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I'm only 2 days away and couldn't be more...

I'm only 2 days away and couldn't be more excited/nervous. I'm mostly nervous about the size being to small and the IV ! I don't do well with needles lol.also I'm paranoid that something will happen and effect me having the procedure that day. The nurses at the hospital have called twice now once to go over medical history and then someone called today to update my registration but the number is invalid and the name of the lady isn't known there so I'm scared. The lady I talked to and she said that maybe it had to do with the insurance or the payment for the anesthesiologist but my insurance isn't covering this and I've already paid in full and the office manager at my ps dr office told me that I had no extra charges that everything was taken care of. So I'm totally confused!

1day away!

Less than 24 hrs away and I'm so excited! Luckily my surgery is in the morning so I don't have to go super long without eating ! I'm doing 425cc under the muscle saline implants! Hope it's big enough and hope it's not too big eek!

Finally done!

I'm alive in extreme pain though! Woke up with blue lips and as white as a sheet. Got probably the maximum legal limit of drugs for nausea including a shot in my butt. I can barely move or do anything myself! Really sucks. Not taking my pain killers for fear of more nausea. Ahhhh, I'll try uploading pics soon I can't lift my arms like at all

Before surgery

about 30hrs post op

2days post op

Started taking pain meds been doing ok . now feeling nauseous again . Going to start my breast excercises when my girlfriend gets home and take a shower maybe I'll feel better tomorrow I'm hoping! Will update photos after shower !

2days post op

Implants making noises ?

Is it normal for saline implants to make noises only a few days after augumentation ? Mine are making a gurgling /sloshy noise lol

Day 3 post op

Pain is going away off the pain killers switched to extra strength Tylenol seems to be doing ok. As of last night I've had this pulling feeling on my left breast on the side by my arm pit maybe I pulled a muscle? Is this normal?

13 days post op

These photos were taken a few days ago but so far so good one side is still higher than the other but the dr is having me do excercises. I was cleared to burn my surgical bra and can now wear a t shirt bra a thin sports bra or no bra when I'm at home. Still some bruising but my stitches are almost completely dissolved. Got measured for fun at Victoria Secret and I'm a 32dd right now! Yay!! I have my 2nd follow up apt on the 6th and that's when I find out if I can wear a push up bra yet!

3weeks 2days post op

Feeling better and surprised that my job is not hurting my new girls! I do hair so it's just shocking that I can do everything like I could before with nothing but usual pain ! Such a relief. I had my 2nd post op apt on Monday and my left side is still higher! So I was given that god awful breast band to wear ! It is so uncomfortable ! But I'm wearing it as much as I can as recommended and doing my excersizes ! So according to my care coordinator at the office it can take a few weeks! Yuck! I'm ready for normal bras! Lol!

3weeks 2 days post op continued

I forgot to post pics of my incisions til now I'm pleased I think my dr did very well with my surgery! I just wish they were both the same! My right breast was a tiny but higher and bigger to begin with I was tiny to start off and he did 425 cc saline mentor smooth in both so I fear that the unevenness won't go away ;(

Yesterday was 4 weeks post op!

So I've been given a compression band to wear due to my left breast being higher. But then I remembered That my anatomy before surgery was a bit off to begin with. The left side was higher and smaller and that how it appears to be now. How long before this breast drops if it even will?my care coordinator is convinced that it will if I keep massaging them right . Fingers crossed.

1 month 1week &12days

Just updating everyone and to me everything still looks the same. I go for an apt on nov 10 as long as I don't have to work. Here's a pic.

Almost 2 months post op

No lie , I have boobie greed. I want more projection and clevage, I'm happy with them definitely better than before but not as happy as id be if they were bigger. I know next time down the road that's something I'll definitely do is go bigger, I can go without a bra but I don't because I don't have the clevage or projection I want :/ oh well! lol maybe by the time I actually pay them off Itll be time for a new pair. I do think I'll stick with saline though I love the look and feel of silicone as well I'm just scared of the risks of them.

New bras & a few old ones.

I've gone totally bra crazy ha. I have a shopping problem so don't judge. They're a range of sizes and some are from pre surgery never thought I would wear those again!

Before water park few weeks ago

Just shy of 3 months (12/18/14) how do they look? I know left is still higher it doesn't seem as it it will want to drop. Opinio

5 days shy of 3 months post op

Almost at my 3 month mark and well... My left Is still higher and smaller than the right.

Almost at 5months post op

Still high on the left side unfortunatey. I'd have to say that as of this point I'm rather disappointed. Took out a loan to get these done and now I'll be paying this off for years and I'm not even totally happy.

11 months 10 days post opp

Going on almost a year and they pretty much look the same to me. Started using silicone scar sheets on the incisions
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon

He is very kind and you can tell he loves his job. He's got many awards and recognitions and he is just overall a very like able person (:

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