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Soooo excited just paid in full for tummytuck have...

Soooo excited just paid in full for tummytuck have my first appointment March 4th and Im ready, Im nervous about the general anesthesia part :/ but I put my trust in God :) so I will be keeping you posted and will post pictures soon. I am a single mom of two and have work so hard to take care of my family that I havent been able to focus on me, Ive been so self conscious its depressing. I need a change in my life in a positive way

before pictures

Just wanted to add some before pics

Post Op Compression Garment! Which is the best?

So I' m online looking for a post op compression garment for tummy tuck as i realize this is the most essential piece that will help me recover. Does anyone know any good websites to order a great comfortable but supportive, also something I can literally be in 24/7 .

Excited for my first appointment is 03/04/2014

Im excited to finally meet and talk to my doc out here in alaska theres not many plastic surgeons to choose from and from all the reviews doctor Manuel is the best up here, and I heard Sarah troxel sucks :( o well ..... So I have my Pre-Op appointment 03/28/2014 and My schedule surgery is March 31 2014 :D I just need help getting prepared because I know that I wont be able to do much of anything but focus on self for the first week.

Got my work in order my childcare in order and noowwwww

I have ordered my compression suite from Leonisa :) lets see how it fits. I also order 5 maxi dresses from Forever 21 :) even tho procedure is over a month away I want to be ready. Im soooo ready to stunt this summer. Not having the flap is going to feel great, I dont want to be skinny I just want to be health and not have a butt front in jeans , leggins, shorts. And now that I have a new love in my life I just want to be happy. Our love life should have to suffer because my flap is going to make it clap lmaaaooo ;/ But I will keep you all update will post pictures soon of my transformation.

at work feeling good

Got my approval for leave 03/31/14_04/28/14

Next week

Yippppyyy so next week is my appointment with 03/04/2014 and my Procedure is 03/31/2014 :) Finally no more flap or itching and rashes just a healthier me :)


soooo Dr. Manuel had a cancelled appt I am going to see him today cant wait to talk to him I have soooooo many questions that I totally need to write down lmaoo so I wont forget ;) but I will keep you all posted

So I met with Dr. Manuel

He was amazing, very professional :) Made me feel so comfortable. The staff was hmmm a little slowww but other than that everything was just fine I will keep you updated and from the way his previous patients pictures look IM IMPRESSED :D Pray for me all

So my daughter says to me .............

I don't want your tummy flat mommy I like it jiggly cause I was born in there :) lololol too cute .. Cant wait to be on the flat side :D I have so much support from my family and close friends, Im just ready to get in and get out so I can feel confident about myself. This is truly a journey. After this week I have 4 weeks to prepare and get ready cause March 31st is right around the corner

maxi dress pre op

Cant wait to see what dress.will look like without butt front

Clock is ticking

the clock is ticking , so excited been having good and bad dreams . I just want this to be over and done with lets get to recovery already. My doctor advised me to stay off internet :/ what ever that means lmaoo Im about of Generation X we do searches all day on internet lmaoo.

New Surgery Date for 03/24/2014 OOMMGGGGG

so got reschedule for 03/24/2014 , excited and nervous at the same time. I am soooo ...... no words I cant believe this is happening it all started as a dream and now its all becoming so real :0 Im just going to put everything in Gods hands :D


Thank you ladies I didn't think this would be so emotional, the other night I was holding on to my belly, thinking to myself that a piece of me will actually become dead after it is removed from my body. lol Im weird like that , but its for the best Im so tired of zipping my belly up in zippers and it flopping and clapping :) Im so grateful . Thank You GOD


Had my pre op today no blood drawn til.3/18/14 , took my pre op before pictures :) got all my surgery paperwork and prescriptions ... I gotta go get those filled :/ :)

I feel Great

Its Friday Friday Friday Ooooo Im so excited right now officially 2 weeks unti my new tummy :)

Labs scheduled for 3/18/14

Due to my preop being done early my blood work has to be done exactly 7days or less before surgery:/ but its all good :) Im just happy I got eeverything set up with childcare and my job. Officially 2 weeks away. I STILL got to get alot of my post op gear :0 and im contemplating om setting my bed up in the living room:)
As long as my.home is completed the weekend of, Ill be good.

2 Weeks to Go

Only two weeks to go and Im hyped up :) making my list for post op :/ tedious.

A little bit of shopping.....

OMG online is awesome, ordered more maxi dresses, sweatsuits, long pj dresses ,and camis. Next week Ima finish my shopping list for the rest of my supplies. Im just going to pray and give God all the praise :) he is wonderful,mighty,opnipatent,etc.


So my bestfriend/lover is gone :( it hurts, not due to.anything bad he just wants sooo much from me emotionally and its hard to just open up to people .... he says I pushed him out :/ but on the upside I ordered a massage wedge,ipad mini to keep me busy,and more clothes lounge in :) my homegirl is going to take care of me for week 1. Looking into renting a hospital bed for the month :) so I hope this will be smooth. Ill keep you all posted

On week left :)

I have one week left until final day 03/24/2014 wooowwww so much has happened well me and my love made up so I feel tons better I got everything I need for Post Op recovery also got my Hospital bed scheduled for delivery 03/21/14 everything is falling in order I just thank God for everything he is number one in all things I do And accomplish through Him all things are possible. I will post lots of pictures in these following weeks so if there is someone following my journey they too can be more prepared in the days following up to victory.

Only 5 days of work to go !!!! :D

OMGGGG I'm so antsy, I'm ready for all this to be over and done with. My dad come over and installed my Dual-Shower Head soo relaxing :) Now its crunch time I'm cleaning my house up rearranging everything for delivery of hospital bed :/ I filled 2 of 3 of my prescriptions. Walmart I'm so disappointed they don't have narcotics except on Thursdays?? WTF weird so I go pick up the most important script Thursday or Friday most definitely before Sunday. I'm going to request for a pain pump lets see what happens. I'm going to call this morning to see if that can happen.

Surprise Surprise

My Boo thang just surprised me at work with some goodies :) Soooo happpppyyyyy


4 days to go of work and I will be free and on my way to recovery :) Im sooooo excited I have everything in Order and everything paid for so now I'm just chillin and waiting. My dad & big brother came back from slope :) Im happy atleast one of them will be here while I recover. My dad is leaving the same morning I go in :( Hopefully my Bestie comes back from where hes at I love having my support system around helps me not want to be afraid. I am not Afraid of anything but GOD :) Love you all and be encouraged

3 work days to goooooo

Omg Im just sooooo antsy im ready for this week to be done, so much happening so fast. I just gotta keep my eyes on the prize. :) I just thank God everyday for waking me up and getting started on my day :D Well too be continued....


SO Im finally mid-week before my procedure on Monday at 8am OMGGGG :) Im going to post some videos up the day of my procedure so you all can experience the actual day with me :D Im exxciiittedddd!! My hospital Bed gets delivered on Friday all I have to do is make sure someone is there to let them in and set up ;) also ordered some more clothessss Im addicted to ordering clothes on the internet now ;P llloolll now all I have to do is get my kids set up with activities for them to do while over at their grandparents and get this show on the road- Love you all for your support and cant wait to be on the flat side :)

Its almost Friday Friday Friday OOOOOOOOhhhhh :D

I'm so excited, I've been having the most oddest dreams lately, But im just ready to get it over with lol I was nervous , then scared now I'm thinking Immma be looking to On Point come this summer :) LLLEEEETTTT GO!!! So now I'm hyped up as long as I don't buy no more clothes ....... Until after :) Have a great day Ladies and Gents


I'm so excited just found out today that my LOA starts for TOMORROWW so now I have time to finish up my house and be there when BED gets delivered :) Thank You LORD he is soooo good to me :D

oooommmggggggggggg days away

Oommggg so excited headed antiquing :) just relaxing


Im up at 1:52 am watching the best show ever resurrection and its pretty interesting :) well its SAturday then tomorrow midnight I cant have anything to eat :/ Im stoo at 1030pm to stay on safe side and in take lots of water :) I just want to give HONOR TO THE MOST HIGH GOD I thank him everyday and just pray that he keeps his arms of protection around my family and I. Around all the people I love and around every one on realself and also around people who are going under the knife Monday :) I pray for a successful recovery :) Thank You Lord

The Day Before the Big Day

Ooommggg so.many emotions.... Im excited to be.finally.getting this over, Ill be posting a video of me tomorrow heading to Surgery center and after surgery center.

I find it rude for people asking how I am able to afford or have insurance

Pay STOP asking period. I am blessed to have this getting done tomorrow! God is blessing me all the time God is good all the time, and all the time God is good, believe that . STAY OFF MY JOURNEY BLOG IF U NEED TO KNOW THE DETAILS ON HOW I AM SOOOOO BLESSED AND FORTUNATE. JUST KNOW GOD IS IN THE DETAILS

Heading Out

In the car heading to surgery center :) Just dropped my kids off now we are in route

Made it to the FLATSIDE halllleellujjahhh

I this is day two and I feel terrible when walking buy when sittin in bed I feel good.been.walkinh to bathroom unassisted so woot woot

More Pix

Some more photos

Thank You God :)

I thank u soooo much for bringing me on the flat side :) Lord , I pray that I have a healthy recovery. I also pray that any other person who is going on this journey Lord bless them and take away all stress. In your holy name amen.

My pain has been on a level of 10

Ooommggg I'm happy with everything but these weird muscle spasms are killing me , I thank God everyday that I made it to the flat side. Can barely wait to see the results

loving my Shape :)

Still havent seen my tummy yet but imma.wait til.friday

Very pleased at my new tummy

The first 3 of post op are soooooo painful but after that it's manageable. :)

more pix

feeling alot better

Still recovering :/ its been a journey

Mommy and Recovery

Soooo of course week two had to go into mommy mode, not as bad as I thoughts of help from my mom and friends. I THANK GOD for Everything he has done and is doing, I will have some updated pics soon

after everything.he left me

Soooo post im doing great as far as healing but my mind and heart is heart someone I invested time into gave up on me so easily.

pix pix pix

All is well just getting Tight and Right
Anchorage Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Manuel is very professional

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