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I am size 44 DDD, have had large breasts since...

I am size 44 DDD, have had large breasts since puberty, but as I've aged and gained weight, breasts have become very large, painful back and heavy chest, ongoing rash beneath breasts. Things not getting better and I want to do the surgery before I get older. I want to be a C cup. I have been nervous about the decision to do this but since conducting research and reading about how others have done well with the surgery, I feel more confident about the procedure.

Question about hospital

Have you had the BR surgery out patient or did you have a hospital stay, I saw one post where a lady was in the hospital for two days.

Pre op Photos

I wanted to get a couple of pre op photos on the site, my pre op appointment is in a couple of weeks, I am both excited and nervous. My husband is just nervous!


Do Your Research

One thing I wanted to share with everyone is to do your research. Before I decided on Dr. Sherick, I had a consultation at another clinic (I won't name). This clinic required an immediate downpayment of $100. They had a lot of cutting edge equipment and technology but their surgical clinic was located about an hour-and-a-half away from my home - that is a long way to travel for surgery. Also they said that recovery time would be about three days! That if I had the surgery on Wednesday, I could be back to work on Monday. Now that I have done my research, I know that the minimum recovery is two weeks. Also, they switched surgeons on me - the whole thing just didn't feel right so I went for a consult with Dr. Sherick - I am SO happy that I did! He is extremely professional, my surgery will be done in an outpatient area of a hospital, not a stand alone clinic and Dr. Sherick has an outstanding reputation. By the way, the $100 was never refunded, but I'm not going to make a big deal of that. In the end, I am going to be very happy!

Pre-Op Appointment

Went for my pre-op appointment on January 20th. The nurse went through everything very thoroughly and reviewed my current medications told me what to take what not to take, for example vitamin E, aspirin, etc. My PS came in and was very casual, said the surgery wouldn't take at more than 2-3 hours, that I would be able to walk up the stairs afterward, no problem, I asked several questions I could tell he had probably heard them over and over! He made me feel more comfortable about the surgery because of the confidence he projected.

Getting Ready!

I've got everything ready for my surgery on Monday, February 9th. Got the pain prescription, anti-nausea medicine, Colace, anti-bacterial soap and Hibiclens. I've been thinking about buying an Xbox one for a while, so I did! I will put a TV in the room. I can't sleep in my regular bedroom because the bed is too high off the ground, my husband offered to make a step for me, but I'm afraid I would trip or something. I'm worried about sleeping on my back, I am a definite side sleeper. I will see how it goes!

Two More Days!

Two more days to go, I am nervous, just want to get it over with! I am addicted to this website, I am looking at the posts every night, this is so helpful. Everyone at work was so nice, wishing me well and telling me they will miss me while I'm gone. I got candy and a pre-prepared frozen dinner to fix while I am recovering, my co-worker is so sweet. The nurse called to give instructions, no eating after midnight, can have up to 16 oz. of clear liquid up until 8:30 AM. My surgery is scheduled for 12:30 PM I wish it was earlier! Take a shower with anti-bacterial soap, no lotions, etc. that's going to be hard my skin is so dry.
I will post more later.

On the Other Side!

Well, I had my surgery on Monday, February 9th. I opted to stay in the hospital afterward, my husband was worried because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I was fine staying over, went home on Tuesday. Had a rough couple of days Tuesday and Wednesday with nausea issues, I couldn't eat, Norco made me sick so got a new script from the doctor. Then, because I laid too long on the wrong side, got a severe pain in my hip yesterday! The good news is I feel better today, took a shower and saw my new boobies - oh my gosh they are so small - it is so hard to get used to that! When the doctor checked nipple sensation after the surgery, I could feel them very well. They look good, I will post pictures later. They are so high up on my chest! My husband has been so awesome just taking care of me, really wonderful. My sister came over to see me when I was discharged from the hospital, it was nice to see her too. I am sleeping on my back with a lot of pillows, this is working although I don't like to sleep on my back. I will post more later. The pain from the surgery has not been that bad, the nausea was worse and the "binder" I had to wear for 48 hours was awful, but now I am wearing my support bras.

Surgical Experience

I wanted to go back and post about the surgery experience, since it is the thing I was very interested about in reading the posts on RealSelf before I had my surgery. I checked in early (my surgery appointment was for 12:30 p.m. to be there at 11:15 a.m.) but we were there around 10:30 a.m. I was surprised they took me in right away. I needed to use the rest room but the sign on the door said if you were a female between the ages of 14 – 58 to check with the nurses. I did, she said any chance you are pregnant? I am 57 – I laughed and said no (I’ve been in menopause for a couple of years now), so no problem I was able to use the bathroom without a test, but for those of you at childbearing age, you will need to take a urine test.

Then they weighed me (yuck) and took me to a pre-op room, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Ann Arbor has a brand new outpatient surgery unit, very nice. They gave me a plastic bag to put my clothes and shoes in, my husband had an overnight bag for me (even though I was not planning on an overnight stay) I just had some animal crackers, a spare change of underwear (which I ended up needing), my wallet and cell phone and charger, and a spare support bra (I didn’t need). I put the gown on with the ties in the back, and left my panties on. The nurse came in and started the IV (unfortunately in my right hand, I should have asked to do it in the left hand). It was really nice because they numbed it before they started the IV, I never had that before. Then my husband came in and we talked for a while. Then my plastic surgeon came in with a resident he was training from University of Michigan (nice young man) to do the markings. I had to stand up for that, for some reason after a while, I got a little woozy, maybe a combination of not eating and nerves – knowing that “this is it!” Doctor said it’s ok, lay down take some deep breaths and I can finish this with you laying down.

Then the anesthesiologist came in to talk about the anesthesia and any issues I might have, asked me questions about dentures or bridges, anything loose I told him I don’t have any of that, he checked my mouth out very well. Then explained I would have a breathing tube to make sure I was getting enough oxygen and that he would be closely monitoring me and administering different drugs throughout the surgery. He had worked at the hospital for about 30 years I felt very comfortable that he was extremely competent and knew what he was doing.

After the markings were done, two surgical nurses came in to introduce themselves. One was a general surgical nurse and the other was the anesthesia nurse, both very nice. The anesthesia nurse said that I would be asleep very soon and that I wouldn’t know anything, I said that was good – just how I wanted it! Then she plugged in some medicine into my IV tube and told my husband to say goodbye to me. They wheeled me into the operating room, all I noticed were some really cool looking lights that were kind of in layers and had red edges – that was it I was out!

The next thing I knew was laying on a stretcher with my husband there – he and a nurse telling me to breathe. I was in and out and kept hearing an alarm go off, when it did, they told me to breathe. I had an oxygen mask on but I guess I tried to take it off, my husband told me to leave it on. The nurse asked if I wanted to stay overnight – my husband said he thought it would be best. I agreed. They put in nose prongs with oxygen and moved me to a room called “short stay unit.” I had my own room with a curtain over it and a TV in the corner. The nurses checked on me frequently – I asked for something to eat and they brought me jello, my husband brought me a Diet Coke, and they gave me some ice water. I had brought animal crackers but my mouth was so dry they stuck like glue in my mouth – I suggest no crackers or anything right away the jello was great as well as the ice water! My husband then left to go feed our dog, I told him to stay home and get some rest, he was worn out. I was able to text my family and friends a short text to tell them I was ok and that I was going to stay in the hospital overnight. I had this really tight binder on, it was kind of cute it looked like a smock top, pink with flowers on it and really super Velcro down the front – it went from the top of my chest to the bottom of my stomach. I looked down and it was like – where did my boobs go??? Whoa! The resident who helped mark me came in with two other residents and checked the surgery – I told him wow you work long hours, he just laughed and said yes! Everything looked good and I had good nipple sensation. The nurse came and gave me a shot of heparin to avoid blood clots and gave me another shot in the morning. I slept in and out all night, but other people in the ward would yell out in pain so I would wake up (I prayed for them to feel better) or I would hear someone snore, I am a light sleeper. But they gave me pain pills, again checking my vitals frequently. In the morning, I asked for some breakfast, sounded like a good idea but I couldn’t eat much, everything tasted like paper. I was able to eat some cereal and drink some coffee and orange juice. The resident came in again to check on me with another female resident, and signed discharge papers for me. After a while, a nurse came to take the IV out, I was so happy because blood was backing up – it sucked having it in my right hand, hard to eat and text, etc. Then they wheeled me out and I came home. I had a little travel pillow and blanket in the car and sat in the back seat – my husband drove as carefully as he could so there would be a little jouncing as possible. So this is my surgery story! I hope this is helpful, it was the thing I was most curious about before my surgery.

Post Op Pictures

Here are some post op pictures

Stitches out!

Well, got my stitches out, a couple of areas really did sting/hurt a bit but it was over quickly. I have some sores underneath, but the nurse said not to worry just put some bactrin on it - most likely skin irritation from the surgical tape. I am happy with my results!

More pictures

Three Week Check Up

I had my three week check up today. My doctor said that everything looks good, I have a couple of areas under the right breast that need to heal a little more, he wants me to put Vaseline on it not Bactrin. He also said I can sleep without a bra, that's going to be weird! Two weeks after next Monday I don't have to wear sports bras anymore either, although I kind of like them now. My next appointment is in a month. I am still a little tender and sensitive, but I am sure it will get better and better every day!

Five Weeks After Surgery

I went on a business trip last week, everything went well except when I got to the hotel at night I had a little bleeding under my right breast but it stopped fairly quickly. This week all the open areas under the right breast have healed up and I have scabs, things are going well. I still feel tender and sore and have to be careful at night about no pressure on them - I am happy with my progress. My next follow up appointment is on March 31st. I can't wait to take a bath, but have to wait for that. At the end of April I am going somewhere warm where there is a swimming pool it will be nice to go swimming. People at work have remarked how it looks like I've lost 20 pounds! I am in the process of replacing my clothes most don't fit anymore, oddly not even my pants, I am at least two sizes smaller there too. :)

Updated pictures

Two-and-a half Month Post Surgery

Here are some updated pictures. I have a little bit of a "dog ear" on my right side.

I love my boobs!

I just have to say that I am really so happy with my boobs - my gosh I can go bra less and they look great I haven't been able to do that in ages! I can wear camis with bras in them how nice! I can shop in the regular clothes sizes and there is so much more choice. Wonderful!

Discovered an odd thing...

I just now found that I have no feeling on my skin below my nipple and to the left on left breast and right on right breast. My nipples have great sensation, but odd I never noticed that lack of feeling on the skin under my nipples. Does anyone else have that? It's not a big deal, just weird.

Well it's been 6 months!

It has been six months. I feel really good, there are times I still can't believe that I had this surgery!

Every now and again, I still feel little pains here and there and I still have to be careful of how I lay in bed - not to stretch the scars. My scars are healing well and my breasts are more natural looking, not so swollen. I have settled into a size C cup - perfect! So nice to shop in normal women's sizes, really enjoying that!

Great doctor, very kind, understanding and extremely competent at his job. I am very, very happy with the outcome of my surgery.

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