400 Cc Saline over the Muscle Implants! - Anchorage, AK

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So I'm heading in to my surgery now I'm super...

So I'm heading in to my surgery now I'm super excited and nervous, I thought I'd write a review of my surgery since I couldn't find a lot of people who had had similar procedures. I'm getting 375 saline implants overfilled to 400, they're bringing in the size down and size up from there in case they need to switch it up at all, and they are the mentor moderate plus implants.
My stats are:
5'6" Aprox 150 lbs
My boobies now are a full B small C and I'm hoping for a DD. I work out a lot so I'm pretty fit but I have a lot more going on in the butt and hip department than I do on my chest! So I just want to even out my shape.
I'll add photos and such as the recovery goes on, my Dr is Dr Sarah Troxell I'm Anchorage Alaska, I've had 2 friends have their implants done by her and both were very happy so I'm confident in her I'm just nervous about the anesthesia and not being able to take care of myself and having Take time off of the gym!!!

A few hours after surgery!

So I've been home after surgery for a few hours, so far I feel pretty good I'm sure I'm just pretty high on Pain meds though! Everything went good I checked in to surgery an hour early like I was suppose to but then they instantly brought me back- did a last minute pregnancy test to check again and then the sweetest nurse told me I had to strip down to nothing! Put on the thigh high compression stockings and a backless hospital gown! Probably the best look my husband has ever seen me in haha but literally as soon as I layed down my Dr came in all business and had me sit up and marked my chest and assured me that she places implants close together and perfectly centered so I wouldn't have the whole being able to fit a fist between your implsnt boobs! She's very nice but very to the point and made me panic about forgetting a elastic for my hair too! Which I'll admit was pretty stupid on my part, but then since they were ahead of schedule I had two nurses working on me getting my IV in and double checking questions, everyone was very nice but I was so scared I was just focusing on not crying! Then the anesthesiologist came in to talk
He was so nice and calm and very reassuring but I was panicking a bit so it just made it harder to keep it together infront of someone so nice! They started a liquid Tylenol in my IV which I guess really helps with the pain afterwards then had me sign consent forms for my dermal,nose and rook piercing that I could not for the life of me get out! Then I said bye to my hubby and they wheeled me into another room I was so scared by this time I couldn't even focus on where we were going. Then they had me switch beds relax back, the anesthesiologist gently set and oxygen mask on my and told me to breath deep and relax after a bit I could feel my breaths start to burn a bit so I knew he was putting me out but I was just relieved to not have to think abut it anymore!! The next thing I know I'm waking up hyperventilating with 2 nurses with me saying to keep my arms down I guess I was trying to hold my head and to just breath I had done great I just needed to relax it took me awhile to get my breathing under control they brought my hubby back and he's great so he helped a lot, then when I'd calmed down they brought me water and were great about finding me crackers that didn't have egg or milk in them! After a bit my husband pulled the car around for me and a nurse carefully walked me out, since I do l do live in Alaska it was only 17degrees out so I was freezing but i was wearing 3 coats and had blankets so I was prepared the whole ride home I went in and out of sleep same when I got home but all in all I'm feeling pretty good I can't believe I actually went through with it!!!!
I'll add more before pics but I'm so bandaged up you can't see anything of the new boobies just yet!!

1 day post op

So I just had my 1 day post op appt, everything is looking good the Dr was really happy and said they looked great just a little swollen but no bruising, they're pretty high and centered but I think they'll look great once they settle. They gave me the elastic strap to wear on top to push the swelling down and re wrapped my ace bandage, which I'm not allowed to touch or re wrap myself so I'll have to wait until the 25th to see myself again, so far everything has been good I'm just very tender and I feel helpless not even being able to get up by myself and I have no appetite but I've been eating a few crackers every 4 hours when I take my pain meds, my hubby said they looked good honestly I thought they looked a little small! But I'm not going to stress about it she ended up putting 405 cc's in and she said they looked perfect for my body:) but I'll put up a picture so you can judge yourself!

2 days post op

So I've made it through my second day after surgery. Everything has been good I've backed off on taking my pain pills from every 4 hours to every 6 hours. And I think I might stop taking the anti nausea meds too because they make me so loopy and drowsy I don't feel like myself.
My Dr insists on my chest being completely ace wrapped so I have no idea what I look like today, I feel like I'm more swollen and the top of my boobs are kind of tingling and itching and towards the end of my pain meds I can feel between my boobs and under where I assume my incisions are it's not comfortable but it's not bad either. I've worn my white elastic strap on top my boobs all day and I have to say they weren't kidding about it not being comfy!! But I think I'll go in on Monday to have them re wrap me and to see how everything is looking, so I'll have more progress pics that day!

5 days post op

Nothing new or exciting to report on, my back has been hurting like crazy I'm not sure if it's from the added weight of the boobies or from the white compression strap I'm having to wear constantly but my actual chest has very little to no pain. I went to the Drs to get the ace wrap changed out and to see them, they're pretty swollen and she put cushioning underneath the bra as well which made the whole set up a lot more comfortable. I don't see really any changes from how they looked on the first day to how they look now but I'll put pictures up so you can judge for yourself

Day 6!

I'm getting obsessed with my new boobs! I still have to be all wrapped up so I can't see them but I can not stop touching them under the bandage! They're so much softer now than they were the first few days, I can no longer feel where the implant obviously is, they feel like I'm wearing an awesome push up bra! The sensitivity is a little off but it doesn't bug me. My back is feeling a lot better and now I'm getting to the point where I'm just excited about them and how different I'll look with bigger boobies!

Almost "10" day update

Tomorrow morning I get my stitches out! I cant wait! Mostly because I'll finally be able to function with out this awful ace wrap! Everything feels pretty good I've been trying to start doing more during the day but Its still kind of uncomfortable and I'm soo tired of trying to sleep in 45degree position! But I'm excited to get some sports bras tomorrow and stop wearing high neck tshirts, and shower like a normal person! Not working out is killing me I'm going to see if I can at least starts doing stairs or high incline walking! I'll attach pics that I took a few days ago when I got the wrap changed ignore how awful my skin looks it's been sadly squished for weeks
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