35 Years Old, 2 Kids, Nervous About Size - 450cc HP Unders - Annapolis, MD

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I've been lurking, stalking, and commenting on...

I've been lurking, stalking, and commenting on reviews for a few months. I felt it was time for my story. I am happily married to a very supportive husband with 2 children. My youngest is almost 16 months. My mom and sisters all have boobs except me. They all told me wait until I have children. Well, my breast-fed babies are here and still no boobs. However, I never thought about doing anything about it until a friend went in for a tummy tuck consult and decided also to get her boobs done. Then it hit me....I don't have to live with no boobs, padded bras, and no cleavage for the rest of my life! I quote the Serenity Prayer - God grant me the courage to change the things I can. So hear I am.....my stats are 5'5'', 135, athletic build with a little bootie and hips :-). I can't remember my BWD but I think it's around 12 or 13. I am an A cup but my breast width puts in a double-padded VS B-cup bra.

Now here's my question.. based on my stats (pictures to come when I am not tired at the end of the day), do you believe my top size will change ( small to medium)? I went to the mall and bought a few front button shirts ( they were also final size). I pulled the shirt to see if I will room after BA but now I am starting to have second thoughts. I went to see my friend who has 600cc (B to DDD) and she will need to visit a tailor to alter dresses and tops. I don't want to change my entire wardrobe because of my new girls. I know it's only 25 cc but I'm thinking I should go with 425cc instead of 450cc. Help???

I promise to post pictures soon.

This is my current profile

Just sad but help is on the way! Happy 4th! Oh, I bought a few front-close sports bras that are ok from Walmart. Do you know how long I will have to wear this style of bra? I only could find 2. I would like to buy the coobie bras ( they are so cute).

My wish pics

I am still undecided about sizing - 420-450cc. Please let me know if you believe my wish pics are pretty similar in size. I don't want to confuse the doctor.

It is done..unexpected size!

Well ladies...my girls have arrived. Surgery was 7:30 am and all went according to plan. However, I showed my PS and nurses my wish pics. I mentioned 425cc should do the job but relied totally on the expertise and experience of my team. Well, 2.5 hours later I work up and had my new girls. My first question was what size? The nurse said 500cc! Whoa...she said they all made the call and the original cc amount would have left me disappointed. The strange thing is I can't tell it is 500cc! I have my follow up on Thursday so I guess we will wait on the final verdict.
Oh...my pain level is 3 out of 10. I took at Valium and something else...still a little loopy.

Full-size pic

Feeling pretty good...we will see how the 1st night goes...here is a full-size pic

Is this the onset of boob greed?

I originally asked my PS for 400-425cc. However, I showed the nurses and doctors my wish pics the day of surgery! Well I ended up with 500cc because my breast cavity ate up the cc. Now I am thinking I could have gone a little bigger. Will my size increase? I really would like to be a full C/ small D! I would think 500cc should do it! I have doubts! Help! Pic to come....

Help....sports bras!

I can't find front close bras...when is it ok to wear regular sport bras?


Thought I would share some progress photos :-). I love the size and so happy doc decided on 500cc. I have to wear ace bandage which can a little annoying. But whatever it takes! OMGosh....I am so bloated and feel huge. I can't wait to work out!


Hey ladies....I have been super busy but wanted to share update photos. I had my second post-op today. I no longer have to wear ace bandage but need to massage these girls more. I did purchase the biocorneum today. However, I am sure there is a product a little cheaper on the market. But convenience won today.

3 weeks post - Yeah!

Well ladies... It has been 3 weeks and I feel pretty good. I have been massaging these girls every hour! Ha! However, they are still sensitive(a little tender) but getting squishy! I went to Soma and measured a full C! Again, I am so happy the PS went bigger! I would have serious boob greed if measured a B cup. I also went back to the gym on Friday.

Updated pics

So sorry it's been so long...going to bed but wanted to new pics. One is a little larger and firmer. I practicing patience :-) . I am still massaging but must have had the wrong sports bra on today. My right breast is sore :-(.

New update - 7 weeks post

Hey ladies....with back to school, christening, and birthday parties, I have not been able to post much. I LOVE my girls. I actually sleep on my stomach for awhile last night. I am measuring 34C which is very proportionate to my body. I have not really purchased a lot of bras ( still wearing sports bras and two no-under wire bras from Soma). I think I am waiting for the 3-month mark ( or maybe sales :-).

OMG....apologies for the grammatical errors...

Where is the edit button :-)
McLean Plastic Surgeon

Totally reversed doctor's name in title.... I can't find the edit button. Dr. Haven Barlow and his staff (Dawn is awesome) have been great this far. The office is welcoming and beautiful. Dr. Barlow is a board certified PS for over 20+ years. Most importantly, my friend, who is also a doctor, highly recommended him. She has had a few operations with him. She is also my "TYPE A, ask the right questions, knows her stuff" friend! I feel like I am in capable hands. The surgical center team was also great! I vacillated between cc until the last minute but Luann and the team of ladies made a great judgement call based on my pictures. My husband said they asked to see the pictures a few times to make sure to get it RIGHT! I totally recommend Chesapeake Plastic Surgery (http://www.barlowmd.com/)! They are awesome!!!

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