25 Years Old, Worried About Receding Hairline and Did Something About It! - Antalya, Turkey

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For some reason, I have been cursed not only with...

For some reason, I have been cursed not only with a receding hairline, but a huge love for hair! I have always loved hair, since I was a little kid I would always have different lengths and styles and I really thought it was an important part of me. I of course know, that your outward appearance means very little to who you are as a person, and that your character is the real important thing to work on, However! Since the age of about 21 I noticed my hair was starting to recede and thinning out. I was devastated! I couldn't believe it would happen to someone at such a young age.
I started to do research about pills and potions, rogain and propecia all pretty full on products, I even bought them both without any doctors consent as I was fighting this battle in secret not wanting people to know I was that concerned about my hair! How ever, after only a couple of months using the products I realised I was realistically not going to be able to keep it up, I didn't have the patience to be applying a smelly ointment to my head every day and night. And the propecia really messed with my libido.
I started looking into other surgical treatments, and found that there were clinics in India who where doing very affordable hair transplants. I was willing to pay up to $10000 to be honest, I just really worried about my hair. On a trip to Thailand I made in 2014 at age 24 I got an appointment at a hair clinic, the doctor was concerned about my age which is very understandable, and he also said it would be quite pricy, around $12000, I took some time to think about it, as it was also a FUT strip transplant and I wanted a FUE transplant, and in the end I didn't take it.
The next year I found myself in Europe doing some travels, and made contact with a clinic in Antalya, Turkey. They were extremely friendly and very responsive to my query. I sent photos of my current hairline and hair density as best I could, and they booked me in for a surgery on May 23 2015 I was now 25 years of age.
Unfortunately, I lost the pictures I took immediately after surgery so I have photos from 2 weeks and one month after the surgery.

Updates in the last few months

I know everyone is pretty much just interested in the final result, as am I! So I thought I would wait until I started seeing more hair coming through before I started the post.
The first 4 months, even 5 months were so damn tough! Looking in the mirror to see all the new hairs fall out in the first month, then redness and pimples in the second month. I still had no feeling in the top of my head for 4 months after the surgery, it has almost all returned now after nearly 7 months. But what a process and test of patience it has been!!
The real self website helped so much, seeing peoples results after 4 or 5 months, some with full heads of hair, others with a similar amount to me, it was very reassuring.
I have updated photos up to the 6 month mark. I will post 7 months in a week or so. My hair is curly so I can cover up the sides now easily, but the new hair is definitely starting to come out. Maybe not as much as I expected but I am being patient.

7th months later

Its a bit late but these photos were taken 7 months after the operation. My hair is curly in this photo due to just coming out of a hot yoga session which actually gave me good coverage and makes it look like my hair line is not too bad. (thanks yoga!) The new hairs are starting to get longer, I still haven't got the density I was hoping for but I guess it's early days still, and I won't worry unless it doesn't change by the 12-18 month mark. But it is definitely starting to come together and much better than I looked even 3 months ago.

8 months review

Its been 8 months now since my operation and every day things are starting to look better. I haven't had a haircut yet, so my Afro-like hair is growing back which is helping everything tie together nicely. When the hair is left natural and fluffy it is starting to look much more full along the new hairline, if it is greasy it looks quite thin as the hair is more "clumpy" how ever if I brush my hair it is starting to look like I have never had a hair loss problem which is encouraging. I hope that gets better as time goes on.

One year later

An update after 12 months, I have some more photos at the 10 month but we all know everyone wants to see the one year results. basically after the 7 month mark all the hairs or the vast majority of them had come through. since they time everything blended in together as it grew longer and the hairs started to look stronger. I have still not cut the new hair how ever I did go for the man bun look and had to cut the hair in the back or my head quite short and it looks still amazingly thick and not noticeable at all that 2800 grafts were taken from that area. As you can see in the photos, the new hair is not very thick and basically looks like I'm thinning heavily on the front. Also, the roots of the hair have been pimply like and look a little unnatural. my scalp looks like it has had a lot of small scars made on the front. which it has but that didn't show up until the hair started growing through. I will keep an eye on it as I'm sure the skin is still healing up.

16 months later just before second Fue procedure

It has been 16 months since I had my first FUE procedure and I am not quite content with the results of the first procedure. There are large holes in the front part of the transplanted area and I can only brush my hair one way to hide it all. I want to grow my hair long but it is not possible with such thin hair so I have decided to have another procedure this time with a different clinic. I have started a new review so check it out

Email communication was great, follow up care was non exsistant. When I was there they answered all my questions and were helpful

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