26 Years Old, 5'7- 135 Lbs- 350cc- loving them so far!!

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Well I go for my consult next Wednesday! I'm so...

Well I go for my consult next Wednesday! I'm so anxious and ready to do it now! But I'm probably going to have to wait until I go the beach June 23rd week. I have so many decisions I'm ready to make! Saline vs silicone? Size? Profile? I really want the natural look... Hoping I leave my consult next week with a surgery date and feeling confident with my decisions.

Surgery scheduled!!

So I loved the doctor I saw today and scheduled my surgery for July 11th!! We decided on 350cc's round textured silicone. I'm very happy with all decisions and ready for "B"Day-44 days.

Pre-Op- check!

Well had my pre-op today and my surgery is paid for and official! Next Friday (July 11) at 930Am! So excited! I went in today asking the doctor about possibly going up to 400cc- I think I'm just so scared of being disappointed. He explained chest is only 11cm and 400cc would be too big. He will have 325 and 350 implants and try the 350's but if they are too tight of a fit he will use 325. He thinks with my current measurements I should be a 34D afterwards.I'm good with that! I received all of my scripts: percacets, Valium, vofran and some antibiotics. I'm going to be searching for other things I will need postoperatively- suggestions are welcome!! I'm so ready for it to be next Friday!! But I have my oldest daughter's 5th birthday party this weekend so I'm focusing on her for now and will be back to obsessing over boobs next week ;)

Done! Woo!

This is going to be brief- I'll post again this weekend with details- overall everything went smoothly- I'm in so pretty bad pain- pain meds aren't helping- good news is I love my boobies so far!!

Feeling better!

Second dose of meds are working! Hallelujah! Got to office at 9AM- they took me straight back- did IV- waited quite a while for the surgery before me to get done and OR to be reset. Finally they took me back and gave me some awesome medicine to calm me. Last thing I remember is the mask on my face and breathing. Next think I'm waking up asking if I can go home yet. Nurse told my mom I was doing so well they didn't give me any medicine for pain. Well, by the time I got home at 1:30 I was in excruciating pain- felt like I couldn't breath- my incisions were throbbing. Took my meds- and waited- nothing. I would dose off but wake right back up in pain. Finally it was time for my second dose and I'm finally pain free- well still sore but nothing like before. I'm so happy with my results. I obviously want then to drop n fluff- but even if they stayed this way I would be fine!! Love Dr. Bruner!!

3AM and ouch!

So went to bed at 9- woke up at 12- took meds- I was pretty sure. Now just woke up at 3 and had to pee. Didn't want to wake up hubby to help me- so this is the first time I've pulled up my pants by myself. Then went downstairs to get some pees for ice. It's helping a ton! Waiting till 4 to take my next set of meds so maybe I can sleep a little more. I think this is the worse my incisions has felt so far- they are burning! Ice is helping right now tho! I really hope today is better!! My doctor told me I could take a shower today. I plan on having the hubby help me tho- just not too sure I can do it on my own just yet! My preop is Monday afternoon- hopefully I will be cleared to wear my stretchy bra- I would really like to have something on- attached is my before pic in the bra. Can't wait to take the after!

Before n after (So far)


Still in pain today. My husband had to work and my mom will be here later. So I've had to do a lot by myself- trying to take it easy as possible. I would deff still say yesterday was much worse!
So far I'm thankful I bought the following before hand:
Frozen pees- feels amazing!
My bed rest pillow from target
My soft neck pillow
Soup and hands (creamy tomato)
And meds of course!

Just obsessed with them..

Can't sleep

No baby to wake me up throughout the night- just these boobie!! They feel like I'm engorged with milk and really wish I could pump- but obvi I can't :(... My next meds aren't due until 5Am and it's 2:30 now- boo!! By the way I'm itching like a mofo as well!! But I do have to see this is all worth it! Looking so froward to these babies dropping and fluffing! Ok I guess I'll try to go Back to sleep/// nighty night

So many typos!

Guess I'm more tired than I thought!

Pain free- ish today

So I did wake up Avery few hrs to take my meds last night but when I woke up for good and got of bed I felt amazing! Sure I feel like I've don't 1000 chest flies/ but other than that I feel great! I put on a brA today from Walmart $6! And I love it- I attached a pic of it and my before in it As well ;)

Day 2 topless

3rd days the charm?

I didn't set alarms for meds last night but managed to sleep till 6- which is pretty normal for me. Apparently morning boob is a real thing! They feel hard as a rock and up high. I took some meds then but hoping I can stretch them out as far as I can until I don't need them anymore. I go back to work Tuesday :( lucky I have a desk job and don't have to move around a lot. My husband will drive me the first couple of days but after that it'll all be me! I just took a 2 hr nap and I feel no pain. Feels kind of like I've don't some serious chest exercises- oh and there's a huge animal on my chest. No appetite yet either- been living of tomato soup, crackers, Greek yogurt, and grits. I have my PostOp today so I'll find out if I can wear this bra I bought my self. Having just this gauze on makes me feel like my implant is going to fall our everything I get up ! Well that's it for now! Will post over doctors visit today ;)

PO day3 another pic

Last pic made them look lopsided but they aren't lol

Stitches Out!

Went for Post op and got my stitches taken out. Also got cleared for a comfy bra I bought at walmart for $6- so I'll be investing in more of those and some nipple covers as well! I love my results so much!!

PO Day4

Back to work today and off pain meds- ouch!!

First day back to work- check

I really could have used the extra day to rest. I was extremely exhausted today and very irritable. Pain wise- very minimal and managed with extra strength Tylenol. I slept in my car during my break and had to have an afternoon cup of coffee to keep me going through the rest of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier. My kids willing, I plan on going to bed at 8 on the dot tonight. I can't tell the ladies are getting more squishy and dropping. And of course I'm still in love! Also, due to the fact I almost always wear loose fitting shorts, no one could tell anything today l. Not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed. Oh well!

Boobies at work

I mean why not?!

PostOp day5

Well pain wise- everything is great. My left incision did get a little irritated by my bra today so I put some gauze there and it seemed to help. I have had a shooting nerve pain randomly from my nipple- I think I've read that on some other blogs on here so I'm thinking it's normal. I can tell in my pics they are dropping a little- I love that I can come home and through on a tank too and my boobs look amazing. I can't imagine how they will look when I can get them in some beautiful bras ;)

Dropping? Maybe?


So I wake up this morning and did nothing to myself- I did brush my teeth- so kuddos for that- right? I through on jeans and a tee (it is casual Friday right?) and decided I would spend my morning snuggling with my precious baby who I feel I've neglected the past week. Since I can't lift her my sweet hubby has taken over her care. Yesterday was hard. I mean hard. I felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders (or chest more like it). I had thoughts like "why did I do this? Is my life complete now? All we have is more debt? Less time with my kids? More exhaustion. What was the point?" I'm assuming this may be part of "post boobie blues". I also cried because I'm a working mom and can't spend the day with my girls, I cried because of global warming- I cried because of everything! But then I woke up today and I feel normal again. I did this because I wanted to. For me. I do love my boobs. And yes, they are just boobs. BUT when I was I teenager and cried myself to sleep because I wanted boobs so bad and God didn't give me that gift, they weren't just boobs. They are self esteem. They are proving just because I'm married and a mom of two doesn't mean I can't be sexy and FEEL sexy. And I do. The giggles my husband and I have over him "peeking" while I'm getting dressed or him acting like a teenage touching his first pair- is priceless. So I've decided I love the new me and my new additions! I came into work today with a smile on my face and confidence I haven't had for a while. Thank goodness yesterday is over!

Shopping is fun now!

Ok so on my lunch break I decided to browsing for a dress to wear to a concert next weekend... I found a winner! The pic honestly doesn't do it justice on how amazing my boobs look in this dress. I've always HATED spaghetti string or strapless dresses because I hate strapless bras! I never had enough to fill them out and always looked so flat! Goodbye to that problem!

PostOp Day7

If I could do it over...

I would for sure take more time off work! This is my #1 regret!! I mean my job is sitting at a desk on a computer all day- so to me, it sounded like it would be easy for me to come back after only 3 days. But here's the thing- this is major surgery! Your whole body goes into shock... Even your mind. I would say taking a good week (for a non physical job) would be just right. So please even if it means pushing your surgery further out, make sure you have plenty of time to heal- body and mind.

PO Day 8

So today was the first day with my 5 year old and 15 month old all by myself. I had all sorts of clever ways I was going to avoid having to lift my 15 month old- wrong!! I so over did it today! My left breast is throbbing! I'm currently resting in the recliner for the remainder of the night... Just praying I didn't do anything to hurt my recovery! Well at least I can still take sexy topless selfies- yay for that!

12 PostOp

This has been a pretty interesting week. Started my period Monday but started having labor like pains every 30 mins or so that would last for a couple minutes. Had me vomiting from the pain. Went to GYN and had ultrasound that showed fluid behind one of my ovaries and the only explanation the could give me was a ruptured cyst. Went home with more pain meds and woke up feeling better- still had worse than normal cramps but nothing like the pain I was in. I just feel ready to be a normal person again! I come home and my boobs are just sore from the day- so I'm icing them while having a heating pad on my abdomen for my cramping. Ugh. I did have a post op appt today and he said everything looked great. My right is swollen still a little more than the left. He okd me to go shopping for a wireless bra- like I would be able to wear a wire bra right now anyways- ouch!! Well hopefully the kids will let me rest some tonight!

2 weeks today!

Officially 2 weeks post op today. At this point I'm really only in pain first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. During the day I feel great. But after a long day at work, picking up kids, giving baths, putting baby to sleep, cleaning up- I'm sore!! I I recline and ice before bed- then wake up with morning boob still- stuff hard as rocks sore boobies! The shower helps a ton! I'm so ready for that to be over with!! It's still uncomfortable/kind of hurts for my baby to be up against my chest- so that makes me sad I can't comfortably snuggle with my baby girl :(( I do love my boobs and don't regret a thing!! I'm so happy with how they've looked from day1- thank goodness!


Tryin to get that "hourglass" look

First night out!

First night out with friends and my new additions :))

16 days PostOp

So I went on a road trip yesterday and to a concert last night. I was dreading the ride there and back- that I would be uncomfortable or it would make me sore, but I felt great! I'm not sore like at all anymore. The only thing is the muscles tighten when I lie down and the get hard- it doesn't hurt- just a little irritating. I have to say I love having boobs! I have always felt like there wasn't any part of my body I would really consider an asset. Seriously- I hate my legs, arms , stomach, butt- face sometimes- and have always hated my boobs. Not anymore- so for someone as insecure as I am to have the confidence to take my shirt off anytime- not that I would lol but just that I have that confidence now- it's great!!

Also want to add...

Also want to add after my 2 week mark I've been lifting and carrying my 15 month old (23 lbs)- I've felt fine doing it- so I think 2 weeks was a good amount of time to wait for that. She's the heaviest thing I lift though. Just thought that might help someone who was wondering how long you would have to wait on lifting our sweet babies ;)

Incisions 17 days PO

My right is looking great! I start scare cream this week so hopefully they will diminish!


So I was ok'd for a wireless bra- I've been wearing this thin comfy bra I stick bathing suit liner in to hide the "headlights"- but was at Walmart and found some yoga bras with a shape and lining in. This makes me so excited for real bras!

How far I've came

This picture was my wake up call after having my first baby. My daughter was a year and a half and I was huge! That's exactly how old my second daughter is right now. I felt like I owed this surgery to myself after 2 kids and all the hard work I put into keeping the weight off. It's a struggle every day and I still am not 100% satisfied with my body but that's when I have to look back and where I've been and be proud!


When I lie down at night my noobs instantly harden and are even harder when I wake up. After I get up, take a shower they become squishy again. But this nighttime thing is getting on my nerves! Anyone else have this? I've read posts about morning boob but not about just laying down.

Uneven- uh!

So my right is bigger than my left. I feel like the left is higher- so I'm hoping it's just that the right has dropped and the left hasn't yet. Approaching 4 weeks and they are still like this scares me. I know they say 3-6 months for final results- so fingers crossed! I was symmetrical before the surgery and expect to be symmetrical after as well.

More pics 25 days PO

Bought a real bra!

Didn't get officially sized- grabbed a 34D because that's what my dr said I would be-

I'm so in love guys!

30 days post op!

So right at 30 days post op and I couldn't be more happy! I love the size and how the have settled. They feel more like apart of me every day. I can finally sleep on my side. They still get a little "firmer" when I lay down- but not near as bad as it was. I have my next PO appt Wednesday! I'm going to ask his recommendation on real bra shopping- since I have no idea what size to even buy or even how bras are suppose to fit- never really been an issue before lol

How many days now?

Loving them!

Final post op!

Had my final post op yesterday for a year at least! Finally wearing a full support bra :) looks way better in clothes with a real bra!


Pics from my beach trip! The girls looked great ;))

2 months PO ;)

Still loving them :)

Tanned boobies!

Sized finally...

And the official size is... 32DDD!!
Holly crap my mouth fell open!
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