38, Mom of Two-Year-Old Twins, Ready for My Husband to See Me Naked Again - Ann Arbor, MI

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Super excited and incredibly nervous! I can...

Super excited and incredibly nervous! I can believe it's just three weeks away. I'm driving myself bonkers thinking about it. I wish I could just relax and focus on the positive: a flat and toned tummy! I'm having a TT with Dr Sherick in Ann Arbor at the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. I haven't seen any reviews here on him, but if anyone has had a procedure done with him or another surgeon at their office, would love some feedback. I have two year old twins so I am a little worried about the toll recovery time will take on my husband and family. I think it will be difficult trying to keep my babies at bay since they love to jump on mommy and be held.

This site had been a tremendous resource and has really been useful in helping me prepare. Thanks to all for sharing your stories through the process. I have my pre-op next week, so hoping my nerves will be set at ease and I can finally get some sleep. I have been letting my mind get the best of me, and am just really hoping my recovery is somewhat normal. A low, flat and straight scar would be even better.

Best of luck and a speedy recovery to those about to take the plunge with me, and thanks again to all who have shared their journeys here!

Pre-op Tomorrow!

Looking for some reassurance from my PS tomorrow about my upcoming TT. Does anyone have any advice in terms of questions I should be asking? Thanks!

Pre-op Over, Surgery Paid!

I'm surprising calm following my pre-op this afternoon. Best news I got was no drains! Yay!

Got my questions answered about diet, vitamins, and surgical supplies. PS said no need to go buy any steri strips or related medical supplies as they will provide all the things I need after survey. That also goes for the compression garment. Got the pain meds I wanted and Doc was nice enough to give me a script for Xanax to take the night before surgery (just in case).

It also helped that my PS' assistant had this procedure done so she was extremely helpful about recovery and how to handle small children.

Anyway, now I just have to remain calm for the next two weeks, right? LOL

I brought a pair of new Bikini bottoms to make sure he was aware of how low I want my scar. When I first met with him (a little less than a year ago) he wasn't sure if he could go as low as my C-section scar, but today he confirmed he could. Glad we can use the existing scar. I got marked up but there are so many lines everywhere I look like a roadmap.

Doc is also going to correct my umbilical hernia at no charge so he is racking up points! :)

The Ugly Truth

Took the this morning... Blah!

Mark up

I got my mark ups at my pre-op, new hip-higher bikini bottoms in hand so doc was aware of my preferred "style." So the top line under the belly button is the top of my bikini, third line is where doc will make the incision (right along my C-section scar) and second line is how high my scar will likely end up. I'm sure many have already commented and are aware that after all the pulling/ stretching of skin, and where the PS will rejoin the belly tissue; the scar will come up a bit compared to the initial incision. I was also told my PS will have to make a slight vertical cut at the bottom (I can't remember exactly why, but something to do with the joining of the skin). Getting excited but OMG so nervous!!!

Mark Up

Tomorrow it's ON!

Just a few more hours! I'm super scared but much more excited about moving on to the next phase and seeing my results. I know recovery will be a hard road but again I'm just trying to focus on long term (the flat side)! I'll update as soon as I am able.


Not going to lie I feel awful today. I felt really good the day of the surgery, was walking around on my own, going to the bathroom ok, even walked to the hospital vending machine at 2am. But holy smoked am I hurting today. I am SO glad I spent the first night in the hospital, highly recommend it to anyone who can spend the extra money. Nothing like 24-hour care when you are a big baby like me. Plus they make sure you stay ahead of the pain (something I'm learning the hard way now that I'm back at home). My PS came and visited me yesterday morning before discharging me. Looked at my belly and told me how things went well as I had no recollection of our convo right after I came out surgery. Said he found a second hernia so he fixed that as well. I told him that I was having extreme soreness near my breast plate (thinking it was from the CG) but he said my recti diastasis was ripped all the way up so that is where had to start the muscle repair. My incision doesn't even really hurt it's my sides, back and pubic bone that are in agony. Standing up is a nightmare, but waking really isn't bad one I get moving. I feel like I did a gazillion crunches. I took a pic when I was at the hospital but still hard to see what's going on. When my PS came the next morning to look at my BB and lifted the band aid I almost puked. He seemed happy with it so I guess that's all that matters. Just looks like a bloody hole to me. Said I need to keep ointment on it (what are others using on their BB?) and to change the band aid position around as to not irritate the same spot on my tummy with the adhesive. Said I should be good to take a shower today and to leave my incision tape alone. Suppose to just fall off on its own. So nervousness to see what's underneath! Pray the cut is thin and somewhat even. I hope I don't sound too gloom and doom, I'm definitely happy with how flat I already am, despite the mega bloating. Today is just a rough one. Last night around 5pm Is when things started to hit me. I wonder if the anesthesia has anything to do with blocking pain and that's why I felt so good Friday. So hard too with my twins too now that I'm home, trying to keep them away. I feel bad I can't help my husband. I'm sure it will get better each day. Thanks to all for the well wishes and support!!


Took this at the hospital about 10 hours post op

Four days post op

Finally got the strength to take a shower for the first time: AH-mazig. Felt great afterwards. Swollen and sore, pain is about a 7. TG for my mom and hubby because I am useless in terms of caring for my twins. Feel horrible and I can tell it's taking a toll on my husband. Would be great if I could have a BM. Four days now and I've tried everything.

First post-op appointment was yesterday...

Doc says things are progressing well. His staff was cheering me on as I did my granny walk to the room. BTW the staff there are the most caring and sincere individuals. Dr Sherick's assistant Jenny is a star in her own right, really made a difference before and the day of my surgery. Anyway, I saw my incision for the first time -- was so pleasantly surprised! It was not nearly as gruesome as I had anticipated. Doc did an amazing job. Said he'd like to see my BB healing a bit faster but nothing to worry about. My BB BTW is gruesome looking. I try not to study it much and have kept a band aid on it all times (except when showering). Switched from Bacitracin to Neosporen today, so perhaps that will speed up healing. I've been totally overdoing it the past few days and my insanely swollen belly is to show for it. I've been feeling really good so I've been changing diapers, making meals, dragging crap out of the garage for my kids, and by 7-8pm I am completely wiped out and in pain. Yesterday I really overdid it, played hide and seek with my twins, did some light cleaning, went to lunch with a friend, then my dad came and took me to my appt., then got home I danced a little (standing in place) with my twins to our favorite Wiggles jam and then at 7:30 I was in so much pain, I thought I had severely done some internal damage. So while I have been recovering much better than expected I really need to cool out, even though I feel pretty great. My biggest issue by far is back pain. All the hunching over is wreaking havoc. Plus the only time I seem to be sitting or laying down is after my kids go to bed. Despite all the amazing help I have at home, I just feel so guilty not chipping in around the house/kids. Plus I absolutely hate wearing the binder, but doc says at least one more week on non-stop wear. No point in even posting a photo because I am so swollen, it wouldn't impress anyone. Quick question, did others notice swelling in their thighs? LOL I can't figure out if mine are swollen or if they've always been that big but I didn't notice now that my tummy is flat. They seem enormous to me!

Just about six weeks post...

My BB is healing slowly but I am so happy to see a flat tummy in the mirror and to once again have an innie!
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