PLEASE HELP ! Botched Boob Job !

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******************* Before i start this is a long...

******************* Before i start this is a long thread ! please don't stop reading !!!! in order to get the best outcome i had tell the full story!!!!! my life is ruined !!!!!!!!!! please read the below !!!! PLEASE GIVe ANY MEDICAL OR LEGAL ADVISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

Almost a year ago I decided to go ahead with having the breast augmentation I'd always wanted. I was a large c cup but felt my breasts where on the empty side and wanted the FAKE glam model look. I was so clear about this to my doctor as well. My first consultation he just asked me what I wanted I told him I wanted to lose weight before I had the surgery so he told me to come back when I'd lost the weight. A few months later I returned after loosing 15 kilos. I expressed my desired outcome again referring to the fake upper pole look. The doctor told me I would require a breast lift to create the look I desired ! I cried once I heard this I new my breasts we not perky but I was well under 25! And needed a lift ! Not to mention I'd added an extra 5k to what was already a hefty bill in comparison to the city prices . I couldn't swallow the fact I needed a lift so I drove to one of the cities with my friend to see her doctor , he advised I didn't need a lift and that a bigger cc around the 500cc mark would fill the breasts out and create lift. If I was adamant on a lift he said he would preform a Benelli lift (around the nipple only ) to move it up but said the implant would create enough upper pole fullness to avoid a lollipop scar and with all this it would still cost less then the country surgeon by about 6 k !! After this I decided to go see my doctor one last time to let him know what the city doctor had said - this was my 4th consultation by now , when I told my doctor about the 500cc and Benelli lift he laughed in my face, he sat back in his chair cocky and said the Benelli lift doesn't work! It increases the chance of your nipple stretching and would only recommend it to someone will very minimal sagging as for the 500cc he said they would he so heavy it would make the situation worse then it was which in theory made seance to me. He told me if I wanted the fake look I needed 385 cc implants (small in my opinion seeing I wanted big boobs ) and a lift with the lollipop scar and that this and only this would be the way to create a firm , perky fake look. I thought the doctor had a better idea of what I wanted so I agreed to the smaller implants and the additional scaring if that's what I needed to get the look I wanted I was prepared to pay the price in scars and money to get it. On top if the surgeons fee I had to pay and organise the hospital and additional as well as a support bra and my prescription meds I also received pathology bills months later for blood work I thought he had organised a fair whack on top of the already steep price. A few days before surgery the clinic called me and asked If we could reschedule the surgery because 6 women had been booked in on my day when there was only meant to be four of us ! I said no ! I had already taken the annual leave from my job and someone else can reschedule. On the day of the surgery u was told to fast from 9pm at 5 am I received a call to say I'd been moved from the morning session to afternoon and to come in at 1pm rather then 6am so I continued to starve all morning. We arrived at 1 pm and sat in the hospital waiting area until 3 ! I was then taken to a room alone with no family contact to sit and wait until 5pm !!!! Finally the doctor was ready to see me !! I sat on the operating table and the doctor started to draw on my chest with a texter HE THEN SAID 5 MINS BEFORE surgery that the left breast won't need the lollipop lift only the right which was the larger abs heaviest of the two I didn't have time to think I just nodded and agreed as long as the right breast received the correct lift . The doctor drew a line from my nipple down the the bottom of my breast. And I fell asleep .

When I woke up the first thing I did was feel the pain ! Then looked down to see the difference ! They looked the same the huge fake boobs I'd expected where not there and instead I looked down at a chest that looks the same as what it did when i wore a padded bra . I had drains from my boobs and was taken off to the room to go to bed.

The next morning the doctor came to check up on me and it was at this point he revealed NO LOLLIPOP LIFT WAS DONE !!!!! At first I was ecstatic I'd avoided the scaring and only had a scar around my nipple! When u got home I had a good look at my breasts the first thing I noticed was the size was small and the shape was not what I wanted , they didn't look fake they looked swollen - once the swelling went down that's when the real concerns started . At the two week mark I had 3 concerns
1. A shadow was appearing under my right breast the same as pre surgery it was sagging again already and looking uneven compared to the left.
2. I thought I had double bubble on the left side as I could see a crease where the implant started and a second crease where the informamary crease started.
3. My nipples weren't round ? I'd watched the operation on utube and a cookie cutter type thing was used to create exact shape .

The doctor washed off on all my concerns and told me to come back in two weeks which I did. I didn't pursue the concerned the second time because I thought it was early days things might get better . After the second post op the doctor told me to come back in 8 weeks just to see how things were going. At around the 6 week mark I could see the breasts where not getting better they were getting worse !!!!!!! I called the clinic in tears begging the doctor to see me ASAP he had no appointments for two weeks anyway so I just waited anxiously for my 8 week consult. When the day finally came I was do run down emotionally from having to wait two weeks to express my concerns I didn't have it in me to complain the nurse and the doctor complimented on how great they looked how "natural they liked " if u paid attention to the beginning you'll notice that's not what I wanted to hear at all ! But I was so defeated I wanted to believe they were find u couldn't bring my self to admit how bad I thought they were so I agreed and self . On departure the receptionist billed an additional consult fee because the 8 week revision consult was not part of the surgery package ! I walked out if that office feeling the worst I'd ever felt I am usually extremely assertive but in this instance I just gave up. I wanted to die I'd just walked out on the only chance I had to get things fixed because I didn't want to offend or upset the surgeon. I thought about this for months until I finally convinced my self to go back ! I booked in for Botox which is never had before just to have some face time with the doctor and brought my best friend who was up to speed with everything along for support . As soon as the doctor asked how things were I confessed I let it all spill out. He didn't look empathetic he looked angry . He couldn't believe his work was being critiqued. We stood again him and his nurse (me with no shirt on ) for 45 mins in a very heated debate as to what was wrong with my breasts. At points he was so rude and boarder line aggressive that being in a topless vulnerable position I fought back tears the entire time looked him dead in the eye and said 1. You told me the Benelli lift dosnt work! You charged me and extra 5k for a lift I never got and I went to sleep with texter marks on my body under the false pretence you would do what you promised ! Instead you rushed my entire procedure cut corner and now I have to live with it ! If you can honestly say your proud of this and if u posted links of my after pics to your website you'd be proud and stand by your work ? !!!!

He agreed to do revision surgery and waive his fee. I still lose out 4 to 5 grand in hospital fees and so on ! I told him I'd have to wait a few months to acquire leave from my new job which was interstate I was about to move. The date is drawing closer I requested paper work to fill from his office and returned it I also complied a 9 page letter outlining exactly what I thought was wrong and what I wanted fixed - linking each revision I wanted to a mal practice of his to warrant the revision 1. A full lift as it was agreed upon and paid for, larger Implants (physical implant at my own expense ) because the size he recommended was not aligned with my request for fake breasts , scar revision and correction of asymmetry to my nipple after his free hand hack job .

Since I've sent this over I've had to reply ! It's been three weeks and my proposed surgery dat is in 3 weeks ! What can I do legally ? Do you think I have reason to be upsets? Grounds for med mal suite ? THANK YOU FOR READING THIS FAR !!!!


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