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I'm getting excited. My pre op is on the 19th....

I'm getting excited. My pre op is on the 19th. Seems like all I do is think about what's going to happen, how i'm going to feel and is it going to be worth it!!! Ive done so much research on this. I had a hysterectomy when I was 26 so this will also help get rid of this scar. I'm looking forward to being on the "flat side" again.

PO tomorrow!!

Oh i'm getting so nervous!! I'm just trying to remember if I have any questions to ask?? lol

PO Today!

I had my po appt today! Uggh man reading all the scary stuff lol. Makes me excited and nervous!! Only 22 more days. So excited!

Time to quit!

Ok i'm 15 days from my surgery. I have to quit smoking cold turkey. Does anyone have any advice on how they quit, and what did you do to help quit? Thanks


It's getting so close! I'm 7 days away from surgery. I'm already getting really nervous! I'm trying to quit smoking and boy it's a little stressful! But hey i'm trying. I need all the encouragement I could get. Ahhh so close :)


Oh boy nerves are getting to me! I don't even think I have everything. Can someone give me some ideas on what I need? Ahhh so excited.

I made it!!!

Made it to the flat side! Left my house at 7:30am and got there about 8:15. Went back to get my lovely gown on. Took a couple times to get a good vein. Then I started to get really nervous so the Dr. Made his marks and let me have the good stuff. Instead of my surgery being 2 1/2 hours it was 3 1/2 hours long. Did a little more lipo then I wanted but i'm sure i'll be fine. Cant wait to see everything. Thanks so much for all the prayers. Good luck to everyone!


Little sore

Well had my surgery was yesterday and went great. It was supposed to be 2 1/2 hours and ended up being 3 1/2 hours. Which I think he did more lipo, which i"m ok with that lol. All in all i'm feeling pretty good. I only came home with one drain instead of 2. But i've only had to empty it one time today. I can't wait to shower tomorrow. Well meds are kicking in again so i'll try to post tomorrow. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers.

Ready for my shower!!!

Oh i'm ready for my shower!! But gotta wait until my hubby gets home from work. Today i've been able to get up on my own, which was one time this morning lol. I'm also feeling really itchy! But other then that i'm feeling pretty good. Just keeping up on the pain pills. I'll try and post pics tonight after my shower!!


Sometimes you wonder why you put yourself through this stuff. Just a depressing day. Still in pain. I go see the Dr. on monday. Hoping to get rid of this dumb drain. I think I would feel ten times better if it wasn't there. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Finally got out of the house today! Boy did it feel great, but man it wore me out. I have a Dr Appt tomorrow. I'm really hoping that I get my DT out! This thing is a pain in the butt! I am feeling better everyday! I've seen my new tummy, and it's still pretty swollen but that's to be expected. Hope you all have had a wonderful day!


Drain is out!!

Well Saturday was a rough day a long with Sunday. I was taking a shower and my tube thing dropped out of my hand and hit the ground. Let me tell ya that hurt. Well then it started bleeding from the site where they had inserted it. Then it quit. Sunday it started bleeding again. So yesterday (MONDAY) I had a check up. They took my tube and that is probably the best thing in the world. I almost passed out b/c it put my body in shock which is normal. They took out some of my stitches and they took off my steri strips. That was also a wonderful feeling. I'm feeling much better already. I think once you get that damn drain out you'll be good as gold lol. I did get to see what I look like and I really liked the results. Did a little more lipo then what I wanted but i'm sure it will be worth it. I'm glad I finally turned a corner. I'll post some pics later hopefully and you all can see what I look like. OH I almost forgot. I'M SUPER ITCHY!!!!!


Night before and 1 week po. Don't mind the mess


Laxatives are my best friend! man o man. Make sure you start taking them ASAP!! It's very painful it you don't. Other then that i'm doing purdy good! Hope all is well.


Finally got out of the house today!!! It was so exciting yet so tiring. My hubby took me to kohls and I bought a dress! I NEVER wear them. I went from buying XL to Medium! I was too excited. Made my night. But I can feel the swelling, so tomorrow is a low key day. Night!!

Not sure

So today I was able to buy a new binder/spanx and I'm not to sure on how I feel about it. Kind of tight but i'm sure i'll get used to it. I feel bloated and feel like I did this surgery for nothing. Hoping things change.


Ugh feels like I did all of this for nothing!! My stomach is swelling and look like I did before the surgery. I know I'm probably being impatient but I don't like this..

3 weeks...

Wow it's been 3 weeks since i've had my surgery. I'm getting better everyday. But i'm swollen on one side still but i'm dealing with it. I still have scabs so i'm not able to do scar treatment yet. I still can't believe I had this done. I'll post some pics later, i'm being lazy haha.

4 weeks

Tuesday will mark 4 weeks since my surgery, and honestly I'm not happy. My right side is still swollen and really hard. I still have scabs so therefore I cannot do any scar treatment. Anyone else going through this?? It's making it very hard to stay positive.

Pics 4 weeks PO


Finally get to start scar treatment!! Went and had a check up today and everything is going great. He wants me to get a massage to help with some build up on my right side. Thinks that will help. I can go swimming now. I have to wait 2 more weeks before I can go back to a regular workout. I don't have to go back for 6 months. Here's some pics of the scar treatment.

2 months!

Wow it's been 2 months since my surgery! Still seeing results and loving it. Had my massage and that really seemed to help. I'll post pics later. Happy Healing

2 months

3 months

Wow it's been 3 months. Still have some swelling. But I'm feeling pretty confident now. So glad I got the surgery.
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon

Such a wonderful doctor! He called to ask how I was doing lastnight. Can't wait to see all of my results. Wonderful guy. The ladies in the office are all caring and they just make you feel like your at home.

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