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About six weeks ago I scheduled my surgery for...

About six weeks ago I scheduled my surgery for 3/24. Today I went to see the surgeon for my pre-op appointment (and of course pre-pay). Since I'm 50 and a size 16/18, I'll be spending one night in hospital. Total cost 15K (7600 surgeon, 4200 one night hospital stay + OR fees, 2500 anesthesia). I was told to purchase some front closure sports bras and hi-waisted compression panties which I will need post-op starting around week 2.
Doc talked about possibly doing a vertical incision as well as the horizontal incision to help achieve the hour glass shape I'm wanting. He's going to make that decision on the table once he gets in and sees what he's working with. I'm fine with the extra scar if I get the shape I want. Anyone else getting a vertical?
I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. I'd love to hear from anyone else going through this - only one or two people outside my kids and mom know what I'm doing. What about you ladies - are you sharing with your peeps or keeping it to yourself for now?

See you on the boards! --Lola

SO EXCITED for this week!

I can't believe that in 48 short hours I will be in the recovery room post surgery!! Time is flying. I'm traveling this weekend and it has helped keep my mind off the upcoming surgery. I can't help but lay in bed at night and wonder "Will I be able to lay this way post surgery" "How much pain will I be in on Tuesday" I'm pretty anxious about moving around post-op what with a major abdominal incision (and we might go vertical too- he's deciding on the table) AND breast incisions. I'm thinking getting up and laying down are going to be hard for a few day. If anyone has been through this, please reply with some tips on this!!

The MD office said no ice/heat packs because of lack of sensation in the area - what do you guys think about that? I bought some ice packs and was planning on setting a time when I use them.

I'm sending prayers and good thoughts out to everyone who is having surgery this week.


Went to the PS to get marked up today! This is REAL - less than 12 hours and I'll be on the table! The markup was very interesting, PS was explaining to a 5th yr resident who will be in the OR with us tomorrow. It was very educational for me too, and 60% went over my head, but I got the gist of what he was saying. Cut here, fold here, lipo there. Very cool.

Day 1 Post op

I survived my surgery yesterday and had a planned overnight stay at the hospital. While I did sleep most of the time I did manage to stand up at the side of the bed. The hardest part is getting in and out of the bed. The morphine pump was a live-saver!

Today I woke up, ate a little bit, then sat up in the chair for most of the day. The pain is bearable and is much less that I was imaging! I got home this evening, took a pain pill then took a nap. I got up and went to the kitchen for dinner. I also emptied my drains by myself, so I was up for about one hour, which I think is fantastic for day +1. I'm swollen and a bit achy now, resting and watching tv. I have two binders on, one on my belly/waist and another on my chest. They need to stay on for a total of 48 hours and then I can shower.

I have to admit that I have peeked and WOW, so far even with the bruising and stitches all visible, I am very happy with the results! My belly is FLAT and the breast life is good, no more dangling!

4 weeks post op

Hi Everyone - sorry for the radio silence.
Week 1 post op, it was so hard to stand up the MD had to prescribe valium. My back was SCREAMING with muscle spasms. After about 3 days on the valium I could stand up on my own. I think that was the toughest thing.
Week 2 post op, I went back to work because I have a new job and had no time to take off. I took it really easy - only worked 3 days, but I would come home at 5pm and go straight to bed.
Week 3 was uneventful.
Week 4 - I cannot believe how much BETTER I feel! I have more energy and am almost back to my normal self. I'm still wearing my compression garments except for sleeping at night. Swelling isn't too bad, except at the incision site. My breasts are very sore though. Anyone know what is up with that?
All in all it was SO WORTH IT!! I'm so happy I did it. Hope everyone else is doing well.
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