56 Yrs ... Wanting to have Age Spots and Crow's Feet disappear - Anderson, SC

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I went into this procedure with high expectations....

I went into this procedure with high expectations. I'm still healing so I can not give a definite review yet. But, if they say you can go back to work or out in public the same day or the next day .... well, that wasn't my experience. It looks and feels like a bad sunburn. I'm swollen, splotchy, and tight even with using the lotions they supplied. The doctor and assistants were fantastic. I have nothing negative to say about them. But, plan on taking a couple of days off work or staying at home. The procedure itself was just a little uncomfortable like little needles pokes. I will review again in a few days when my face heals.

Six Days after Halo Treatment

Wow ... what a difference a few days make. The first three days were rough. The fourth day the brown spotty things on my face started sloughing off. The fifth day I really went out in public, still no makeup, but i wasn't as self-conscious of the redness or blotchiness. The new baby skin showing is nice and pink. The staff at Bearwood Center has been so wonderful. We have been texting and sending pics of my face. They have responded and given me confidence that everything is on track.
One new point to bring up ... if you get cold sores (i do), be sure to tell your doctor so that he/she can prescribe an ointment or pills to deter your chances of getting a breakout from the Halo Treatment. I did get the prescription for Acyclovir to ward off the eruption ... still got a small breakout that could have been much worse without the meds.

2 Weeks after Halo Treatment

Within a week of the treatment my skin was glowing. Sun spots, Gone! Age spots, Gone! Broken vessels, Gone!
In the past I had to put on layers of makeup to hide my spots even after applying makeup people would think I had been in the sun because it looked as though my skin was peeling. After Dr. Holdredge did my Halo Treatment I am now radiant! I nor others could believe how refreshed and even my skin was after treatment. I no longer needed to wear foundation or concealer, I simply put on the tinted spf he recommended for me and I was out the door with glowing even skin. The turn around time was short ... right at a week. I did have a cold sore breakout on my chin even with the prescribed Acyclovir to try and prevent it. That area took a few extra days to heal properly. I don't blame the doctors for this ... my skin is sensitive to stress and sunburns in that area. It could have been much worse without the Acyclovir. I can't thank Dr. Holdrege or Dr. Bruner and their team at Bearwood in Anderson, SC. They are beyond hospitable and genuinely caring. They made me feel very comfortable and left me with amazing results.

2 Weeks since my Halo Laser Procedure

My skin is like new baby's skin. I love it. Yes, it was a process sloughing off the old and using the creams they provided, but it was so worth it. My age spots are gone, my crows feet are gone, and my broken veins are gone! I will now take so much better care of my skin than in the past. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Holdrege, Dr. Bruner and their staff. Everyone at Bearwood treats you as an individual and you are very important to them. It's not just about the money to them ... they truly care about your well-being and happiness. I have never had such a warm feeling from a doctor's office, EVER! I love my new eyes, my new skin, and my new lips. Thank you Bearwood!
Dr. H

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