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I am finally getting my tummy tuck that I have...

I am finally getting my tummy tuck that I have longed for since 2007. I have put my deposit down and I'm scheduled for December 13th. I am so excited, I have done months and months of research and I am happy with my decision. I know I will have great results. I will post pictures after my sugery. Wish me luck, I know December is a ways off but it will be here before I know it!!!

I had my tummy tuck yesterday, I am so excited my...

I had my tummy tuck yesterday, I am so excited my results are amazing. I didn't anticipate this good of a result due to my size. I am in love with my new body already. I'm still swollen so I should look even better than I do today. Yay for me. This is the beginning of the new me. I hated my big belly for so long and I was so out of porportion that I looked odd. I couldnt even run and go down the stairs without that stomach getting in my way. I am just so happy I know I made the right decision. I cant wait to go shopping.

Day 6 I feel like I ripped some stitches and omg...

Day 6
I feel like I ripped some stitches and omg does it hurt. It burns really bad depending on how I sit or move. I have an appt tomorrow for a check up and to get my stitches out so I will see for sure what is causing all the pain.. Overall things are good I just cant wait to get these drains out, I have learned to love my garment, I feel like jello without it on. I have taken new pics but they look the same as the first ones so I dont have any new ones to post.

Hey all, I will be 3 weeks post op on Monday and I...

Hey all, I will be 3 weeks post op on Monday and I still have my drains in. I havent been able to rest as much as I should of. I have a husband who works on the North Slope for months at a time and three kids at home plus it's the holidays. The doctor says with out the proper rest it's likely that's why I am still draining. He says he will most likely take them out on Tuesday. I have to go back to work on Monday I was really hoping to have them out first but it is what it is. I have been thru 4 garmets, make sure you ask for a different garment if you dont like yours. Our bodies are all different so they all fit different. The weirdest thing about this whole thing is I really wanted a boob job with my tt but couldnt afford them both. I needed a lift and more implants. Well since having my anchor style tt it pulled my boobs in a way where they look better and now that my tummy is gone they look huge. I feel kinda trampy in my new body. :-) I cant wait for my husband to get home and see me. He is suppose to be home in about 3-4 weeks for a break and I hope he likes the new me. I have been eagerly awaiting to go shopping for new clothes but I am still real swollen so I'm taking the shopping slow and I need to rest.

Hey guys, I ended up having a drain come out on...

Hey guys, I ended up having a drain come out on it's own in the middle of the night ewwwwwww. I new the stitches had ripped and then later realized my drain had came out. I thought I would of noticed it but it was no big deal. However I still needed the drain thank fully I had the other one still in. I had had my tubes/tube in for four weeks and was getting tired of it. Eagerly awaiting my fluid count to be low enough for them to come out everyday. I got a new garmet which was so tight it caused the fluid to just start going away so my drainage dropped so fast it looked like I could get my drain out over the weekend at the rate it was going however I ended up ripping one of my other stiches from my remaining tube which caused it to hurt all the time. I was almost ready for it to come out anyway so I took it out on Sunday. However I had a Doctor's appt and had to get a needle stuck in me to drain me not much fun. Other than that things are good, my scars are awesome thanks to the tape the Doctor gave me to minimize the scarring.

I am loving my new body. I have lost 20 pounds and...

I am loving my new body. I have lost 20 pounds and I am down 4 pants sizes. I feel like a whole new woman. My scar is barely noticable and I feel great. I still depend on my binder during the day. Most of my swelling is gone but I still have a little. I had to have a drain put back in for a few days to keep that fluid out of there so I could get those layers all back together. Which they did but it looks like some fluid got sucked up into the fatty layer. The Doc said if it's still there in a month he will lipo it out. I just need to keep putting pressure on it with my garment if that dont work than we will lipo it out at no charge. No complaints here just wish I had had the surgery sooner.

It has been 3 months since my tummy tuck and I am...

It has been 3 months since my tummy tuck and I am great. I have lost a total of 20 pounds, went from a size 20 to a 16 and I am loving life. I love my new body and the confidence it has giving me. I am still tender to touch in some area's and some area's just dont like to be touched at all. My scarring is minimal I am so glad I went with the anchor incision you can barely see the vertical scar. I wish I had done this years ago, my clothes fit so much better and I can get around alot easier. I went to the gym for the first time a few days ago and it was much easier not having that big saggy belly in my way. Loved it! Thanks for everyones kind comments. If this is something your thinking of doing and your goals are realistic than dont wait, just do it. You wont regret it. Love love love Dr. Manuel! His after care has been priceless I am so glad I switched from Troxell to him, he is a real gem and he know's what he's doing. He doesn't nickle and dime you like Troxell either. Be smart and work with his office that is the second best decison I made the first being to have my surgery. :-)

Anchorage Plastic Surgeon

I thought long and hard over my Doctor this was the hardest part for me. I met with Dr. T and Dr. M, Dr T had actually performed another surgery for me earlie in the year and I thought she was a great surgeon just not people friendly. The day of surgery she was over an hour late and I was her first patient she was very rushed and seemed irritated which didnt put me at ease. After surgery I was never able to reach her by phone or see her since she had left town without mentioning she would be gone for two weeks so I had to meet with her medical assistant. When you spend $26000 you would expect a follow up with the Doctor. Her staff was nice but not professional. I had planned on having my tt with T because I trusted she would do a good job and I would have great results I was just worried about after the surgery she did mention this time she would be on vacation but she did have someone available for her patients if they needed something. I thought long and hard and decided to call Dr Manuel for a second opinion, boy was I impressed he was very calm and patient with me and took the time I needed to answer all my questions. His staff was great and he had a partner just incase he was gone and I needed something she would be able to help me, Sarah doesnt havent a partner so I would have to work with a stranger if I needed anything while she was out. I was really torn I trusted both Doctors and I just wasnt sure, the deciding factor was with Dr. M I felt I could get better after care if needed. I felt that either one would do a great tt for me but it came down to who made me more compfortable and that was Dr. Manuel and the bonus was he was cheaper,$2000 cheaper. Yay for me. I plan on having my breast done later and I will definatly use him again.

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