32 Years Old Saline Under the Muscle Implants - Ann Arbor, MI

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I am 32 years old and have a 32 A cup breasts. My...

I am 32 years old and have a 32 A cup breasts. My breasts have filled out some over the years but as a adult with no children I have made the decision to take the leap and get breast implants. As a 5"6 125 lb female I am very active physically and in the past 5 years have done a lot to change my life style and become healthy and attractive. The one thing I cannot change through diet and exercise is my breast size. I have always been insecure about them and have worn padded bras to look good in clothes. I also have never liked the way breast implants look but through research i have found that you don't have to get huge unnatural looking breast implants and many of them look very natural. I want to go for the smaller more natural look. Definitely not gonna go for the go big or go home motto with my decision. I went to the consultation. Staff and doctor were very professional but I still have some questions. I felt a little rushed and the the Dr turned down my original request for 175 cc size implants. I re evaluated and went with the 225 cc. The sizing consultant told me it will look about 25 cc smaller then it does wearing the implants in the bra. She says the Dr is concerned that I wont be happy enough with that small of an increase. It felt like a lot to me though and I don't want such a dramatic change.

PRE OP Pictures

Here are some pictures of my natural breasts.

I did it!!

My surgery went well. Everyone at the Henry Ford Alligience Center was wonderful and the pain is actually less then I expected. I have a normal appetite just groggy from the pain pills and not moving around a lot.

Before and After

The results

Breasts look and feel great. Most of the soreness is gone now and I am back to working 6 days a week without any issues. They still might fall a little but so far I am happy with them.

1 month post op

4 month post op

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