Problems from the Beginning---Missing Impression Kit

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After reading some of the other reviews I decided...

After reading some of the other reviews I decided to take the plunge and purchased an impression kit with Groupon.

Taking the pictures was pretty easy and I received an approval (more about that later) the next day in an email. The impression kit was shipped out the following day.

The impression kits are mailed through DHL who then sends it via USPS or FedEx. Mine was delivered via USPS and there was a delay, but only by a day or two. I did the impressions (I think they came out pretty well) and sent the kit back about 36 hours later via USPS with the label provided by Smile Direct.

Here is where the issues arose: on the 24th of this month (Saturday) I received an alert from USPS stating the package was undeliverable. I've never had that issue before and immediately called USPS. They said it may have been a scanning error but contact Smile Direct anyway. I did and I spoke to an unprofessional woman who was bored when she first heard my story and then was laughing with a coworker when she returned from placing me on a 5 minute hold. She said, "Well we don't accept packages on Saturday (!!!) and we're in a secure building, the mailman should've rang the doorbell." I've never heard of any of this in my life.

I sent an email to the company as well and was told my shipping label address was incorrect. This is the same shipping label Smile Direct sent me, so why would they send me an old label address when they knew they were moving to another building?

I spoke to USPS today, opened a case and spoke to Smile Direct again. I was told by a rep (I don't want to put her name here) that she would contact USPS and call me back. She did call me right back but she didn't call USPS, she called Smile Direct's fulfillment center and told me not to worry, everything is being forwarded to them eventually. I didn't like that response and I asked her why she didn't contact USPS like she said she would. After a few minutes of back and forth she said she would contact them and call me back before the end of the business day.

Well I decided to contact the Nashville post office myself and spoke to a supervisor. He stated their office had hundreds of impression kits just sitting there and he'd been waiting for Smile Direct to give him their new address (I can confirm this is true because when I called the USPS 800 number they also had the old address on file). I gave him the new Antioch, TN address, he thanked me and said the packages would be sent out today and Smile Direct would receive them. So if you haven't heard anything about recent impression kits, this is why!

I called Smile Direct again and all of the supervisors were busy but I did let a rep know that they had hundreds of kits in the local post office.

As far as the approval of the pictures, well I was told it was more of a pre-approval. If they receive your impressions and the treatment plan isn't ideal, Smile Direct can still reject you later on.

Again, I haven't started the program yet. I'm literally at the beginning. While most of the phone representatives are nice, the company seems to be all over the place. It makes me hesitant to continue but we will see what happens from here.
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