36 Years Old, 3500 Grafts. Turkey, TR

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I have had a previous Hair transplant of 2700 fut....

I have had a previous Hair transplant of 2700 fut. This was done in London with Dr May in 2014, I felt that this was not as good as I expected and the results were not as hoped.

After researching and contemplating on if I should have any further work, I decided to take the plunge and picked Dr. Civas in Ankara to do the transplant.


Everything went well with my transplant, from pick up at airport to going home. I would definitely recommend Civas Surgery. I have attached some photos. The scar at the back is from my previous fut surgery.

I will update photos after 90 days

More photos

3500 Fue turkey

I am now at the 3 month mark and so far so good. Happy with the progression and still very early on. I have updates from the 3 month mark.

4 months

Hi there it's been 4 months since my procedure now and I have taken some shots of how it's looking. So far I am happy with everything, the hair seems to be coming on nicely and I can feel new hairs coming all the time. Still getting small scabs on my crown, not sure if this is normal or not?

5 Months

Here are the latest photos from my 5 month update. Still pleased with the progress being made, scabs are starting to fade away now. Just had the odd one or two. The donor area seems to have healed completely and the redness is also disappearing for the recipient area.

Latest photos

Hi here are my 6 month photos to share. Growth seems to have really come on this last month and it seems to have thickened up a little as well. Very happy with how everything has gone thus far and looking forward to the next 6 months growth. Happy to answer any questions.


Here are my latest photos for the 7 month update. The hair is really thickening up nicely now, still a bit of work to do in the crown area I think. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer best I can. Thanks


I have not really noticed a big difference this month but have posted pics anyway for you to decide. Looking forward to the next few months though should be looking good hopefully

Late update sorry guys

Hi here is my 10 month update.... Bit late with the pictures but hey ho. All going well, really happy with areas had done. Just contemplating on if I should have some grafts put in back crown area or to maybe have tattooing done there to give the look of a full crown. Thoughts????

Nearly at the 12 month mark

Think the hair has really come this last month and has thickened up nicely. Has a lot of comments last few days on my hair so it is really pleasing. Hope the next couple of months will just add to this... hear are my pictures for you people to see anyway. Thanks for looking and sharing your views it is appreciated.

1 Year update

Well can't believe it's been 12 month since my operation, it really has gone fast and also a lot of growth from day 1. Hopefully some more to come in the next couple of months so will keep posting updates.
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