20 Year Old College Student Breast Reduction! I love talking, encouraging, and helping others like me!

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It seems as though my boobs have grown every year...

It seems as though my boobs have grown every year since my Junior year of high school! Their size before my reduction was a DDD/E cup. I struggled every day with self image, I have a very small waist and then very large boobs! I couldn't find anything to wear without looking completely inappropriate and I would find myself crying on a regular basis about them. My last straw was when I went dress shopping with my older sister for her wedding, we were trying on my maid of honor dress and we had to go up 4 sizes because the zipper would not zip for my boobs. I wear a size 3/4 and I had get a size 10 dress. I was so self conscious about everything. It took a lot of research just to find a swimsuit that would cover me, not to mention it was expensive. I asked my mom if she could set me up for a doctors app. with my regular doctor and my mom was very supportive about it. My doctor agreed that I needed it and sent me to a surgeon about 20 min from my house! On my sisters wedding day I was getting my hair done by the hair stylist and I had on a T-shirt, one of the bridesmaids said "Jessica put this tank top on first so you don't mess your hair up when you take your shirt off". I was uneasy but did it anyway, I looked like a complete, and there is no other way to say this, skank :( I wanted to cry, it was way to small because the girl who gave it to me was an A cup, everybody that was standing there started to carry on about how big they were. Not to mention the photographers and videographers all around. Even though I only had to wear it until changing into my (4 sizes up) dress I was still completely mortified. My breast reduction was the Wednesday after the wedding and at that exact moment I wanted to run to the hospital and say "take them off right now!"

A few short days later I found myself walking into the hospital with my incredible mother, in a buddle of excitement and nerves! My surgery was scheduled for 9 a.m. and we got there about 15-20 minutes early just incase. It was finally here, the day I have dreamed about for so long! They gave me stockings to wear so that I didn't get leg clots and so I slipped those on along with my gown. They put these plastic things around my legs that pumped air in and out to circulate blood during surgery, they they started my IV with calming medicine. I turned on the tv to wait and Americas Next Top Model was on. I was becoming so excited because all of the models on there had small boobs! I wanted to dance around right then! Within about 30 minutes my surgeon came in and started marking my chest for surgery, that's when she asked me about what size I wanted to be! Again I was itching with excitement! I laid back on the bed and another 30 or so minutes passed when the nurses came in to roll me away for surgery! They put the blue hat on my head and I started laughing at all of them for it. I had a lot of nurses and I think they enjoyed how much I laughed at things. On the way down the hall a nurse put some other medicine in my IV that made me start feeling really odd, but it was a cool feeling. I remember when we arrived into the operating room how big and crazy it looked in there. There were a lot of nurses preparing themselves everywhere. I remember saying "heyyyy everybodyyy!!!!" just like that hahaha and then they all said "hey Jessica!". It was the medicine talking in me lol. One of the male nurses asked me to scoot over onto the operating table after they pushed my bed next to it. They then put my arms out straight beside me and put these really heavy and somewhat hot blankets over them. That's all that I remember and I was then off into la la land. Then surgery lasted about 4 hours, it made my mom quite worried, but my doctor had made one of my boobs a C, then went to the other and made it a B, and then went back and made the other a B. I'm not quite sure why she did that, but that is what she told my mom. Mom said she came out to her grinning ear to ear. I didn't have to have drain tubes and evidently she was more than pleased at how well I did during surgery.

I remember being in recovery and not being able to open my eyes, and being in a good bit if pain. I could hear a nurse talking and they would ask if I was hurting and then they would put more medicine in my IV. They were extremely nice to me! I started to open my eyes a little when they started rolling me back to my mom. I don't remember anything until I got to my mom and she started rubbing my head and saying my name. My tongue felt like the size of a watermelon and felt like it could be a good replacement for a cactus. They gave me sprite, water, and one measly saltine cracker haha. Keep in mind that it was about 4:00 p.m. and I had not had anything to eat since about 9:00 p.m. the previous night. I thought it was weird though that I did not even want to eat really, I just felt as though I could drink about 12 gallons of water right then and there! I was extremely hot and sweaty and was overly thrilled when the nurse took off those stockings they made me wear! She said I had to wear them when I got back home though. They put a cold rag on my head and I went back to sleep. I don't remember anything until they woke me up and told me that it was time to go home! They helped me to the bathroom and helped me put my clothes on. I thought I would feel really weird about this but at that time I did not care. I felt very uncomfortable and extremely weird though in my chest, it was just a lot if soreness and heaviness. They wheeled me out to my car and helped me get in. I can honestly say that the worst part is just the ride home, every bump is extremely noticeable to say the least haha. My mom was so patient with me though and she drove really, really slow. In fact I think every driver around us was furious, if only they knew!

I don't remember much else from that day, my parents helped me into the recliner, that we still joke about because it's consider my "dads chair" and I'm still spending every hour of my time in it. I was very nauseous and would wake up every now and then to throw up :( And since I had not ate anything for a while it was nothing but fluids. My surgery was on a Wednesday and the worst day was Friday. My sister had just arrived back from her honey moon, they were staying the night and then heading back out the next day. Also my brother, his wife, and their newborn baby were there to greet my sister. Also my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend. They all gathered in the living room and that's where I have to sleep, in the recliner on my back. It was getting so loud, everybody talking and the baby crying. I had the worst migraine from the pain medicine and I was so sad and self conscious from not have had a shower, not being able to do my hair, being sweaty, etc. My boyfriend always notices when I'm on the brink of tears so he helped move me upstairs until they were able to leave and settle down. I laid on the bed in my room and was incredible uncomfortable. It was a really hard day for me.

The days after were better. I was sore and tired, frustrated for not being able to sleep on my back and not being able to do anything for myself. I hate asking people to help me and I always feel like an annoyance, but everybody in my family and my boyfriend were more than perfect to me. Something that was really hard for me was using the bathroom, I had a lot of trouble because I had to really concentrate to be able to pee. Mom said this was normal but I would cry every single time that I went to the bathroom. I don't know if it is like this for everybody but it was a struggle for me. Other than that I was just really tired, weak, sore, and uncomfortable. The rest of the time I spent on my phone, watching Netflix, or doing word searches my Grandma brought me haha. I'm so thrilled that my boyfriend spent so much time with me, I mean he is truly incredible. He would work 12 hour shifts at work and then come straight to my house and stay the night, then go back to work the next morning. He barely even went to his house. This part was really nice for me because my parents would never allow this under normal circumstances haha. As long as I was taking my medicine though, I was fine!

I was really nervous about taking a shower for the first time. My mom had me sit on a wooden stool in the bath tub and I wore my bathing suit bottoms so it wasn't too weird haha. She said "awe this reminds me of when you were little." I started to cry a little because of nerves and being emotional but it went great! We used body wash on everything but my chest, and then used antibacterial stuff that the doctor had given us before surgery, they had given us 2 but we only used 1 of them so we had an extra. My mom was really gentle and she tried to get some of the dried blood off which didn't hurt a bit! She put my gauze and hospital bra on and then brush/dried my hair for me, and I went back to my recliner!

Monday after surgery the doctor said I looked perfect! Which I didn't really feel all that perfect, she just meant that I was looking perfect for the time that had passed. She then said that the nurse would be in to remove the staples, and I started panicking! I only had 4 or 5 staples but I was still very nervous! And let me just say that it did not hurt one bit, which is crazy to me.

During the visit she told me I could use my arms more and I was thrilled! She said no pushing, pulling, lifting, driving, swimming, and stuff like that though. I just guess the whole arm thing only comes in to play for actually wearing a shirt that isn't button up hahaha. The rest of that week my mom had to go back to work and my boyfriend worked from 6-6 everyday so I spent all of my time alone in this recliner. I still had to be very careful with everything I did so I'll tell you now that all I ever got up for was to pee, or to get some water. I barely ate anything but crackers which my mom got on to me for. I still had trouble peeing as well. My friends would come occasionally throughout the day but I did spend most of the time sleeping, and watching tv.

I became real emotional the past few days. I've had good days where I feel really great and want do walk around more, but I also have terrible days where I am sore, tired, weak, and cranky! I became very overwhelmed when I saw my new boobs for the first time in the mirror, not gonna lie they looked odd! I love them so far and I am not regretting my surgery I am just not used to it at all. I feel at a bit of a loss kind of, and this is something that I never thought I would have a problem with. I hated my boobs with a passion but they had also been a part of who I was and now they are gone. I know that may seem strange, but I researched it online and found that other women who have had a breast reduction have experienced the same things! So I felt a lot better about everything! Like I said I would not take them surgery back I was just feeling a bit depressed, unsure, weird, and different. It is a big adjustment, a major change, and I think it is normal to have these emotional feelings now that I have read that other women have felt the same way.

Right now the hardest thing for me is to remember that it takes time and patience to heal! I have to remember all of the reasons that I decided to have this surgery, all if the benefits I will gain from it, and the happiness that is has brought me so far and will continue to bring me! I have to give myself time to heal properly and not look at them as though they will stay bruised and scarred forever. I have to remember that I will get better and that I will feel better after I am healed. I have had moments of sadness thinking and feeling unattractive with them right now. But I found this website, and it has brought me a great deal of relief from reading it. I also found blogs of women who have had the same type of emotional feelings, and days of being overwhelmed and a bit afraid. I am sharing this because I want to try and help the women who have had this surgery and may or may not have had these same feelings. You are not alone!

I am feeling a lot better about everything now, I love that I have made myself feel better and found things that encourage me and make me feel good about my decision! I am so excited about the days to come with my new boobs! I have a lot to look forward to now: the day the doctor tells me I can sleep on my stomach again hahaha, the day I can sleep in my bed and not the recliner, being able to run and work out again, being able to try on new bras and learning my new and official breast size, being able to wear shirts that are cute without feeling like I am revealing everything, swimsuit season, and I'm sure much much more!

Share with me and tell me about your story! If you've experienced the same or different things as me, questions you have if you have had or are thinking about having the surgery, or anything else! I'm not a doctor or anything I just love talking to other people who have had this surgery! Thank you for reading this novel of mine hahaha! Xoxoxo - Jessica

I took a ton of pictures, since I absolutely adore them, and I do photography. Hopefully these will help you. Granted I am only 12 days post operation, I took pictures before surgery, and every day after so that I can see the healing process. Hope this helps you.

20 year old Breast Reduction! 2nd Post Op Doctors Appointment!!

Two weeks Post Operation!

Today I had my 2nd post op doctor appointment and it went great! I had been worrying because my left nipple had complete sensation and my right nipple was still very numb. But I have been having really sharp pains in my right side the past few days and she said that was a great sign! The nerves are growing back in my right side and I might get my sensation back in that one soon. It's kind of like my boobs are recovering each on their own time and my left side just seemed to do it faster. I had really sharp pains in my left side at first and now it is time for my right side to start healing! Interesting to me!

She said that I don't have to wear gauze and neosporin anymore and that I could start rubbing cocoa butter or vitamin E on my cuts. Also, all I've been wearing since surgery are the hospital bra's they gave me and she said it was fine to just wear a normal sports bra during the day and then wear my hospital bra at night time. I don't know what size sports bra to wear so I put on this old one of mine that clasps in the front, I want to say that it is a D size maybe? My doctor said I was a large B and I still have swelling, but this bra is still too big for me! I'm so excited! I will put a picture of it up.

I feel really great today, I even felt well enough to do my hair for the first time since surgery! The only complaint that I have for today is that my left side has really sharp pains. But I just have to keep in mind that it is a good thing and that hopefully I will get sensation back on that side soon!

I have my 3rd post op appointment scheduled for July 8th and that is when she said that they were going to start me on scar treatment! Until then I just have to rub cocoa butter and wear a sports bra around the clock.

I forgot to ask my doctor if I could start laying on my side or something? Do any of you know when I can start laying on my stomach, because I am most definitely a stomach sleeper! I can't tell you how hard it is to sleep on my back. Also I've been living in this recliner since surgery and i'm kind of nervous about going back to sleeping in my bed, I don't want to accidentally roll over and hurt something. Does anybody have any suggestions about that?

I love talking to you guys so comment away and send me a message in my inbox or something! We can even swap emails or something if you would like!


A before and After I put together

Sharp pains, and questions! Update 2 weeks post operation.

Today I have been having more and sharp pains in my right side. It's weird because the entire underneath is still really numb so I am hoping to get feeling back soon! It still worries me. I'm taking another night in the recliner, still nervous to go back to my bed for some reason. I still get really tired when I do small things and it's kind of frustrating.

I'm going to try and go to a wedding for one of my boyfriends friends and I'm really nervous about it! Wondering what you guys have done as far as getting out if the house and doing something. Also not sure what to wear... I have a cotton bandeau just don't know if it's a good idea to wear that and a comfortable cotton dress. Ideas for that would be great!

I have been emailing some women about reductions and my story and I gathered some old before pictures that I will post! I also took pictures of how they look last night and today and I will post those as well.

Do any of you work? And at what point did you return to work. I still keep telling my boss that I will let her know when I can return. I still feel really tired and I don't know if I would be able to go back quite yet. Just wondering what you all thought.

I love talking so just message and comment away!

Love Jessica

2 weeks 2 days post op!!!! :))))

Okay so I have been feeling great! My mom bought me my first sports bra to wear and I love it! It's so little and I am just so happy and amazed that it fits! I have never been happier! I keep looking online at bathing suits, tops, and dresses. I cannot wait to start adding to my wardrobe once I heal and start living my life the way I have always dreamed. This really is a dream come true!

Personal question: My period is approaching on July 1st, just wondering if any of you have had yours. I usually get extremely sore in my boobs and was wondering how surgery effects this?

So happy to share my story and read all of yours! It's a good feeling that you're not alone.

Xoxo Jessica

19 days Post Op! :)

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't been posting much I've actually been feeling incredible and have been out and about a little bit! I went to a friends wedding Friday night and I was really worried about how I would feel but I was surprised at how well I did. It was about an hour drive away and I took a pillow for the ride, I got a little tired and sore but nothing too bad! The next day I went with my boyfriend to get his hair cut. And today we actually went shopping for him some new work pants since he got a new job and then we went out to eat! I know that doesn't seem like much but I am just doing a little at a time to build my energy back up! I'm really starting to feel like myself again.

Right now I'm just concerned about the swelling and the sensation. Just want to ask if any if you know just about how long the swelling lasts and if any of you still feel numb in spots? I feel like they were smaller the first week after surgery than they are now, or am I just crazy? I'm just anxious to know the actual size of them I guess and I feel like I can't tell now. I'm trying not to be impatient hehe but I can't help myself. I'm applying ice at night some, is that okay to do? I forgot to ask my doctor about it. And about the numbness, I still can't feel my right side but my left side is super sensitive. Whenever I put cocoa butter on them I still can't feel myself touch in certain spots. Not too worried just wondering :)

Also some scabs are starting to fall off and I'm super itchy! Trying not to scratch but it's really hard! I still will get a few sharp pains here and there but like I said I feel great! I'm so excited and so overwhelmed with happiness!

Still love talking to everybody so send me messages and what not :)



Hey everybody! I really enjoy all the positive comments! I'm feeling really great and I'm so anxious because I want to start running and working out again. Still numb in places and still get those dreaded sharp pains. Not too too sore but I can still feel it. I took some more pictures and did some before and after things. I LOVE looking at them side my side because you can really tell how big of a difference it is. I am so happy with this and so excited to start living life with small boobies! :)

So happy!

Yesterday at the mall I was just hanging out with my boyfriend trying to get out of the house a little. I decided to go into Victoria's Secret and I ended up finding a medium bandeau bra and a medium bathing suit. I did this on purpose because I won't know my cup size for a little while. I just wanted to carefully try them on to see how they would fit since I was feeling really good! I put them on and they fit perfectly and looked so good because it covered my scars. It felt so surreal and so incredible. I can't tell you that I have ever picked out a bathing suit top or a bandeau off a rack and it actually fit me. I started crying in disbelief that this was actually happening. I have been dreaming of this moment for so long, a moment where I can look in the mirror and feel confident and beautiful about myself. A moment where I can try something on at the store without having to special order it offline for a small fortune. A moment where I was truly comfortable in my own skin. I was so happy and it was probably one of the happiest moments in my life so far. This decision to have this surgery was by far the best decision I have ever made and I wouldn't take this back if I had to. I am so glad that I decided to do this at a young age despite all of the fear and worry I had to begin with. I can't wait to start living out my life the way that I have always pictured in my dreams. My dream now has finally come true and it still seems so surreal to me. Some people in my family such as my grandma and a few of my friends from work/school said that I would regret it. Jessica "you have what every girl dreams of" or sending me texts such as "are ya still glad you did it?" I understand that women are made to have boobs I GET IT that guys are attracted to big boobs I REALIZE that some people may think I am crazy. They don't live with the heavy weight that women with large boobs have to carry around with them everyday. Not just the weight of them but the emotional and mental weight of them as well. For me living my life would be having a smaller chest, being able to freely run/workout without the stabbing back pains, a rid of the self conscious thoughts about my image, and freedom to be able to wear what I please without the head turns I got from people. Today I feel incredible and I feel like I am on top of the world, I am so happy and so fortunate to have been able to have this surgery. I am also so glad that I went with what I wanted and didn't listen to the negativity. After all, the people who care the most about you won't care how big or small your boobs are. This surgery wasn't for anybody else except myself! I wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin for ME and at this moment in my life I feel like I can take on the world. I want all women who have ever felt the way that I did to remember these things, it's my soul purpose for writing about my experience on here... so that I can help others.

Tuesday I go back for my 3rd post op doctors appointment and I start my scar treatment. Wednesday will be 4 weeks since my surgery and I am so happy. I start work back Monday and I have been driving off and on this week. So thankful for all the comments, messages, and emails I have received since I made this page and I absolutely adore talking to you ladies. Keep sending me stuff I will be happy to answer any questions or just talk!

Xoxo Jessica


Hey guys! I was waiting to post until my 3rd post op appointment that was scheduled for today but, my doctor had to change it for some reason. I won't go until next Tuesday. I will share a few pictures though! My scars are starting to fade a little and some of the scabs have fallen off. I feel a lot better but I still get really sore! Still have no sensation on my right side but it's numb underneath as well so lots of hope! I've never been happier!

Now I'm just itching to start running! 1 month is too long to go without being active and my abs are starting to turn into flab lol. I cannot wait to see how it feels to run without that extra weight on my shoulders.

I'm so happy for all the support and questions! Also happy that my story can help others. As for the ladies that are wanting to have the surgery I will tell you now that this is the best thing I have ever done for myself! It still seems so surreal.


Ok so let me just rant a little on here. I've had a really emotional day for some reason I guess that's just part of being a girl. Anyway this is my day in a nutshell: happy, sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed, happy, content, ranty, happy. Lol but today I spent the whole day with my boyfriend. He has been working a lot so it was much needed. I've been feeling great! Back at work and back to feeling myself. We're leaving for the beach on the 19th and while we were out we decided to look at bathing suits because I need atleast 1. So we looked around at a couple of places and I was going to get a medium size somewhere since I won't know my cup size for a little while. Well just for kicks I decided to get sized at VS curious as to what I was as of now and to see later on if I had gone down any. But the lady sized me as a 32DD and for some reason I just got so angry at her ( I'm a sweet person so I didn't say anything to her) but I knew she was wrong. I was like are you sure that's right?! She asked what I usually wear and I told her I had a reduction and used to be DDD/E she said that I was close to a DDD still and I wanted to punch her lol. I mean I know I'm real anxious about my new size and stuff, really would love to be a large B but I know I'm not a DD. I guess it was just frustrating to hear that again and that this lady swears up and down that she was correct. Aside from that I got 2 medium bathing suits and I feel so incredible!!! I will post a picture of my old bathing suit and my new one side by side. I feel like getting these 2 was a safe choice (wouldn't have got them if I didn't feel as though they were) but that way if I stay the same size or even get a little smaller I am positive I can still wear them. But I was just so angry at her. I was picturing in my head this moment of clarity where they say my size out loud but it didn't work out that way. I know I'm supposed to have swelling still but definitely not a DD. I even tried on my sisters 36B bra and it fit very well. If anything I'm a small C.

Ok rant over haha!

Anyway I go back to the doctor Tuesday and I'm crossing my fingers for some good news because I feel great! I'm getting used to everything now and how my body looks and feels, and I'm really loving the way things are going! Hoping for something like "you can go running now, swimming, etc." But I think I'm just wound up in excitement! I'm so happy!

As far as how they are doing I have one tiny little scab on my right side and I still have numb spots and no sensation on my right side. Other than that I barely hurt. I get a little sore and very few sharp pains but that's it. I'm also so weird about what I do (hugging people awkwardly, laying down weird, putting on clothes) I think I'm just scared I'm going to hurt something even though I'm sure I won't haha. I will post again when I hear what the doc says!

Thanks for all the positive vibes and support! Also if you have any questions ask away!

Xoxo Jessica

It's been a little while!

It's insane to me that it has been 38 days since my surgery. Every single time I pass a mirror I examine myself and start smiling and I also still cry tears of joy every now and then! I cannot explain the happiness that I feel and how thankful I am for doing this surgery! Tuesday was my last appointment for 4 more months at the doctor. She said I looked great and she gave me a packet of stuff called Scar Fade. It's supposed to help with scars... do any of you use this? And does is seem to be helping? The doctor told me to use just a little dab and then if I see results to order more online. What else do you guys use? I have been applying cocoa butter 2-3 times a day and I also got a little bottle of vitamin E oil that I am going to try. Just wanted to see what you all did.

I feel incredible! I'm used to the way they look and how they feel now. I still don't have sensation in my right nipple and underneath of the breast. I know that it can take up to 14 months for sensation to come back but to be honest... I couldn't be happier and even if it doesn't I don't think that I would mind much. Of course I want it back though, and I keep hoping that one morning I will wake up and be able to feel that side again! But it's really not that bad; I don't really think about it not having sensation.

Also on Thursday I went to a different mall and got sized again at a wait for it....... 36B
Wow I just want to say that over and over all day long 36B, 36B, 36B!!!!! Eeeeeek I could just scream it out to everybody! I also tried on some 34C bras and they fit well too. My doctor said that she thought the size that I am now would be my actual size so my mom took me to get a couple of NORMAL bras!!!! Yay!!!

I got some really soft demi bras and wait for it..... A STRAPLESS BRA!!!!!!!! OMG YOU GUYS I AM SO HAPPY I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO CONTAIN MYSELF!!!! I bought 36B by the way.

Anyway I'll stop with all of my excessive happiness and jittery rambling. Now I am going to finish packing because I am leaving for the beach in the morning. Yes that's right... I get to wear a normal bikini; AND I now present myself as the new and improved CONFIDENT person that I am not ashamed of. I am not afraid to show the world my new found confidence and I will embrace it with every bone in my body!

Talk to you guys in a week ;)
Xoxo -Jessica

50 Days Post OP!!!!

Hello ladies!

Sorry that It's been a few weeks since I've posted! I am feeling absolutely fantastic, pretty much back to my old self... minus big boobs ;) It has been 50 days since my surgery WOW that is hard to believe!!!!! I remember putting in my phone the countdown UNTIL my surgery and now it is just crazy to me that it has been that long. It does not seem like it at all! I'm just thinking of myself sitting downstairs in the recliner, not being able to do much at all, and feeling like FrankenBoobs haha ;) I have never been so happy before in my entire life. I felt like a new person at the beach and I didn't have to worry about anything popping out. I was cleared to swim in the ocean or the pool and my doctor said that I could slowly start running and working out again, just nothing too heavy in weight. I feel like a new woman and sometimes I find myself thinking about my old boobs and I can't even picture myself having them. We went to a lot of different shops at the beach and I found myself looking around at clothes and thinking oh I can't wear that because.... WAIT I CAN wear that!!!! I don't have big boobs anymore!!! Haha I still have the mindset that I have big boobs and then I realize that I can wear a lot of different types of clothes now. It really is an amazing feeling. I haven't started running or anything yet, I'm waiting to get a very supportive sports bra. I have this fear that I am still going to mess something up even though I know everything is okay now. I have currently started sleeping on my stomach some, I just put a pillow beside me to rest my arm on so that they aren't squished to the bed. I also still don't have sensation on my right side :( Hoping that this will eventually come back. If any of you have experienced this I would love to know if your sensation has come back months after or if you think I will have a chance of it coming back. I don't worry about it though because I would take a loss of nipple sensation over big boobs ANY DAY! It still feels so surreal and I am so grateful every day for the life that I have been given and the opportunities that I have had. Thankful for all the positive vibes from everybody and I love hearing that I am helping women who have felt the same things that I have. Oh and also tell me what you all use for scarring and if you are still putting stuff on the scars. I'm using different things just want to know which you think is best.

Keep the questions coming I respond to everything even if it takes me a few days!!!!

Xoxo -Jessica

Picture update

50 days post op

2 months :)

2 months ago today I made one of the biggest and best decisions of my life. I decided to have a breast reduction. Since then my life has definitely changed for the better. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I do at this very moment. Today I looked at myself in the mirror in my new strapless 36 B bra and stare at myself in amazement. I never thought that something so incredible could actually happen. I feel beautiful, confident, and grateful. To the girls who have ever doubted this surgery I have been in the same position. To the girls who cry themselves to sleep because they are so unhappy with their breast size... I have been there before. You are not alone, and you shouldn't ever have to feel that way. I want every girl who has ever felt depressed over their size to realize that you are not the only one who feels that way, and I want you to be able to feel the way that I do now. Thankful for all the love and support I have found on this website. It feels like just yesterday I was writing my first post on here, scared and recovering from surgery... going through so many emotions. I'm not sure if I would have been able to through without the answers from some of you and the mindset that I was not alone in how I felt. Please message me if you have any questions!



Just received a negative email saying that my scars were gross? Not sure why people go onto this website unless they have something positive to say. This is a website made for support, questions, and answers. If you think my scars are ugly and gross then nobody asked you to come on here and look at them? I'm proud of my scars. They show courage and remind me of how I used to dream about having a smaller chest and how my dream is now reality. I know that they may not completely fade but they aren't gross looking and even if they were it's not your concern it is mine. The reason I post pictures is to show women who sincerely need/have had this surgery. I remember feeling alone before my surgery and I didn't want others to feel alone.


It's hard to believe it will almost be 4 months since my surgery. 4 months will be October 11th. Time goes by so fast and that is kind of scary to me! I am so thankful for all of the support I have received from you all and I am also more than honored to know that I am inspiring to others. I remember when I decided that I wanted to have surgery...and I couldn't find a single person my age/my size that I could relate to. I was scared/nervous/anxious. I wanted to be a help to women who felt the same way I did, and I never expected to have this much support from posting my story. I have always been a "go get it" type of person. So if I say that I want to do something then you can expect it to happen within the next few weeks after I say it. With this surgery I knew that I wanted it, I didn't really ask anybody their input about it and instead went with my own. What I wanted for myself! I want to encourage all of the girls who want this surgery to go after it! Stop doubting yourself. The opinions of others do not matter and if you actually think about it 80% of the time then you already have your answer. I have learned this within the last few months. I did it here recently when I decided to get a hair cut (I've always had really long hair) but instead of going around getting the opinions from other people about if they thought I should cut it... I went with what I wanted. Nothing else should ever matter. Whenever I received an email saying my scars were ugly I was upset for a little while until I realized that the opinions of others do not matter...the only opinion is the one you carry in your own mind. Just a little thought of mine that I thought I should share with you all!

As far as my healing process I feel great! I have a never ending fear that my boobs will somehow grow back and all of this will have been a waste, but I know I'm just crazy! I also find myself wondering if I even want boobs! Haha I guess after having big boobs for so long you just have this lingering hate for them!

I am still numb in some spots and I also still get those dreaded pains shooting straight through me. I know it's all a part of the healing process, which I have to remind myself that I am still technically in. I apply scar fade atleast 2 times a day and I feel like might actually be helping some. But I'll give it some more time!

Sorry I haven't been on here as much. I am very busy with school, work, and showing off my new boobies (just kidding)...or am I?

Love hearing from you all so share with me anything you want and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Xoxo Jessica

4 months post op!

Tears of Joy

Today my sister got her wedding pictures back from June. Her wedding was just a few days before my surgery. If you read my very first post on here it explains how emotional that day was for me. I had come to a point where I was so sick of my breasts that I was literally sickened/depressed and overwhelmed with embarrassment from them. I look through them and feel so relieved but also sad at how much they had impacted me. I have never felt so blessed and fortunate to have went through with this surgery. This is by far the best and happiest decision I have ever made that will forever be the biggest blessing that has come my way. I'm so thankful that there are surgeons who can help women around the world with this. My surgeon will always be considered a hero to me, she gave me something that will effect me for the rest of my life. Not only did she do an amazing job but she went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. I'm thankful for the strength that this process has given me because every day I remember to be grateful for what I have because I know how it is to have it worse...and yes this breast reduction falls in this category. Maybe some women dream of big breasts but I have forever dreamed of living my life without them and I couldn't be any more thrilled.

I know this picture does NOT do it justice but I was so sad this day. I felt so self concious and sad. And I am so thankful that I don't have to feel like that anymore!

Almost 10 months post op!!!

Hi ladies!! Wow how crazy is it that 10 months have already passed for me? I hope all of you that I have talked to are having great results, or everything is going well in your process! Here are some 10 month post op pictures I took a few minutes ago. I had just got out of the shower and rubbed some scar fade on them so they look shiny lol. But my scars are fading away so nicely and I have sensation in both sides! You can notice how they are starting to look more natural, not as stiff looking, and starting to round out more. If you look at some of my earlier pictures you can see how they had a square look to them and that always worried me but my doctor told me that it would go away over time and she was right. Still a little sensitive and tender in some areas but other than that I feel AMAZING! I'm so happy!!!! I love my new boobies so much and if any of you are just now reading my reviews and feeling hesitant about a Breast reduction trust me this is the best decision ever!!! I love my new level of confidence and happiness! Thank you everybody for all the support and for all of the ladies who ask me questions/send me emails! I will try to respond to all of you as quickly as I can and If It seems like it's been a while and you think I forgot about your email please resend it! Trust me I am more than happy to talk to each and every one of you!!
Xoxo Jessica

Wow 1 year already????!!!

At this time 1 year ago I was in the middle of my reduction...one of the best things that I have ever done for myself! I feel amazing! Thank you to everybody who has helped me through this process. Thank you for the encouraging words and thank you for allowing me to help you all as well! I will try to post some pictures tonight of how they look now :) I will also make a collage soon of the day of my reduction and today (1 year later) WOW I can't believe it!!!!!!!

1 year post op pics

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