, stopped goin to massages, wear faja as i please, not much time for RS post sx lol its much useful pre op ..anyways pics from last wknd at beach not the greatest but im lovin me :)

my rump

Honestly it gets more attention than the tt, I really feel myself, cant thank dr. Robles enough, im still trying to convince my hubby to let me go back, :/ hes been a lil more jealous n protective of me , he doesnt like all the attention I get too much , me on the other hand am lovin life ;))) sry to hear about the girl from bronx that lost her life in dr :( its a huge risk thankful for rs that provided so much info ,and I used for most of my research, anyways goodluck to future tt girls especially the ones goin to dr!!

more pics

Ok so honesy im sure my result could and would be much better had I continued massages and wear garment more often and eat better but im just enjoying myself, my body is improved drastically from preop and im just too happy I just want to eat, have margaritas, and thats what im doing damn it :))) I will eventually get on a diet and start squats and exercising but for now im enjoying my body as it is and omg sex with my hubby is AMAZING I dress in front of him I can walk around naked comfortably im just happy in my skin BUT this wknd we are going to beach this will be my second attempt at wearing my swimsuit without a coverup.. Im not used to it and its a huge step I mean for my hubby I can but I dont kno if I can expose my body to the world yet :/ wish my luck ladies!!


I have finally convinced hubby to send me back to DR I began txtng laura today and sent her pics to get a quote and then I can send a deposit and book my flight, this time I will be traveling alone so I hope I can find a travel buddy, I am returning to have lipo to upper back thst dr. Robles was unable to do first trip due to my hgb was low and lipo to belly n tranfer to my butt yay yaaa lol :) im do excited!!



Oops lol I have just been enjoying life, bad news, my enjoyment gained me about 15 or 20 lbs ,this last month lost 18 and then this last week gained about half of it back again ..wahh.. Once again ill say ivr never wanted to be a skinny girl ive gotten what ive always wanted im curvy. And proportionate which I love, my bottom is still my main attraction lol I noticed my hips are a lil uneven so one side has like a dent that needs to be filled in and umm other than that I still dobt wear crop tops like i swore I would because I have more stretch marks than I originally thought I would and they go up pretty high, I dont mind them I just thought they would fade as swelling came down but no they are still there ,I do wear crop tops but only with like highwaisted bottoms which is still cute but u kno, I am still planning to go bavk for lipo to belly upper back WHICH I HATE because its like I have a dip where my big butt and lower bsck was lipoed but then it makes up there look more biggervespecially because I have big boobs so anyways im getting that dobe and I want my butg and hip filled in a lil more and I plan on going october 19 which is a sunday ,I was quoted from laura $3500..which I think is a bit much since I paid $4700 the first time for tt n lipo n transfer for 2 week stay and this time ill be staying only 1 week but I guess ill have to get back to her on that before I send the deposit. Anyways im fine im alive im well and im still happy with my results just have to gain control of my weight and stop being so care free lol ill post pics up in a few day ;)

gained weight

So I haven't been here for a while, ive been gaining and gaining like theres no tomorrow ,a total of about 20lbs since surgery, being inactive and eating whatever I please, not good at alllll.. But im now on my second week of dieting and walking and have lost 9 lbs and im trying desperately to get back into shape bc I was unable to go in oct for round2 but im now planning to go in april. Im hoping bonitamex will also be able to join me, we have been keepin in touch. I received a quote from laura that i think is a bit much but I think I still want to stick with robles, she also says. Deposit has gone up from $100 to $300 .. Anyways heres an updated pic ,im still happy with my curves but do want to be slimmer!!

so lost..

I wonder if im the only one feeling like this?? .. I was so confident the first trip in my decision to go to DR and choosing robles,but after reading of her 2 recent deaths im just feeling so lost.. In my heart I feel like I will be fine, ive done this once and I can do it again, but then again im sure these 2 women felt the same way and never thought it would happen to them.. I dont know if im just being hard headed and I just want it so bad im willing to risk my life? Am I being selfish? And then I think that whether I have it done here or in DR theres still risks and possibility of complications.. Im just so confused. I dont dare tell my husband of the news ive been reading about and I know that should be the first red flag that im not using my common sense.. But i know he will be totally against me going.. Am I wrong that I still have faith in dr robles and that she can complete my body how I want it to be? Anyways, good news is that ive lost 24lbs which brings me down 5lbs from post surgery, my goal is 135 and im currently 137..ive been wearing a waist trainer and taking adipex, and detox waters, 40minutes on treadmill everyday, AND T25!!! I lost the 24 lbs in 6weeks yayyy me!! lol I am still 85% sure i still want to go to robles in april, I haven't sent deposit or booked flight… hopefully i can either be 100% sure in the next few weeks or idk what else to do :/
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