33 year old 1 kid got 325ccs silicone round implant hp

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I go again for my Consult on monday..wish me luck...

I go again for my Consult on monday..wish me luck everyone...I have butterflies already..Im a 32b wanted to go to a 34d..I'm wanting to go a 350cc..I have always wanted bigger boobies for a long time.I want to have more confidence in myself..Im wanted silicone high profile.doctor Bruner is the one that is going to do mine...I will let you guys know how my Consult went on monday...

350ccs I'm going to be getting

Can't wait to get my big boobiezz

Before pics

My pre op

I go to my first pre op march 14th..which is next monday..wish me luck..I will let yall know how it goes. So nervous and excited.never been so happy about doing this.been wanting this for long time .I know I will have more confidence about myself.I will be so glad that I won't have small boobiezz no more..I will be able to wear what I want and won't have to feel so bad about having small boobes.I ready to get this donew and over with.I have butterflies already.

My first pre op

I went today for my first pre op..everything went well.I go for my surgery march 30 at 9:45 in the morning..really excited and ready to get this over with.i will post again after surgery..wish me luck everyone..


Well I go two weeks to go.and really getting nervious by the day..ready to get this over with.it will keep everyone posted on how things went.wish me luck everyone.

Surgery in the morning

So my surgery is in the morning.and getting more and more nervious and excited.and ready to get this over with..I will let yall know how everything went.when I'm not so loopy lol.I will post pics soon as I can.

Home from surgery

Just got home from my surgery..everything went well.just tired and sore.I didn't get 350ccs bc he could fit them in there.I got 325ccs silicone implant round hp.I'm about to post some pics from today

Some more pics from today

Going to post some my surgery pics see what yall think..I'm so in love with my babies...lol

This is how they look now

These are my looks of how they are lookin now

Day 2

Here is one pic of how they look

Day 3

These are some pic of how they are turning out so far.they lookin better each day..loving my boobies alot..still sore some but sleeping really good at night..

Day 4

This is how it is looking on day 4..looking good ..still have some pain but not much..ready for these babies to drop all the way.there starting to some..

Day 4

This is how they are looking on day 4.check them out and tell me what u think.

Day 5

Here are some day 5 pics I just took.feel free to check them out..loving them already...

Day 5

Day 6

I am posting pics on day 6...I'm doing a lot better today.and they are starting to drop..yayyyy!!!!so in love with my precious boobies lol?.feel free to check know them out...

Go for my second post op tomorrow

I go tomorrow for my second post op hopefully I will get my stitches taking out.no more pain yay!!This is my 7th day...doin alot better.I will post some more pics tonight on day 7.they are u better each day..I know one thing.I feel more confident about myself now.I can wear what I want and look better.in have changed a lot about myself since I got it done.im so glad that I did it now.bc it was wOrth it alll...I will post more tomorrow on how my second post op went...

Day 7

Here are some pics of day 7 today.of how they are lookikn.so pleased of how they are looking.so happy with my results.in go tomorrow which is my second post op.hopefully I will be getting my stitches taking out.they itch like crazy.

Day 7

Here are some pics of day 7 of how they are doin.I go tomorrow for my second pre op..hopefully I will get my stitches taking out.they are itching me like crazy..pain free yayyyy me!!!

Day 8

Went today and got my stitches taken out..yayyyy me lol.they are healing great.I'm about to post some pics when out my stitches since I got them taken out..got scared cream today to help with the scaring...

Day 9

Still sore but it's getting better each day.I'm about to post some extra pica of day 9 and tell what u think.they are looking better.healing good.loving them alot.

Day 10

Just fixing to post some pics of day 10..they are looking really good..loving my results.

Day 10

I forgot to post this one also.this one is day 10 also...

Day 11

This was from last night.was really tired.so I decided to post them today

How they are looking

Some pics of how they are looking...they looking so beautiful and shiny lol....loving themy alot.

Day 15

Hello, I think I'm on day 15.posting pics of how they are turNing out..feel free to check them out..loving how they are looking.they are starting to drop..yay.they pulling going together.

Here's one more i forgot..

Doctor bruner

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