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I am almost 3 weeks post op and decided to write a...

I am almost 3 weeks post op and decided to write a review to possibly help other moms who are still breastfeeding and want a tummy tuck. Will post pictures soon after I download them to my computer.

My surgery was 6 February 2013, so I'm almost 3 weeks postop. I saw two plastic surgeons. The first was nice but I didn't feel confident in the outcome with her. The second cost almost twice as much, but was worth every penny. I have a high mistrust of all doctors in general, but I felt comfortable and confident with my surgeon from the beginning. It helped that a friend of a friend had a tummy tuck with him with outstanding results, and the nurse I met on my initial consult also used him for her TT. They had a huge binder of pictures for me to look at, so I felt very comfortable with his experience level.

I am 37 and have 5 kids (3 boys and twin girls). I'm 5 feet tall and pre-surgery weighed 109. I'm down to 103 but my ideal weight for my frame is 105. My appetite is coming back, so those two pounds will be back shortly!

The main reason I'm sharing my story is breastfeeding. I've read this site for months, and found so many helpful reviews, especially other twin moms with twin skin and large muscle separation. But I haven't seen any other women still breastfeeding before and after surgery, so I want to share that it is totally doable, and give encouragement. My twins are 21 months old, and night weaned, but still nursing about 4 times during the day. I had one overnight stay in the hospital and was concerned about a possible plugged duct/mastitis. I made sure to talk to my PS ahead of time about breastfeeding, which I'm pretty sure was a first for him, and I also called the hospital and coordinated with the lactation consultant to have a breastpump brought to my room post-surgery. Everyone was wonderful. The day of surgery I talked to the anesthesiologist and the medications and breastfeeding - the anesthesia was not an issue, as it would be out of my system before I got home, and the Percocet I was prescribed IS safe to take while breastfeeding. It peaks in milk about 2-3 hours after you take it, so time feedings accordingly and it's fine. The most important thing is to plan ahead and communicate so everyone understands the situation. I pumped about 4 times in the hospital, so no plugged ducts or mastitis.

As far as my surgery and recovery, it has been so much easier than I was prepared for, and for that I am eternally grateful! I was scared, like we all get. I booked my surgery last spring, and was originally supposed to have it Dec 18th 2012, but got the flu and had to reschedule. So i had a REALLY long time to think about it, and stress over it, and obsess over it, and tell myself I didn't need it. But I carried my twins full term, and they were 6 lbs each, and I'm 5 feet tall. I gained 60 pounds. There was no way my stomach could recover from that! I run and am thin and in shape, but my stomach still looked pregnant and it made me really sad.

So, I did it and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. My surgery was at 1 pm, and I was in my room by 4pm. When I first woke up in recovery I felt a lot of burning in the incision and my belly button, so they gave me demerol, which pretty much knocked me out. After that I never really felt much pain. I took 1 percocet every 4 hours that night, and was fine.

The next day I was home by about 10:30 am, nursed my girls (carefully, one at a time, while my husband was there to make sure they didn't accidentally hurt me), and took my last percocet at 11 am. After that I never felt like I needed it, plus I was starting to get itchy and constipated. I switched to extra strength tylenol, and was totally fine. (I do have a high pain tolerance.)

I have had no issues with my recovery. I do still have swelling, but nothing extreme. I hate my binder and CG, and plan to immediately ditch them at 6 weeks when my PS gives the green light. One of the reasons I like him so much is he tells me to trust my body with everything - driving, picking up my babies (20 lbs each), exercise, etc. There is no "one size fits all" to recovery. I'm not going to do anything stupid to jack up his excellent work, but I'm not going to live in a bubble either!

I'm so so happy with my results, and my surgeon. So happy that I'm still breastfeeding, and my life is back to normal. I'm not running yet, going to be a few more weeks I think until I'm able to do that, and my energy isn't 100%. But I homeschool my kids, and have been here on my own since 2 weeks postop, when my parents went home and my husband went back to work.

I'd be happy to answer any questions, and would like to thank everyone who posts reviews as they were invaluable to me!

3 weeks post op today. I've lost a total of 4...

3 weeks post op today. I've lost a total of 4 inches off my waist, and still have some swelling!

3.5 weeks postop - got my tape off two days ago....

3.5 weeks postop - got my tape off two days ago. Incision looks great, very thin. A little high on the sides but it will drop. I have no complaints!

I went out yesterday for a haircut and errands and only wore spanx. I did swell, but nothing horrible, and it felt great to wear my jeans and a fitted shirt! My jeans are too big in the waist now.

I hardly think about my stomach or surgery already, and it hasn't even been a month. I get the pings and zings of reconnecting nerves, and I'm still definitely not ready to start running, but normal life is in full swing. Still ecstatic with my results!

4 weeks postop today! Still have some swelling...

4 weeks postop today! Still have some swelling but it's not bad. I started scar therapy (Mederma) last week. I only wear compression if I'm out of the house all day, not at night at all. If I'm home all day I put it on in the afternoon. It doesn't really reduce swelling but it makes it less uncomfortable.

Energy is almost 100%, and I'm hoping to start (slowly) running in the next 2 weeks.

5.5 weeks postop. Took my new stomach out shopping...

5.5 weeks postop. Took my new stomach out shopping today, had a blast! Fitted shirts look awesome now that I'm a hottie. ;)

I plan to start running next week. I still swell during the day, but even at the end of the day I look waaaaay better than pre-surg. No complaints.

6 weeks postop! I have some new stretch marks...

6 weeks postop! I have some new stretch marks below my belly button, but ask me how much I care? That's right, not a damn bit. I'll still be rocking a bikini this summer!

I forgot to say I've lost another inch off my...

I forgot to say I've lost another inch off my waist, for a total of 5 inches. Pre-surgery my natural waist was 30 inches, now it's 25 inches.

12 weeks postop today! I went to FL 2 weeks ago...

12 weeks postop today! I went to FL 2 weeks ago and wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years. It felt great and I looked hot. ;)

I've had a lot of swelling at night the past few days, for no apparent reason. And I'm still more swollen now than I was at 6 weeks, but that seems normal from what I've read. I feel great and love the things I can wear now.

My waist is just under 25 inches.
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