23 Year Old African Rhino - Ann Arbor, MI

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My nose is really unique and I've always hated it...

My nose is really unique and I've always hated it and with my recent weight gain, the shape is now more pronounced. I'm scheduled to have the procedure completed in four months with Dr Malhotra of Ann Arbor. I wanted a surgeon that's family with African/ African American Rhino and he is the only one that is within proximity of my bugdget and city. I will update as I go.

4 Months before OP

Take pictures of myself every day, I feel like I am making a huge mistake but If I also don't do anything about it now, I'll live my life wondering "what if?" I am looking on here and I do not see anyone with a similar type of nose who had this procedure done. That actually scares me!

Fastly approaching!

Hi everyone!
My pre-op appointment is rapidly approaching with the scheduled date for August 1st. I am vert nervous- my bf is the only one who knows I'll undergo a nose surgery-he is not in support of it but willing to transport so I guess that's better.

I'll keep everyone updated. I'm also concerned that people will noticed but as this point I don't care at all.

Pre-op appointment

My pre-op appointment went well today, although I arrived late. I was waiting for the patient care coordinator who took an hour but I figured I missed my time slot when I was late.

Overall impression: My assigned patient care coordinator is never there for me as she always use the excuse of " I had so many client. Well my thought is if you are too busy to be available to talk before surgery, what does that say about your availability after my surgery when I need you the most? Well I ended up changing to another one and I am proud of my decision.
The new girl I met with today was trying to rush through my pre-op appointment. She said " we will be done in 10 minutes" I was like oh no! I did not drive her for 2 hours and paid almost $8000 for this. She instantly saw that I was irritated and slowed her process down- I spoke with her for about 2 hours.
She answered all of my questions but I did not see the Dr. was I supposed to? The nurse did give me my prescriptions.
I'm honestly really nervous but I must do this!

They canceled my surgery!

So the other day when I went to my pre-op appointment, I was in disbelief because of the lack of support I received from them. I brought it to their attention that it shouldn't be like that- I made the point that I should see the Dr. For my pre-op because the last time I saw him it was 6 months prior. I didn't feel comfortable that he was it there and it kind of made me nervous. I mean if they aren't being available now, what would it be after my surgery?
Anyways after I made my concerns known, I received a call from the Dr today saying that he won't be doing my surgery because HE doesn't think I'm ready and this is policy. I explained to him that I won't just go through with something without asking questions, making sure they'll be available, making sure the support will be there. Regardless of what I said, he persisted that I wasn't ready and canceled my surgery.

I am very upset because I took days off school and work to make myself available for this surgery. I don't know why he nor his staff told me about this policy or why he would even let me continue coming to the appointments ( I was there three times) if he felt that I wasn't ready. I feel that the only reason why he canceled my surgery is because I was asking a lot of questions- not because I wasn't ready because I was!
Well I guess I'll just keep looking. I'm highly disappointed at this because of how excited, nervous, and happy I was to be finally making this decision after years of thinking about it. I can surely said I can't say positive things about them anymore. I highly advise against going to them for anyone who is thinking about it.

For now, I'll just have to keep looking for Dr. So Let me know if you know of any in my area!

Another consultation with M. Azhar Ali

Hi everyone!
So per recommendations of "toya8086" I'll go to see the above mentioned Dr. on August 22, 2016. I feel that my nose is honderous and because of that, I'll need a skilled Dr. who does not just promise but also believe that he can deliver the results I'm looking for. I am not looking for perfection but improvement. I'll keep all updated after my consultation but in the meantime if you know of anything please let me know!

Consultation with Dr Mae-September 2nd!

Yesterday 8/22/16 I went to another consultation with Dr Mae. He was so welcoming and explained the procedure in details. He even measured my nose!!

He did however, suggested that I/he use a cadaver cartilage( a deceased persons rib cartilage) to build my bridge. I agree but upon further research, I learned that it can relapse/or my immune system can reject it( not sure what this means?) after awhile and secondary revision may be needed- I don't have the money or time for that!

Are you all familiar with this? What are your thoughts surrounding using someone else's, a deceased person at that cartilage? Let me know!

Starting to think God does not want me to do this

I am starting to think God does not want me to do this because everything keep resulting unsuccessfully. I received a call back today from Dr. Mae' s nurse saying that he is unable to do the surgery on September 2nd. I am thinking about not going through with the surgery but my nose continues to brother me so much. Like today when I was talking to a lady and she was grabbing HER nose the whole time as if I my nose was bothering her.

I did it

So because I work and getting my master full time, I didn't know when I'll have time again to do this procedure because of the responsibilities I hve with both work and school. I went to my consultation on August 25,16 and decided to do it. After many disappointments and unforeseen circumstances, I started feeling like I mentioned above that God didn't want me to do this. Never the less yesterday, September 1st, 2016, my Bf took me there to the surgery center and Dr Ali performed my surgery . He was going to use my ear cartilage but ended up not using it stating that I had enough cartilage with my nose so he used that instead.

Progress thus far: so I'm dehydrated a lot, I am not in a lot of pain as I anticipated and prepared myself for. My eyes are not swollen like I expected them to be. There's a bandage/napkin looking like white stuff covering my nose right now but not around the nostrils-I feel that this means he didn't do a good job? What do you think is this normal?

I've been trying to stay away from the mirrors as I don't want to have a mental break down. I'll remove the napkin looking like thing today and upload the pics. Let me know what you all think! But I completely hate my nose because I went from wide nose to piggy nose. Well I made my choice and now I must deal with it.
FYI: I'm completely medicated so this message me have grammatical errors so try your best to read it without judgements!!!!

Hate my nose. Wish I never did this.

I want to hide in my room forever . I look like a pig now and I'm feeling like there's too much air going through my nose.

Mrs. Piggy!

Hi everyone,
My cast was off two weeks ago and this is what I look like after it-like a pig. I feel like I've messed up my face chasing vanity. Well I made my bed and I have to lie in it. I'm patient tho so hopefully I look better a year from now.


Hey ladies-
First, thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement. I seriously would have lost my mind if I was not reviving this much support.

Progress: I'm still very swollen- same days are better and some are worst. I've limit the amount to time I look in the mirror each day and this seems to help.

My nose is not where or look how I want it but I'm being patient. Today (9/23/16) I put in my make-up and I didn't look as piggy. Regardless of anything, I have hope that it'll look better. I'll just have to be patient-and trust me, that's not my best virtue.

One month

So it has been a month now since my surgery and I think I'm healing okay. My nose is dropping I think. My boss asked me this morning if I had a nose job-I just her no that it is just my hair. Not that I care but her audacity!
Anyways I don't miss my old nose- I miss the way I use to look but I'm more comfortable this way.
My tip is still very swollen and I have minor bleeding but so far so good .I have a lot of make-up on now but I like it so far!

Continued healing

Hi everyone!
This week has been rough. I worked out, more like ran 3 miles the other day and my nose was so swollen that I had to go back on my pain meds.

One thing that helped my healing thus far is this cream called "Victago". As you know l, I am from Western Africa and you know we use that thing for everything- it truly works miracles. I've been using that and it has helped decrease my swelling.

I am still very much swollen but I have days where I love my nose and days where I hate my nose. I also have days where the inside of my nose itches a lot but I put victago around it and it stops.

I'll continue to update this.

I feel beautiful

For the first time in my life, I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I love my results. I did not go back to the doctor because they kept changing my 6 weeks post rhino appointment and I am a graduate student, full time employee and have an internship so my availability is very limited!

Anyways, it's been good so far. I still have swelling but I see progress every month. I also fee like my Nostils aren't even but I am not going to ruin my face, I'm going to be satisfied with whatever I end up having . I must confess, I am thinking about a BBL or implants!

There motnhs

Hi ladies .....or gentlemen!

I am at the three months mark. While my nose looks great, my swelling have worsen. It's making me regret it but trying to stay positive!

I woke up this morning and saw that my nose was bleeding

Hi all,
I woke up this morning and there were blood everywhere from my nose. I didn't know what to do because I never returned for a check up since Dr. Ali kept canceling my appointments ( 4 times)

Additionally, I keep receiving additional bills from the hospital. This is what I sent to Dr Ali's office:

"The hospital sent my info to bill colllection. You told me you would get in touch with them. You asked me to scan the bill to you which I did. However, I never received or heard anything from you.

I know you all are busy and while Dr Ali is awesome, the service I have received from you all in regards to customer service is really poor. 1) I never returned for a check up because my appointments keep getting canceled, 2) my correspondence to you are never addressed and you never even bother returning my calls or emails----not even once.
I have been patient but I will no longer tolerate this as this is both regarding my records and health. Although it was voluntary, I am not asking for much here but to tell me if you spoke with the hospital and for you to tell me why I am receiving additional bills. The least you all can do is to let me know whether or not you got in touch with them.

So, unless you can explain why I have the remaining balance, and whether or not you will talk to them and address this with them, I plan on taking my own actions as well. Either way, I don't deserved to be ignored or having this sent to collection- especially since I was told everything was already paid for prior to completing the procedure. "

6 months after

Hi ladies,
Can't believe it has been six months already. So yes, I am still doing well. I experience occasional bleeding but nothing unbearable.
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon

I had the initial consultation in May and when I walked in, I felt welcome with Abby who is one of the patient care coordinator. She was really personal and shared her experiences with me as she too had several procedures done. When Dr. Malhotra walked in I did not feel supported or welcomed but he remained professional. I later returned to the office for a second consultation and felt so much better. I felt welcomed and have scheduled my next surgery for September​ 1st, 2016.

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