53. Tummy Tuck - Lipo on Hips and Pulsed CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Under Eyes - FOUR WEEKS UNTIL PROCEDURE! - Annandale, VA

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Four Weeks Until Procedure Countdown! I've been...

Four Weeks Until Procedure Countdown!

I've been prepping for this procedure for the two months. I mulled over having it done for the last year but then made the commitment to jump in after struggling for the last three years to get my body back to a pre-menopausal - no stomach/wider hips place! I have been super vigilant about my vitamins, exercise and diet since the beginning of June. Super vigilant to me is not going to extremes, just being aware and balanced. I wanted to be stronger physically as well as mentally strong after doing lots of reading on this site as to what to expect with recovery.

My four week pre-surgery plan now.

1) Stay with the vitamins and exericse/diet.

2) Weaned off of diet coke. My one true vice. I am down to one a day as opposed to...not fessing up on that...but I plan to be totally soda free in two more weeks. Sodium in the soda's will be counter to healing and keeping swelling down.

3) I am a clean freak so, massive getting the house prepped for me not being able to do my normal blitz on keeping things straight.

4) Getting lots of reading lined up, funny movies, and art/grown up coloring books that are now the rage to keep my mind busy while sitting.

5) Finishing up any summer projects around the house so their incomplete status wont bug the hell out of me if I am sitting there or gimping around the house looking at them and try and do something stupid like fix something before I should.

6) Ordered a new piece of exercise equipment which is being delivered today! Super excited to have it. Its called the Supreme Toning Tower". Good for barre exercises/pilates like movements. Once I am given the go ahead to start exercising post surgery I want to be ready and I will have four weeks now prior to get the grove my new piece of equipment.

That's it! All in all - for anyone who is doing this, everyone is different about how they approach big changes in their life. I over prepare. Don't be shy about realizing your needs and indulge in them. The recovery is a marathon, not a sprint and from everything I have read, you need to prepare.

Keep you posted!
Annandale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. James French from the Center For Plastic Surgery in Annandale, Va is a rare mix of great physician with such a human side, personal, personable but an absolute professional to the end. He humors you and all while making you feel safe with any anxieties and concerns you have. Its a mix that worked for me. This will be my second and final procedure performed by Dr. French. I had a face lift last September which by all who know me, did not know I had it done other than people commenting about how "wonderful I looked these days". The staff is very professional and strives hard to work with you regarding your concerns and needs. At one point I expressed feeling embarrassed and "vain" for doing the procedures and everyone of the female staff in the room immediately told me the various procedures they had had done or would do when they reached a certain age. No judgement, just comfort and friendliness. I would recommend this practice highly and especially Dr. Jame French

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