MicroLaser Peel & ProFractional Laser - Anderson, SC

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Ouch... Just had the MicroLaser Peel &...

Ouch... Just had the MicroLaser Peel & ProFractional Laser done today. Let me tell you this, it hurt (certain areas) very very much! Will post updates as I have them. It is 6 hours past my procedure and my face is stingy, like a minor/medium burning sensation.
Let e say though in that my face looks worse in person than what the pictures show.

Healing Super Fast! 26 1/2 Post Procedure....

Amazed how fast it is healing! Super excited and anxious! Lets hope all turns out well...

Day 2

Face itches but healing really well

Day 3

Still red and 'scabby' but looking good. I am breaking out because of the Aquaphor, but I am not gonna complain because:
Not since I was a teenager have my pores looked this good!!! Still early, but I am getting so excited! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU Dr. Daws and your awesome staff!
On this day I don't believe I could be happier [except maybe if the 'healing process' was over :) ]!!!!

Will update

Will post an update soon....

WebCam Pic Update

Okay, so very sorry for the lack of updates!
It has been over 2 months since the procedure and I still can see grid marks on different parts of my face. Dr. Daws informed me that these 'marks' mean that I am still healing/repairing.
DO I SEE A DIFFERENCE??? I definitely do! My face still isn't perfect, BUT the size of my scarred/enlarged pores has shrunk, and I believe my skin looks fresher, if that makes any sense :).
I believe that if I have this done atleast 1 more time (OUCH!!!) I will see an even bigger difference.
But as it is now:
I wear less makeup
I am breaking out ALOT less
I actually go out without makeup on (never did before)
I feel slightly more comfortable in my skin :)

So the million dollar question: Was it worth doing? ..................YES
The pics I am posting are off my webcam (sorry for the quality)
Greenville General Surgeon

Excellent Doctor & The Kindest, Most Courteous Staff!! Made me feel so comfortable. Thank You Dr. Daws and your wonderful Co-Workers!

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